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UAE Plans Substantial Investments in Turkey!

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A remarkable meeting was held between UAE National Security Advisor Nahyan and President Erdogan. In the live television broadcasting, President Erdogan was asked questions about relations with the UAE, the significant meeting with the UAE, and diplomatic traffic. In the meeting held with Nahyan, statements were made regarding the UAE’s investments in Turkey. According to the announcements, there was a fruitful exchange of ideas between Turkey and the UAE on which areas and what kind of investments to be made. Turkey Wealth Fund Chairperson and Investment Support Fund President also attended the meetings.

Here are the remarkable notes about the meeting where the planning on which assets will be invested…



“Remarkable and Positive Negotiation Between UAE and Turkey”

The statement was made by the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, on the official Twitter account of Enver Gargas. It was stated that the meeting held between President Erdogan and UAE National Security Advisor Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Zayed Al Nahyan was a “remarkable and positive” meeting.

In the historic meeting, Nahyan and Erdogan discussed the UAE’s investments in Turkey, investment types, economic partnerships, and collaborations.

“The UAE Has Very Substantial Investment Plans in Turkey”

In line with the meetings with the UAE, if the Wealth Fund and its counterparts maintain positive relations, there will be substantial investments in Turkey.

“There Might be Fluctuations in Diplomatic Relations”

 ​ President Erdogan was asked questions about the positive progress of diplomatic issues between the UAE and Turkey. According to the statements, there has been significant positive progress in the bilateral relations between the countries in the last few months. Moreover, fluctuations in diplomatic bilateral relations are take normally, and that the UAE can make important investments in Turkey with positive negotiations.

“Negotiations with Abu Dhabi are Ongoing”

Erdogan stated that a certain point has been reached as a result of the negotiations with the Abu Dhabi.

Other Agenda Items of the President’s Live Broadcasting

In the live television interview, where the UAE’s planned investments in Turkey were also discussed, President Erdogan talked about important global issues and diplomatic relations.

“The Engine of Our Foreign Policy”

Attention has been drawn to the intensity of diplomatic traffic in recent days. And, diplomatic relations with the leaders of Europe continue powerfully. On the other hand, there were statements that the relations with the UAE have strengthened and that it is the engine of Turkish foreign policy.

Here are the other agenda items of the President’s Live Broadcast, where questions about UAE-Turkey relations are answered;

Relations with Ethiopia, Afghanistan-Taliban, Turkey’s Immigrant Policy, Disaster Recovery, and bilateral relations.

Relations Between Turkey and BAE

A New Page for UAE and Turkey?

Although the relations between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey bottomed out last year, there have been positive developments in recent days.

Last year, there was a military and political disagreement between the UAE and Turkey because of regional problems. Following the negative issues, new negotiations have opened a new page for the relationship between UAE and Turkey.

The United Arab Emirates interfered in the conflicts in Yemen and Libya and was accused of leading chaos in the Middle East. Problems continued in relations with the UAE, because of supporting Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who had good relations with Turkey.

During this process, after the UAE-Israel Agreement, Ankara’s relations with Abu Dhabi deteriorated.

The foreign policy, which caused the crisis in war-torn Yemen and enabled it to continue under the Saudi leadership, caused the deterioration of relations with Turkey.

A report was published in June that the UAE tries to re-establish relationships with Turkey and the countries in the region.

Efforts to maximize the intensity and cooperation in diplomatic traffic of Turkey – Gulf Countries – Egypt

In May, in order to improve the relations between the UAE and Turkey;

Negotiations were conducted about the conflicts in Libya and Syria and security differences in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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