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Discover the Latest News in Turkey and Real Estate Trends
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Turkish Fast Delivery Company Getir Enters the Portugal Market!

Delivery Company Getir Enters the Portugal Market

Delivery Company Getir has been maintaining its rapid growth in Europe since the beginning of 2021. Getir, which has started operations in England, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, has added Portugal to the countries it serves. Thus, the number of countries where Getir provides service has reached 8, including Turkey. Delivery Company Getir aims to deliver thousands of products to its customers as soon as possible. The company is an online fast market application.

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Apple has officially announced its new store to be opened in Istanbul, Turkey. It is said to be the biggest retail Apple Store in Europe and the Middle East! Moreover, it will be located on Bagdat Street in Kadikoy, one of the most popular districts in Istanbul. New Apple store, which will be located on Bagdat Street, will have the distinction of being the biggest Apple Store in Europe and the Middle East.

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Industrial Production Index Increase in August in 2021

Industrial Production Index Increase in August 2021

Industrial production index is an indicator that provides the status of the sector and the comparative monitoring of the increase or decrease in production activities over the years. The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) monthly announces this index. It covers the mining and quarrying, manufacturing, and electricity, gas, steam, air conditioning production and distribution activities. When we check the previous month’s data of sub-sectors of the industry, in August 2021; the mining and quarrying sector index decreased by 1.7%.

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Houses Sold in September 2021

147 Thousand 143 Houses Sold in Turkey in September 2021

According to the housing sales statistics of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 147 thousand 143 houses were sold in Turkey in September 2021. Housing sales across Turkey increased by 7.6% in September compared to the same month of the previous year. Istanbul had the highest share with 28,229 housing sales and a share of 19.2%. Ankara ranked second with a share of 9.7%. Izmir ranked third with a 6.0% share. The provinces with the lowest housing sales: Sirnak with 78 houses, Ardahan with 41 houses, Hakkari with 14 houses.

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invests in Turkey Ceyhan

No one who relies on our country and invests in Turkey will regret it!

Invests in Turkey were the main subject of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who made a groundbreaking speech at the ceremony of the projects completed in Adana and the Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant. Turkish President Erdogan said, “No one who relies on Turkey and invests in Turkey will regret it! On the contrary, investors will always be glad about the great profit they will get. I would like to say once again that we welcome every investor.”

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12th Transport and Communication Forum Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum: Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum was held at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul European Side. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also made a speech. He reaffirmed the trust of the public by highlighting important points related to Turkey’s agenda. At first, Erdogan, of course, made a few statements about the aviation sector in Turkey. He said that “Ataturk Airport continues to host national and international events and competitions.”

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1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway Project Almost Ready!

1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway Project Almost Ready!

1915Canakkale Bridge whose construction was started in 2017 is almost ready! The construction of the bridge that will link Asia and Europe over the Canakkale Strait continues at full speed. The project will be ready on March 18, 2022. Among the investors of the project are important companies such as DL E&C, Limak Group of Companies, SK Engineering & Construction Company, and Yapi Merkezi. 1915Canakkale Bridge will provide several advantages.

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ITI Container Train Will Start Operation

ITI Container Train of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan Starts Operation

ITI Container Train alias Istanbul–Tehran–Islamabad Railway will start operation in the coming period.  ITI Train which is a project of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will strengthen the commercial and regional cooperation of Turkey. Ahmet Cengiz Ozdemir, Chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-Pakistan Business Council, made statements about the importance of the line. He pointed out that “ITI Train will strengthen triangular trade and make traveling easier.”

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Top 10 Arabic Schools in Istanbul | Tuition Payments and Locations

Arabic schools in Istanbul offer a wide range of opportunities for Arab families and foreign students from different nationalities. Check out the list of the top 10 most popular Arab schools and different international schools. Read our article listing of Jordanian, Iraqi, Libyan, Lebanon, Yemeni schools and many more. You can find educational institutions demanding different fees, these can be preferred by the children of Arab families or foreign students who have started to live in Turkey…

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The education system in Turkey is compulsory for 12 years and is divided into 3 levels. It is compulsory to take 4 years of elementary school, 4 years of secondary school and 4 years of high school education. The education system in Turkey is equal for all men and women. Education in government institutions is free of charge. In our comprehensive education guide…

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How to Set up Business in Turkey? Company Formations in Turkey

In this article, you will get find information on how to set up business in Turkey, for foreign capital owners who want to move their business or get into an overseas business partnership, and the process. Cooperation with foreign companies is important in order to adapt to the changing international competition along with globalization rapidly. For foreigners, it is free to set up companies or business partnerships in different fields in Turkey.

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Turkish Exports Exceeding 200 Billion Dollars in 2021!

Annual export reached 200 billion dollars in Turkey for the first time. Besides, the 2022 export target of 198 billion dollars was already achieved in 2021! There was an increase of 34.5% in exports to neighboring countries in January-August 2021. According to the statement of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the highest August figures of all time were recorded in exports to Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Georgia and Greece…

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Important Turkey Decision of The EU!

According to the statement of the General Directorate General of Civil Aviation, 3 countries, including Turkey, have been included in the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” system. With the decision published in the Official Journal dated 20 August 2021, the European Union Commission announced the recognition of Covid-19 vaccine certificates of Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia…

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UAE Plans Substantial Investments in Turkey!

A remarkable meeting was held between UAE National Security Advisor Nahyan and President Erdogan. In the live television broadcasting, President Erdogan was asked questions about relations with the UAE, the significant meeting with the UAE, and diplomatic traffic…

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TripAdvisor Selects Bodrum As the 5th Best Tourism Destination!

Bodrum is selected as the 5th best tourism destination in the world by the world-famous American Tourism and Travel guiding company TripAdvisor. When compared to Cote d’Azur or St. Tropez, Bodrum is shown as the ideal combination with its strong reputation and virgin beauties on a global scale. Bodrum is among the Top 10 Tourism Destination…

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Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship 2021-2022: How to Apply?

The ways to get Turkish Citizenship are very fast and easy. Foreign investors who apply to get Turkish Citizenship in 2021 still acquire it quickly and easily online. Knowing some shortcuts to get Turkish Citizenship allows you to obtain citizenship safely without wasting time…

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Canal Istanbul for Bosphorus Strait Traffic and Safety!

The Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoglu has made statements about the world maritime trade and the Canal Istanbul project at the Turkey Maritime Summit. 80% of world trade is provided by marine transportation. The amount of cargo transported by sea in the world is 12 billion tons…

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The Completion Date of Istanbul Canal Project Announced!

The completion date of the Istanbul Canal project has been announced. The preparations for the “crazy project” are over in Turkey. A special group works on the project of the century. The project is planned to be put out to tender in June. Also, it will add value to the city with the integration of forest areas, commercial units…

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Places to Visit in Turkey | 2021-2022 Top Travel Destinations!

Places to visit in Turkey list will provide different locations for each season! If you wish, you can travel like a Turkish citizen. Find out about the popular cities that are visited by tourists. Which city should be visited in Turkey in the summer? Also, you can take a look at the places visited by both citizens and tourists for winter tourism…

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REAL ESTATE BY BITCOIN: The Fastest Way to Earn!

Real estate by bitcoin will enable you to Earn more and faster! The real estate industry in which you can safely use your bitcoins without being impacted by bitcoin fluctuations promises a hot deal recently! Sale Property Turkey, if you buy a residence, you will have a currency exchange office…

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Penthouse Apartment: Living In The Sky!

Penthouse apartment is the symbol of luxury. It is a marketing term that has recently become popular in real estate. Its traditional use symbolizes that you have the whole floor of the top floor apartment. But if you’re looking for a penthouse recently, you don’t just have to look at the top floor of a residence…

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February, 2021: 81,222 Units of Houses Sold in Turkey!

In February 2021, 81,222 units of houses were sold in Turkey. Firstly, 2,964 residential units were sold to foreigners according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. Secondly, regarding the sectoral impacts of the pandemic crisis all over the world, the effect was at a minimum in the housing sector…

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The Highest Mountain in Turkey: Great Ararat 

The highest mountain in Turkey is known as Mount Ararat or Great Ararat. Mount Ararat is The highest mountain in turkey. Also, it has a height of 5,137 meters. According to the latest research on Mount Ararat, the fossil set on the upper parts reveals some secrets. It was on the seashore in former times!…

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The Most Famous 10 Turkish Furniture Companies

Turkish furniture companies are remarkable all around the world due to their innovative and traditional lines. In addition to the outstanding design ideas of Turkish furniture brands, the quality materials increase the value of the brands.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy A Series Are Produced in Turkey!

South Korean Samsung is a technology giant worldwide. The company has started production in Turkey! Samsung now collaborates with Atmaca Electronics Inc. in Turkey. Moreover, Atmaca Group is the owner of the “Sunny” brand. 3 million mobile phones for the Samsung Galaxy series in Turkey! “Made for everyone”! …

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TUIK: 2,675 Housing Sales to Foreigners in January 2021!

2,675 housing sales to foreigners in Turkey in January 2021! According to the Turkey Statistical Institute data, 70,587 housings were sold in the early part of 2021. Firstly, Istanbul is the city with the highest share in housing sales… Secondly, Ankara and Izmir are the following cities. Besides, Iranian citizens still constituted a majority in terms of housing sales in January 2021…

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Turkey Targets Housing Sales Over 15 Billion in 2023!

Turkish properties which have become popular for foreign investors, attract global attention as being powerful investment instruments. In the statement of the Head of the International Real Estate Promotion Association, 45% of foreign nationals buy housing for only investment purposes in Turkey. Also, it is targeted to housing sales Turkey over 15 billion USD  in 2023 according to the statements.

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OECD revises up Turkey’s growth forecast for 2020

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Thursday upgraded Turkey’s growth forecast for 2020. In its latest economic survey of Turkey, the organization found that “the Turkish economy’s recovery from the first wave of the pandemic was strong but faced headwinds.” It said the country’s growth forecast rate is estimated to have declined by 0.2% in 2020 instead of 1.3% as previously expected.

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WhatsApp Mandatory Update Agreement Delayed for 3 Months!

The decision of WhatsApp to change the terms of use raises concerns that users’ privacy will be violated. So, we have gathered the notes on the mandatory to accept the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreement. The agreement might cause a fundamental change in the communication instruments…

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Transition to Digital Economy Through 24/7 EFT!

There are successful pilot runs of instant retail payments through the FAST System! The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has made a statement concerning this issue. The systems of digital economy 24/7 instant retail payment will be operational as of the date of January 8.

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The Year 2020: Better Than We Recall

The new year has begun, what happened in addition to the crises and adverse events in the year 2020? All over the world, people have only one question in their minds. Will disasters continue in 2021? Let’s corroborate the predictions for 2021. Let’s take a brief look at what happened behind the scenes of the pandemic crisis.

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England Signs the First Free Trade Agreement with Turkey After Brexit!

According to a statement of the UK Ministry of Trade, after Brexit, the first free trade agreement will be signed with Turkey today. Following the trade agreements between EU countries. Free Trade Agreement will provide new opportunities regarding the relationship between Turkey and the UK. Also, affiliations will be better while maintaining the current trading conditions…

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Gold Reserve Worth $6 Billion in Turkey Gubretas Mine Site!

Gubretas mine site in Turkey, 3.5 million ounces of gold reserves were discovered and then rapidly operations in progress! After the discovery of the 3.5-million-ounce gold reserve in the Gubretas mine site, the share value increased by 10%! Following the announcement of the reserve discovery, the shared values of Gubretas hit a peak.

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13th International Innovation Award Goes to the Eurasia Tunnel!

The Eurasia Tunnel has won an award in the “Service and Solution” category within the scope of the “International Innovation Award”. The Tunnel has won the 13th International Award with its Pacemaker Technology. Also, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has made a statement about the award. According to the statement, it is an ‘engineering wonder’ tunnel which is one of the most important transportation routes linking the two sides of Istanbul…

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Flights From UAE to Turkey Will Resume On December 21st!

After the pandemic crisis, UAE – Turkey flights will resume. So, there are flight plans between UAE and Turkey. According to the announcements, the flights will resume on December 21st. After the pandemic crisis, flights between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey were mutually suspended. On the other hand, the flights will resume after a long time…

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Turkish Economy Grown by 6,7% in the 3rd Quarter of 2020!

The Turkish economy has distinguished as having the greatest growth of the economy in the third quarter of 2020. The Turkish economy has achieved a growth of 6.7% due to the pandemic crisis and the base effect of slow growth in the previous year. Turkey Statistical Institute has announced that there was an economic growth of 4.4% in the first quarter of 2020. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown by 6.7% in the third quarter of 2020 in Turkey…

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Turkey – China: The First Freight Train Sets Out!

The first export freight train sets out from Turkey to China. The commercial affairs between the two countries will be better thanks to the new routes. The freight train which is planned to reach China through Marmaray will arrive in China after 12 days…

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Housing Sales to Foreigners Amount to 52 Billion Dollars in Turkey!

Housing sales to foreigners gain momentum with each passing day and adds value to housing investment. The housing sales worth 52 billion dollars creates strong movements in the housing sector since 2006. This strengthening in Turkey in the last 15 years paves the way for the different steps in the Turkish real estate sector. Turkey gets great demand with foreign citizenship program in the Turkey real estate sector…

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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate For 250.000 $!

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program is to purchase property to get Turkish Citizenship by paying a minimum of 250.000 USD. You will make a lifelong profit with real estate investment. The foreigners will have the right for citizenship with their family in 6 months…

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Top 5 Aesthetic Clinics in Istanbul

Without a doubt, Turkey Istanbul has become the medical tourism capital of the modern world with aesthetic Clinics in Istanbul. Offering the latest technological advances, experienced and also expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, Medical Tourism in Istanbul Turkey for Skin Care is flourishing and has secured her place in the world as a premier medical travel destination. Also, here is the Top 5 Aesthetic Clinics in Istanbul…

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Top 9 Nationalities Housing Sales in Turkey 2020

Housing sales in Turkey 2020 data show that Iran comes first among nations benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program and real estate investments in Turkey. Let’s examine which nations have reached the highest figures in real estate sales in Turkey…

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HES Code Turkey: 6 Frequently Asked Questions!

HES Code Turkey is compulsory within the measures taken by the Turkish Ministry of ‎Health. For the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 disease. With the negative ‎impacts of the pandemic crisis, there are many questions such as ”What ‎does the HES application do?” or ”How do I get it?” 

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Buying Property In Turkey And Guide For Foreigners

Buying Property In Turkey And Guide For Foreigners. This guide is prepared to help foreigners who wish to buy property in Turkey. However, this guide is not a substitute for professional consultancy services. Persons with foreign nationality can buy any kind of property (house, business place, land, and field) within the legal restrictions…

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