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WhatsApp Mandatory Update Agreement Delayed for 3 Months!

WhatsApp Mandatory Update Agreement Delayed for 3 Months!

The decision of WhatsApp to change the terms of use raises concerns that users’ privacy will be violated. So, we have gathered the notes on the mandatory to accept the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreement. The agreement might cause a fundamental change in the communication instruments.

An investigation has been initiated regarding the dictation of the use of personal data in user-oriented marketing activities. It is decided to delay for 3 months for the update decision following the investigation and reactions. The WhatsApp update decision was on 8th February.

WhatsApp is obliged to obey the judicial decision in order to proceed with its activities in Turkey. Here are the details of the investigation and update decision regarding the transfer of personal data to Facebook companies without free will.

What Does the WhatsApp Update Decision Include?

Here is the information and data covered by the new privacy policy:

  • Status information
  • Links
  • Messages
  • Account Info
  • Transactions and Payments Data
  • Customer Support Contact Information
  • Device Information
  • Location Information
  • Cookies
  • User Reports
  • Third-Party Service Data
  • Third-Party Services, Business Interactions
  • Business Accounts on WhatsApp
  • Personal Data Provided

Whatsapp Mandatory Update Delayed For 3 Months!

Provided that the users do not accept the update after the last update date of the 8th of February, their accounts will be invalid. While the number of users who have ditched to applications such as BIP and Telegram increased. After that, the historical decision has been reconstructed.

And the backlash of WhatsApp… With a 3-month delay decision, May 15 will be the date for the update acceptance. Besides, the users will be asked to re-examine and reaccept the terms.

Pilot runs of the instant retail payments through the FAST System have been accomplished! The systems of digital economy 24/7 instant retail payment will be operational as of the date of January 8, according to the statement of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

The Decision Contrary To 2016 KVKK Conditions!

KVKK (Personal Data Protection Authority) conditions and privacy policies have been in effect since 2016. Also, they will be updated. The reason for the decision to react is that the update will lead to many changes contrary to privacy!

Turkey MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association) Board Member Kerim Altıntas made a statement. He said that the update decision of WhatsApp included regulations that would violate the users’ privacy.

Update for the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698!

The details about the law have become a matter of curiosity following the announcement that the 6698 Law will be prepared.

The decision which includes the regulations on the mandatory to comply with the personal data processing requirements has raised concern among users.

The announcement that the users who do not share their data with Facebook will not be able to use WhatsApp has caused a great reaction from users. Several users have started to use alternative applications such as Telegram because of the confidentiality agreement dictated to WhatsApp users within Facebook.

Safe Hosting Defense for The Update Decision!

The most remarkable point was that the update decision regarding the WhatsApp decision conflicts with some articles of the KVKK terms used since 2016. The regulations will be made to provide safe hosting services to the companies by Facebook!

The Whatsapp Personal Data Will be Confidential!

The statements of Facebook and WhatsApp that the privacy of users will be maintained as a result of the planned updates have been on the agenda. According to the statements, personal data will be confidential. Moreover, there is no such thing as keeping logs of the messages and private shares of the users.

Once again, it has been stated that it is impossible to transfer the personal data of the users abroad without the consent of the users according to the general principles introduced by the KVKK.

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The Accusation About Commercialization of Personal Data!

There are violations claiming that the commercialization of personal data is obvious. Consequently, the WhatsApp decision gets reactions.

The “user consent” which equals to “optional right” has been valid for sharing personal data with Facebook since 2016. On the other hand, the mandatory consent decision requested from the users is obviously contrary to the express consent.

The Decision of the Turkish Competition Board!

The number of users has rapidly decreased following the WhatsApp decision. The Competition Board has launched an investigation against the WhatsApp decision. Provided that the confidentiality agreement violates the competition law, the terms of the usage policy will be vacated!

WhatsApp should obey the judgment of the Competition Board in order to proceed with its activities in Turkey. There will be a judicial assurance for the privacy of users.  In other words, this will keep any data violation or commercialization off.

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