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The Completion Date of Istanbul Canal Project Announced!

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The completion date of the Istanbul Canal project has been announced. The preparations for the “crazy project” are over in Turkey. A special group works on the project of the century. The project is planned to be put out to tender in June. Also, it will add value to the city with the integration of forest areas, commercial units, universities, healthcare areas, marina, cultural facilities, businesses, and a low-density neighborhood concept housing project.

Here are the date and more details of the Istanbul Canal which is worth approximately 75 billion Turkish Liras and whose construction plans in the ongoing process …

A Special Group Works under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the Istanbul Canal!

A special group continues working under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the Istanbul Canal Project. According to the announcements, the tender will be finalized in June for the completion of the project after its suspension in May.

Housing Zone of 500 Thousand Population on Both Sides of Istanbul Canal

A residential area with a horizontal architecture and neighborhood concept will be on both sides of the Istanbul Canal project. Preparations for the low-density residential area for the crazy project which will be operational in June carry out. Furthermore, the planning phase of the 500 thousand population housing zone continues for the project of the century continues.

Service Areas and Ecological Corridor for the Housing Zone

Commercial units, official institutions, and social facilities will also be in the residential areas. Secondly, there will be facilities such as sports, tourism, health, culture, and education in the project. There are new residential areas in the project with green ecological corridors. The logistics and coastal areas will add value to Istanbul Canal!


The Cost Of The Istanbul Canal Project is ₺ 75 Billion 

In line with the announcements, the cost of the Istanbul Canal project whose planning phase continues will be ₺ 75 billion. The completion of the project will take 7 years. The facilities in the Istanbul Canal project will add value to Istanbul. It is the project of the century!

Istanbul, The City of Focus of  World Trade

The Canal project is of great importance for the freight traffic by the sea in the world.

Following the estimates, 78,000 ships will pass through the Bosphorus, especially in 2050. With the Canal project, there will be no failures in the Bosphorus. Istanbul is an important city for world trade and economy. The Canal project is of vital importance in this regard.

20 Thousand People Work For The Canal Project

Following the start of the works along with the tender in June, 10 thousand people will work in the construction-preparation stage of the Istanbul Canal. Moreover, approximately 10 thousand people will work for the marina and other logistics areas.

According to the statement of the Ministry, “They have the power to complete the project at short notice”…

The Company That Will Assume The Project!

The firm that will assume the Istanbul Canal project will be obvious this year. Limak Holding which considers Africa and the Balkans for its cement and construction investments has shown interest in the Canal project.

Furthermore, there are other countries such as China, Belgium, and Russia for the Canal project.

In line with the statement of President Erdogan, several companies have aspired to assume the project. The works on the legal infrastructure of the project are ongoing and the company that will assume the project will be determined in 2021.

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