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The Year 2020: Better Than We Recall

The Year 2020: Better Than We Recall

The new year has begun, what happened in addition to the crises and adverse events in the year 2020? All over the world, people have only one question in their minds. Will disasters continue in 2021? Let’s corroborate the predictions for 2021. Let’s take a brief look at what happened behind the scenes of the pandemic crisis.

Which changes will there be in the future? What are the impacts of the crises in 2020 and how did they affect the whole world? With the corroborated predictions for 2021, scrutinize the details of the developments that we have not noticed in the process of adapting to the new normal and the developments in the real estate sector!

New Normal For The Whole World! 

How will the crises that broke out in 2020 continue in the new year?

2020 pandemic crisis, its effects, and the traumatic events… However, the thrilling events have remained in the background due to the negative impacts of the pandemic crisis throughout the whole year.

The whole world has united and struggled against the negative impacts of the health crisis.

However, the pandemic crisis is the start of a new order all over the world. The beginning of the new era with the Cold War was the turning point of a sea-change of economic, political, cultural and social around the world.

What Happened Behind the Scenes!

The global problems have gathered the whole world. Global disasters have created a new trend all over the world. Its name is “THE NEW NORMAL”!

The pandemic crisis has come into being as a reflection of the unity of all nations and the search for an answer to the crisis.

There have been developments in order to ensure peace and sereneness in the world after the crises.

Let’s flashback and take a look at what happened in 2020!

As The New Year Begins: 2020 The File Of New Normal 

At the beginning of 2020, several events that are called new normal have been started all over the world. Let’s put aside the pandemic crisis in Istanbul and examine what happened behind the scenes.

Let’s examine the neglected important events in Turkey and the world following the pandemic crisis and see how they will affect the future.

Shall we put the negative developments aside and scrutinize what happened?

UN: The International Year of Plant Health 2020!

2020 was like a global disaster year all over the world. Certainly, the year 2020 was the year of the new normals with the effects of the global health crisis.

The year 2020 was The International Year of Plant Health by the United Nations. The 2020 has gained importance as the year of many important developments as the effects of the current crisis have negative impacts all over the world.

Declared as the International Year of Plant Health, the 2020 has also gained importance in many other areas. This period was the beginning of important developments in the social and economic fields. Furthermore, a new era has gained importance as a year with important impacts on people from all nations as well as for nature.

The Year 2020 for the World Health Organization:

 The year 2020 has left its mark in history as whole humanity has learned from mistakes, and made enormous strides behind the scenes of crises. The World Health Organization has taken important steps for the health crisis.

Regarded only as a global health crisis, the 2020 has been a year of crucial developments for nature, a year of developments that will contribute to creatures.

The year 2020 was The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife by the World Health Organization. It has guided many important developments remaining in the background. There are important events that have caused major changes in 2020 which is important for all times.

The Year 2020: Turkey Has The Fastest Economic Growth!

A new era has begun following the pandemic crisis! Along with global disasters, there are some changes in the economic balances. With the pandemic crisis, radical changes have taken place in the field of economy.

However, it would be wrong to evaluate the recession caused by this crisis negatively. There are actions and new plans for the economies of global actors during the recession period. Turkey benefiting from the recession and turning the crisis into opportunity has managed the global health crisis positively.

The year 2020 has shown the development of global relations and new balances all over the world. In addition to the economic developments, let’s examine the developments in the world periodically and watch the developments we expect for the new year.

January 2020: Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles!

The 77th Golden Globe Awards on January 5, 2020.

Planet Explored!

A new planet was explored on January 9, 2020. This new circular and unique planet’s name was TOI 1338-b.

WHO Announced COVID-19 Pandemic!

The pandemic crisis affected the whole year and caused it to be the new normal year for the whole world!

 The World Health Organization was the first stated on January 30, 2020.


An important decision was made to change the world and global trade connections radically, and to carry the balances to totally different dimensions on January 31, 2020.

The UK leaving from the EU called BREXIT has left a mark in history as an important day.


Pandemic Declared!

The World Health Organization has declared the pandemic that is a health crisis that affected the whole world on March 11, 2020.

In January 2020, the health crisis that rapidly spread all over the world has gone down in history as a pandemic. The World Health Organization has called a pandemic health crisis which has also affected Turkey.

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health announced the first coronavirus cases in Turkey.

March 2020: Postponements in International Actions Due to Coronavirus!

In March 2020, it was announced that the measures were immediately taken depending on the increase in the number of cases.

As a consequence of the rapid increase in the effects of the pandemic crisis in March, competitions, and contests such as the Eurovision, Summer Olympic Games, and Football Championships were postponed.

International Crises for Oil Prices!

Global figures have negotiated about oil prices on March 30, 2020. The oil price war was waged between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Brent Oil Price hit the lowest level as of 2020!

April 2020: COVID-19 Cases Surpass 1 Million!

On April 2, 2020, COVID-19 cases reached 1 million people and continue increasing right after.

Throughout April, the negative impacts of COVID-19 increase by surpassing 2 million people all around the world.

The Tour de France Postponed to August!

The Tour de France planned to take place on April 15, 2020. On the other hand, the tour was postponed to August.

Turkey Welcomed April 23 with Enthusiasm!

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day was welcomed with enthusiasm in Turkey. However, there were restrictions within the scope of the great shows because of the pandemic. However, Turkey was still united and the 100th Anniversary of GNAT (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) was observed with great enthusiasm on April 23, 2020.

Plane Crash in Pakistan!

There was a plane crash in Pakistan that caused 97 people to die on May 22, 2020.

New Speaker of Grand National Assembly of Turkey!

Mustafa Sentop was re-elected as the speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on July 7, 2020.

Coronavirus Cases Surpassed 12 Million in July 2020!

During the last months of 2020, the number of coronavirus cases surpassed 12 million according to the figures announced and confirmed on July 8, 2020.

The First COVID-19 Vaccine Registered On August 11!

The first coronavirus vaccine was registered by the Russian Ministry of Health on August 11, 2020!

Coronavirus Cases Surpassed 40 Million!

There were 40 million Coronavirus cases on October 19, 2020 by making history as the measures were rapidly taken with confirmed data and red alert.

Expo 2020 Hosted By Dubai!

While the effects of the pandemic crisis continued, Dubai hosted the Expo 2020 on October 20, 2020!

The expo was planned to be opened in Dubai on May 4, 2020 but postponed due to Covid-19.

More Than 50 Million Coronavirus Cases!

The number of Coronavirus cases rapidly increased and affected more than 50 million people on November 8, 2020.

According to the confirmed data, global disasters have increased. Besides, there are some action plans against the negative impacts of COVID-19. When significant developments take place around the world, there are vaccination studies to block COVID-19 cases.

SPUTNIK V Vaccine 92% Effective on COVID-19!

The 2020 had witnessed important studies that had great effects all around the world It was the year of crises.

The Sputnik V vaccine took an important place on the agenda for being 92% effective on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Pfizer ve BioNTech

The year 2020 had a great impact on the rapidly developed vaccines against the coronavirus and the ongoing activities.

Vaccines being 95% effective on Covid-19 undergo measurements and tests. According to the statements, they do not cause any negative effects.

Total Solar Eclipse Occured in 2020!

A total solar eclipse occurred as the year-end approached. A total solar eclipse was visible for the people living in Argentina and Chile.

The total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020 attracted all the attention instead of the pandemic crisis.

Changing Trends in the Real Estate Sector and 2020 Turkish Real Estate Industry

Global developments and changes behind the scenes due to the pandemic crisis have paved the way for social, cultural and economic changes.

Most importantly, the Turkish economy attracted the attention of the world because of the fastest rates of growth. Radical changes took place in the real estate sector along with the developments.

Real Estate Investment Managed to Retain Its Charm in 2020!

Despite the crisis, especially foreign investors who wanted to get Turkish citizenship were into the Turkish real estate sector along with the 2020 pandemic sanctions and measures.

In particular, new housing projects in Turkey were popular among foreign capital owners. Falling interest rates in Turkey, the central bank policies, and other economic policies pleased the investors.

On the other hand, there is general optimism in the real estate sector in 2020. And, this played a significant role in the orientation of investors to Turkey.

Together with the changing demands and appropriate policies for consumer behaviors and economic conditions, there were sectoral developments in Turkey.

Environmental improvements, operational developments in the real estate sector, affordability of housing projects were remarkable throughout the whole year.

2020 Housing Sales Record in Turkey!

As the year-end approached, the last three months of 2020 witnessed a record increase compared to the last three months of the previous year.

Housing sales substantially increased in August 2020.

Real estate sales figures which significantly increased in September and October 2020 strengthened general expectations of the real estate sector.

As we examine the quarters;

First quarters of 2020 vs. 2019: 13,8% increase, 10.948 housing sales

Second quarters of 2020 vs. 2019: 67,9% recession, 3.314 housing sales (Global stagnation due to pandemic)

Third Quarters of 2020 vs. 2019: Stable, 11.903 housing sales

Fourth Quarters of 2020 vs. 2019: 23,1% increase, 5.258 housing sales

In 2020, Istanbul Ranked First In Real Estate Sales!

In Turkey, Istanbul ranked first in the real estate sales for foreigners. Following Istanbul, Antalya ranked second in housing sales.

The Leading Nation in Buying Houses in Turkey is Iranians!

In 2020, the Turkish real estate sector was popular among capital owners who prefer acquiring Turkish citizenship, especially by real estate investment.

The leading people in buying houses in Turkey were Iranian capital owners. The Iraqi capital owners became Turkey’s largest foreign property buyers in 2020!

Turkey has eluded the negative effects of the pandemic crisis with the lowest number of COVID-19-related deaths. Turkey has provided sustainable development for both foreign investors and citizens!

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