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    Turkey – China: The First Freight Train Sets Out!

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    The first export freight train sets out from Turkey to China. The commercial affairs between the two countries will be better thanks to the new routes. The freight train which is planned to reach China through Marmaray will arrive in China after 12 days.According to the statement of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the export freight train which is under the control of Turkey sets out in November 2019. 10 pieces of unit trains have successfully reached the European Rail Lines through Marmaray. The first Turkey-China freight train which sets out on 3 Dec. 2020 will complete its travel by passing through 5 countries, 2 continents, and two seas and accomplish the required steps.

    Turkey As the Transportation Bridge Between East & West!

    The first export freight train sets out from Turkey to China. Most importantly, Turkey has strategic importance between East and West for the development of commercial affairs and transportation! So, the first freight train which has an important role in the field of transportation for further steps sets out from Turkey.England Signs the First Free Trade Agreement with Turkey After Brexit!

    Turkey – China Passing Through Marmaray Tunnel!

    The first export freight train from Turkey to China sets out at 14.00 local time in Turkey on 3 Dec. 2020. It will pass through the Marmaray Tunnel which connects the two sides of Istanbul under the Bosphorus.The first freight train will set out from the Kazlicesme Station on the European Side of Istanbul.It will arrive in Georgia by passing through the capital Ankara which is the northwest of Istanbul, then the cities of Sivas and Kars.Following Azerbaijan and Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, it will pass Kazakhstan and arrive at the Chinese province of Xi’an.

    The Collaboration of The State Railways of the Republic of Turkey and Pacific Eurasia!

    The State Railways of the Republic of Turkey and Pacific Eurasia operate the freight train that will carry a large equipment with 42 containers!

    The freight train from Turkey to China will gain ground approximately 5,042 miles.

    Also, the freight train is planned to travel a total of 8,693 km in total.

    Passing through five countries, the train will carry its first export freight in 12 days. It is the first freight train from Turkey to China!

    It will improve the commercial affairs between Turkey and China as well as being a pioneer for the development and maintenance of business between East and West.

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