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Why Invest in Turkey? Top 10 Reasons

Why Invest in Turkey? The simplest answer to this question is the global value and power of the real estate industry. The rapid increase in the value of the houses and sectoral developments increase the value of the Turkey real estate investment. Housing values are rapidly increasing in value, and buying a house equals to strong investment. The value of the real estate market is increasing day by day along with the strengthening of the population, economy and global relations.

Strong Global Relations of Turkey

As real estate rapidly gains value in Turkey which connects Europe and Asia, almost every part of the world experiences a negative change. Not only the real estate sector but also other sectors to be invested continue to move on positively in Turkey. As Turkey offers investment opportunities, foreigners invest their capital in different sectors.

Recent decrement in the real estate sector in Asia, Europe, and America lead real estate investors to prefer Turkey.

Top 10 Reasons of Investment in Turkey

The answer to the question of Why Invest in Turkey is obvious. Investment in Turkey is valuable for advantageous and strong profits. The advantages of Turkish real estate investment are not only financial. It also adds value to your life. By taking advantage of the accurate consultancy services, you can examine the strong investment opportunities.

There are many advantages of investing in Turkey alone. Buy real estate and increase the value of your money or you can establish a company in Turkey. Here are the advantages of investing in Turkey:

1. Geographic Strategic Location of Turkey
2. Business Potential
3. Stable Economic Growth
4. Tax Structure in Turkey
5. Simple Starting a Business – Loan Support
6. Regional Investment Incentives in Turkey
7. Turkey GDP Growth
8. European Union-Turkey trade agreements
9. Sectoral Opportunities
10. Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey

Incentives for Strategic Investments in Turkey

One of the primary reasons for investing in Turkey is the strategic investment incentive program. Easy access to tax reductions, equal rights for international and Turkish investors are provided.

  • Customs Duty Exemption
  • Social Security Premium Support
  • Land Allocation
  • Corporate Tax Deduction Support

  • Real estate investment in Turkey is just a source of income. But you find hundreds of different sectors. Also, a wide range of incentives is offered in various sectors. Turkey has become the most frequently preferred country by foreign investors for investment due to the wide range of investment opportunities. Indicators in Turkey show that it has a “promising” economy. According to the indicators provided by the World Bank for the Turkish economy, the Turkish economy is rated as an upper-middle-income country. Incentives, grants, projects and loans, and support programs offered by the Turkish government are important sources of income.

    3 Investment Regions in Turkey!

    You can benefit from strong investment opportunities by establishing a business in Turkey. There are 3 different investment regions:

    Teknopark (Technological Development Zones): Technological development zones are areas designed to support R&D activities.
    Organized Industrial Zones
    Free Trade Zones

    Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

    Why Invest in Turkey? Why is it so popular? The answer to this question is Turkey’s economic stability, growth rate and global power. Especially, it is very advantageous to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey. Turkey is a bridge by connecting Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

    With its sectoral developments and its exciting economic power, Turkey is a candidate for being the largest economy all around the world. Especially the real estate sector attracts the attention of foreign investors. Turkish citizenship is given to foreigners who buy houses in Turkey. Investing in real estate in Turkey both strengthens your capital and provides privileges to your life.

    You can benefit from Turkish citizenship by real estate investment after purchasing property or properties with a minimum value of $400,000. Turkish citizenship is given to your spouse and all your children under the age of 18. You will also own a Turkish house and have the opportunity to raise your capital.

    You can buy a luxury villa or an apartment in the city center. The real estate sector rapidly develops in Turkey. You buy a property and benefit from its increase in value. Furthermore, you do not have to reside in the property you buy. You can rent it out and benefit from the fast rental income. When you sell the property after 3 years, you will not be able to believe the increase in value! You will also have Turkish citizenship and a strong Turkish passport.

    Why is Investment So Popular in Turkey?

    The most important reason why foreign investors prefer investment is the strategic location. Turkey offers lots of opportunities because of the young population and workforce, as well as government incentives. If you want to strengthen your capital and gain more, you can invest in Turkey. Investment in Turkey is advantageous and valuable for you to rapidly increase your earnings. Is it safe to invest in Turkey? Yes, it even might be your best choice if you get the right consultancy service. You strengthen your capital with both sectoral gaps and the value of money.

    Which Investors Prefer Investment in Turkey?

    The Netherlands, the USA and the Gulf countries come first in terms of stocks of investors investing in Turkey. According to the data by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, countries that prefer investment in Turkey are affected by the liberal investment environment and incentives. In addition to the young population and qualified workforce, opportunities such as the Turkish citizenship program stand out as one of the biggest reasons that draw the attention of investors.

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