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    No one who relies on our country and invests in Turkey will regret it!

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    Invests in Turkey were the main subject of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who made a groundbreaking speech at the ceremony of the projects completed in Adana and the Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant.

    Turkish President Erdogan said, “No one who relies on Turkey and invests in Turkey will regret it! On the contrary, investors will always be glad about the great profit they will get. I would like to say once again that we welcome every investor.”

    He also added that “I invite all investors in our country and around the world to evaluate the opportunities and advantages that Turkey offers them.”

    A positive contribution of 250 million dollars to the current account deficit of Turkey

    The President continued his speech by mentioning the chemical industry. “The plant will be ready in 2024. Hopefully, the production here will meet 20% of our polypropylene imports. Thus, we expect a positive contribution of 250 million dollars to the current account deficit of Turkey. “

    “Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant will be put into operation with the principles of completely recyclable, eco-friendly and sustainable production. Besides, it will have the world’s most advanced technologies. With this investment, we will avoid having a foreign trade deficit in the chemical industry. “

    26 factories and other invests in Turkey

    “We make approximately 2.2 billion TL of public investment and 1.8 billion TL of private sector investments. Moreover, we will open 63 schools, 2 student hostels, 2 student dormitories, 3 football fields and many more. We have opened 26 factories that are completed and started operating during the Covid-19 epidemic. The petrochemical plant that we will lay the foundation for and the factories we will open are symbols of how Turkey is advancing resolutely towards its goals. Even under the most difficult conditions!”

    We do it as our nation requests

    “We will also make the best use of new opportunities provided by technology such as digitalization and artificial intelligence. In addition, we are taking our country to a new level in every field from industry to export. Our nation requests it, we do it as well. It has always been like this until now, and it will continue to be the same in the future.”

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