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SAMSUNG Galaxy A Series Are Produced in Turkey!

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South Korean Samsung is a technology giant worldwide. The company has started production in Turkey! Samsung now collaborates with Atmaca Electronics Inc. in Turkey. Moreover, Atmaca Group is the owner of the “Sunny” brand.

3 million mobile phones for the Samsung Galaxy series in Turkey! “Made for everyone”!

Most importantly, the phones will be exported to other countries after production in Turkey!

  • After the production announcement of the Galaxy A series in Turkey, there is other investing news of world brands.
  • We have also heard the production news of China-based technology giants in Turkey. After that, the ongoing trade war with the United States has become visible. 

South Korean Samsung has decided to produce in its factory in Esenyurt.  Following technology giants such as Oppo, Tecno Mobile, and Xiaomi, the Sunny.

Samsung’s domestic production has not been officially announced yet. However, it has been 1 month! The prices of mobile phones will decrease by approximately 40% hopefully. 

Here are the details of it…


Samsung and Atmaca Electronics Inc. Collaboration 

Samsung has collaborated with Atmaca Electronics Inc. for the production of mobile phones in Turkey. Atmaca Electronics is also the manufacturer of almost half of Samsung’s televisions in Turkey!

The Turkish giant also owns the Sunny brand. It is an important brand that cooperates with Philips, for instance!

3 Million Phones!

The annual production volume of the Samsung Galaxy series will be 3 million pieces. It is an important product for the domestic market in Turkey.

The annual volume of approximately 10.5 million pieces in the domestic market in Turkey! The South Korean technology giant will be able to produce for other countries in the future.


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According to the Turkey Statistical Institute data, 70,587 housings were sold in the early part of 2021. Firstly, Istanbul is the city with the highest share in housing sales…




Production Factory is in Esenyurt Istanbul!

The production is made in the factory of the Turkish technology giant Sunny in Esenyurt! Atmaca Electronics Inc. has been manufacturing in the factory for a month.

Atmaca Electronics Inc. entered the sector in 1979. The factory produces technological devices such as televisions and vacuum cleaners.

Engineers From South Korea!

Samsung has been producing the Galaxy series in Turkey for a month.

Additional 400 people work in the factory in Esenyurt. Engineers are coming from South Korea for production control. Turkish and South Korean engineers work together.

The factory has an area of 110,000 sqm. Engineers from South Korea will be responsible for ensuring product quality. The raw material procurement is provided by Samsung!

South Korean Tech Giants Produce in Turkey!

Oppo and Xiamoi which are important technology brands have announced official production plans for Turkey.  

Oppo has announced investment plans worth 50 million dollars in Turkey. The company is a smartphone manufacturer and has a factory in Kocaeli. While producing in Turkey, the company carries its plans out for a rapid export to Europe.

Oppo Turkey will start production next month by followed Xiaomi’s investment plans.

So, Xiaomi gets ready to open a factory in Avcilar for production worth $30 million in Turkey. The fourth country of Xiaomi which will produce 5 million per year to carry out the activities of the brand is Turkey!

Decreases in Phone Prices?

The question comes to raise after the production news of Samsung in Turkey. Will the phone price decrease in Turkey?

According to experts, the prices of smartphones will decrease in Turkey. A decrease in phone prices up to 40-50% is expected.

  • Prices of mobile phones had increased after import implementations in Turkey last year. 
  • After the price increase of mobile phones on which import survey implemented in Turkey. There are some regulations this month. 

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