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Turkey Targets Housing Sales Over 15 Billion in 2023!

Turkey Targets Housing Sales Over 15 Billion in 2023!

Turkish properties which have become popular for foreign investors, attract global attention as being powerful investment instruments. In the statement of the Head of the International Real Estate Promotion Association, 45% of foreign nationals buy housing for only investment purposes in Turkey. Also, it is targeted to housing sales Turkey over 15 billion USD  in 2023 according to the statements.

The Value of Housing Sales Turkey Has Reached 400 Billion Dollars!

Foreign nationals planning to invest in Turkey have a large part of the real estate market. The value of housing sales Turkey has reached 400 billion dollars. Moreover, it stands out as an investment instrument that makes a splash globally. Consequently, the real estate sector is a common preference of Turkish Citizens and foreign nationals for investing. The real estate sector provides strong implications for the future of export-oriented investments.

New Houses Are Popular in Turkey!

57% of the capital owners that have bought housing in Turkey prefer move-in-ready flats. 32% of them are determined to prefer under-construction houses.

British Housing Buyers Have Permanent Living Plans in Turkey!

When we analyze the age group of foreigners investing in Turkey, investors in the 45-54 age range are those who mostly prefer buying. Also, foreign investors especially among professional groups such as doctors and engineers have bought real estate in Turkey.

Those who buy housing in Turkey can benefit from taking a holiday, living opportunities, and obtaining Turkish Citizenship. When we analyze the housing sales in Turkey from Jordan, Russia, and the UK;

Firstly, 89% of Jordanian home buyers have investment purposes.

Secondly, 70% of the Russians have aimed for a holiday.

Thirdly, the British have permanent living plans.

Housing Sales Turkey Not Sold for Minimum 5-7 Years!

Most importantly, 92.7% of foreigners who have bought housing in Turkey do not sell. Also, data of 410 international investors who have made investments in 12 different cities coexist in the field survey relied on the Turkish real estate sector.

92.7% of foreign investors have not sold the real estate they have according to the analyzes and data. The duration of ownership of Turkish real estate which is a powerful investment instrument is 5-7 years on average.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Thursday upgraded Turkey’s growth forecast for 2020.

27% of Real Estate Buyers Targets Turkish Citizenship!

27% of the capital owners who have invested in property in Turkey aims to benefit from Turkish Citizenship. 45% of foreign nationals who prefer the real estate sector only aim for investment. So, one out of the four foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey apply for citizenship.

Istanbul is The City Where Foreigners Buy the Most Houses!

Istanbul is the city in which most houses are purchased according to GIGDER’s research. 90% of foreigners who buy houses in Turkey prefer Istanbul. Antalya comes after Istanbul with 61%.

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