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England Signs the First Free Trade Agreement with Turkey After Brexit!

England Signs the First Free Trade Agreement with Turkey After Brexit!
According to a statement of the UK Ministry of Trade, after Brexit, the first free trade agreement will be signed with Turkey today. Following the trade agreements between EU countries.
Free Trade Agreement will provide new opportunities regarding the relationship between Turkey and the UK. Also, affiliations will be better while maintaining the current trading conditions.

Customs Union with the EU and Improving Relations with the UK!

Free Trade Agreement has a final step. According to the announcements, the way for the development of the close relationship between Turkey and the UK is clear. Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and England will be valid as of the new year.

UK Minister of Commerce Liz Truss: Maintaining of Current Commercial Relations with Turkey Targeted!

The UK Ministry of Commerce has announced that current commercial relations will be better with Turkey with the Free Trade Agreement.  The agreement will be signed on December 29, 2020. Yet, according to the statements of the British Minister of Commerce Liz Truss, there will be more agreements in addition to maintaining the current commercial relations!

Commercial Relations Will Be Augmented by Duty-Free Trade Regulations!

Liz Truss has said that commercial relations between Turkey and the UK will be stronger by duty-free trade regulations with the agreement!
Besides, there will be more steps to provide clarity in hundreds of industrial areas such as automotive, manufacturing, and steel in the UK!

“We Look Forward to Working Collaboration with Turkey”

The Brexit process was closely followed according to the statement made by Turkey Minister of Commerce Trade Ruhsar Pekcan. Also, the draft agreement is prepared between the UK and Turkey. Following the agreement that will be signed between Turkey and Britain, the near future is on the agenda. “We look forward to working together with Turkey in the near future” is the statement of Tuss, the UK Minister of Commerce. The British Ministry of Commerce made a written statement. There will more “ambitious” agreements and that bilateral agreements as the preliminary steps for the future.

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A Brief Overview of the UK – Turkey Relations Before Brexit!

After Brexit, the Free Trade Agreement will be signed by Britain and Turkey tomorrow. The agreement will improve the relationships and this arouses excitement for the economic and trade cooperations.
During the Brexit process as of 2016, the uncertainties of Britain have resulted as “fair, balanced and accurate” after long negotiations!
The trade volume between Turkey and the UK is approximately $25billion since 2019!
Turkey and Britain have had a foreign trade surplus since 2001. So, that is a specific and remarkable example of trade relations between the two countries!

The previous statements of Turkey-Britain Business Council President Okyay are important for the present.
According to the statements, England is also among the 17 target countries in the Export Master Plan. And, according to the statements of British authorities, improving commercial relations is prominent during bilateral contacts.
Free Trade Agreement will be signed tomorrow. The agreement that will augment and boost the relations between Turkey and the United Kingdom is the first step for it.

Customs Union Agreement Between the EU and Turkey Is Not an Obstacle Anymore!

Customs Union agreement between Turkey and the EU might be an obstacle to be made on commercial agreements with England.
However, Brexit has paved the way for new trade agreements and relations between Turkey and England! Turkey is among the countries that are glad for the Brexit.

Boris Johnson’s Statement About the Control of Law and Fate 

Johnson is on the agenda during the days of the agreements between Turkey and the United Kingdom! Boris Johnson has stated that that welfare and employment will be provided for Europe. He also announced the control of the laws and fate. Moreover, according to the statement, the agreement between the EU and the UK was fair and accurate. The agreement between the EU and the UK is of great importance on the agenda. According to the statements, there is a consensus on issues such as monetary, legal boundaries, trading, and fishing waters.
Another detail of the agreement between the UK and the EU is of great importance for families and businesses in every part of the United Kingdom!

England Ensures the Integrity of Domestic Markets!

England has made statements about ensuring the integrity of domestic markets after Brexit. The UK has emphasized that there had been trade agreements with 62 countries till January 1, 2020, during the Brexit process! The fifth major trade agreement will be signed after this trade agreement between Turkey and the UK. And, it is an outstanding detail on the agenda. There is an important detail that offers an insight into the future. Following the trade agreements that England has signed with Japan, Canada, Switzerland, and Norway during the Brexit process, it is the 5th trade agreement with the largest volume.
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