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TUIK: 2,675 Housing Sales to Foreigners in January 2021!

TUIK: 2,675 Housing Sales to Foreigners in January 2021!

2,675 housing sales to foreigners in Turkey in January 2021! According to the Turkey Statistical Institute data, 70,587 housings were sold in the early part of 2021. Firstly, Istanbul is the city with the highest share in housing sales… Secondly, Ankara and Izmir are the following cities. Besides, Iranian citizens still constituted a majority in terms of housing sales in January 2021.

70,587 Housing Sales in Turkey in January!

To clarify, a total of 70,587 houses have been sold across-the-board according to data of the Turkey Statistical Institute,. Istanbul, where most houses were sold, has become the mostly-preferred city by foreign nationals. In addition, the impact of the pandemic crisis on housing sales was at a minimum level.

Foreigners Purchased 2,675 Houses in January 2021!

2,675 housing sales to foreigners in Turkey in January 2021! When we looked at the house sales in January 2021, Istanbul stood out as the city where foreigners purchased the most houses with 1,380 houses!

Other cities where foreigners purchased housing in January 2021

Following Istanbul, the most popular cities and housing sales figures of foreigners in Turkey;

Antalya: 462 houses

Ankara: 179 houses

Mersin: 131 houses

Bursa: 75 houses

Turkey Targets Housing Sales Over 15 Billion in 2023!
Turkish properties which have become popular for foreign investors, attract global attention as being powerful investment instruments.

Iranians Have The Biggest Share in Housings in Turkey in January 2021!

Iranians have the biggest share among foreign nationals who purchased housing in January 2021.

Iran: 459 houses

Iranians are the nationals which the biggest share in terms of housings in Turkey in January 2021. That is to say, Iranian citizens ranked first among foreigners who bought the most housing in 2020. Iranian citizens remain in the same place in January 2021.

Russian and Iraqi Citizens Prefer Turkey in January 2021!

While the pandemic crisis proceeds, Iraqi and Russian citizens were ranked as foreign nationals who purchased the most housing following Iran.

For instance, other foreign nationals buying houses and housing sales figures in Turkey in January 2021:

Iraq: 385 houses

Russia: 260 houses

Afghanistan: 168 houses

Yemen: 88 houses

Palestine: 74 houses

Kazakhstan: 69 houses

Egypt: 69 houses

Ukraine: 69 houses

Azerbaijan: 68 houses

Germany: 65 houses

China: 63 houses

USA: 62 houses

Pakistan: 61 houses

Kuwait: 58 houses

Jordan: 51 houses

UK: 47 houses

Sudan: 45 houses

Lebanon: 41 houses

Sweden: 37 houses

The Most Housing Sold in Istanbul!

Istanbul ranked first as the city with the most housing sales. Therefore 19.4% share of the house sales in January 2021 belongs to Istanbul.

In conclusion, there is a total of 13,666 housing sales in Istanbul when the overall housing sales figures in Turkey are analyzed.

(Based on the data of Turkey Statistical Institute)

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