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    Residence Permit Turkey, 2021 Conditions and Required Documents

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    Residence Permit Turkey

    Residence permit Turkey has certain conditions and required documents. According to the 2021 regulations, foreigners’ entrances into, staying in, and exits from Turkey are determined by the laws. In the permit process, the procedures and principles will be valid for the whole rights of foreigners. All implementations and procedures of the residence permit depend on the in-country period. So, we will examine the conditions and necessary documents for the residence permit. You can get information from our professional real estate consultants.

    Determine the Type of Residence Permit Turkey!

    Residence permit in Turkey, firstly you must determine the type of residence permit‎.

    • Long-Term Residence Permit
    • Short-Term Residence Permit
    • Family Residence Permit
    • Student Residence Permit
    • Humanitarian Residence Permit
    • Victim Of Human Trafficking Residence Permit

    Residence Permit in Turkey, Long-Term

    Residence permit for foreigners. Foreigners will have the right to get a residence permit in the case of staying continuous for 8 years.

    To request the residence permit;

    You should apply to the Directorate General Of Migration Management.

    Conditions of Turkey long-term residence permit;

    • Not having received welfare for the last 3 years of 8 years,
    • Having an income sufficient to provide for himself and his family, if any,
    • Having health insurance and not committing any crime that would threaten the public.

    Foreigners who have a long-term residence permit have rights and obligations:

    • To take advantage of military service, to elect and to be elected,
    • They can enjoy all the rights of Turkish citizens on the basis of their social security rights reserved.

    If they exit from Turkey for 1 year for an activity other than education or compulsory public services within these 8 years, the right of a long-term residence permit will be forfeited!

    Moreover, behavior that threatens public security will permanently abolish the residence permit.

    Necessary Documents for Residence Permit in Turkey

    1. The original and photocopy of the passport
    2. Appointment form
    3. Income certificate
    4. 4 photographs
    5. Health insurance
    6. Residence certificate
    7. Criminal record

    If the residence has been taken before, you should submit the photocopy or originals of the residence permits.

    Residence Permit in Turkey, Short-Term

    Residence permit in Turkey has a condition of a residence permit for 1 year.

    If they meet the conditions, foreigners with visa exemption can get a residence permit for 1 year.

    However, in order to benefit from a short-term residence permit, you must apply to the Bureau of Asylum and Immigration before the visa or exemption process has passed!

    Make an appointment before application,

    Complete the necessary documents in this process! Documents and conditions vary according to your purpose of stay. Foreigners coming for tourism purposes should pay the fee and submit the necessary documents.

    Coming to Turkey for scientific research purposes? For this purpose, you must request permission. If you get permission, you should report your research subjects to the relevant authorities.

    Have an immovable property in Turkey?

    Firstly, if you want to get a residence permit, you must request the permit. The immovable property must be residential and the purpose of use must be the same.

    Get a job interview or a business visa?

    You are able to get a residence permit due to a business or a job interview. However, your visa entrance must have the same purpose!

    Coming to Turkey for tourism, health and education?

    You can get a short-term residence permit by providing the necessary conditions.

    Residence Permit by Marriage

    Residence permit Turkey presents another way, getting married to a Turkish citizen!

    The family residence permit is given for 2 years each time. If you have had married more than once, you have the right to apply only once.

    Children of families who have a family residence permit must have student residence for education.

    In the event of a divorce, people with a residence permit for a minimum of 3 years can apply for a short-term residence permit.

    If the ground for divorce jeopardizes the foreigner’s safety, the 3-year condition is not required.

    There are certain conditions for the application of a family residence permit (family residence permit) which are;

    • The average monthly income must not get a subminimum wage.
    • Family members should have well living conditions by taking the members of the family into account.
    • All family members must have the required health insurance.
    • After the application ‎for a residence permit, it is essential to not be convicted of jeopardizing the family for five years.

    Necessary Documents For Residence Permit by Marriage:

    Residence Permit Form

    Copy and Original of The Birth Certificate of The Spouse

    Health Insurance of The Whole Family Members

    4 photographs‎

    Marriage Certificate

    Certificate of Income Status of the Spouse

    Criminal Record Certificate

    Residence Certificate

    Residence Permit for Foreign Students

    • Firstly, foreign students must apply for the student residence permit,
    • Secondly, they must enter the country -Turkey- with a student visa for a residence permit.
    • Most importantly, they must apply for a student residence permit within 1 month of entering the country!

    The duration of the education visa is the entire education period for students! A maximum 1-year residence permit can be gotten for each application up to secondary education level.

    In Turkey, students who have a student residence permit have a work permit, either. The work permit for these students is limited to 24 hours a week.

    Among necessary documents for a student residence permit is the general health insurance document certificate.

    General health insurance is provided within three months upon the request of students.

    Moreover, there is also a humanitarian residence permit and victim of human trafficking residence permit.

    These permit types are issued in accordance with law no. 6458 on Foreigners And International Protection.

    Residence Permit, Get Turkey Citizenship!

    ‎Residence permit in Turkey USD 250,000 ‎will be enough for you to get Turkish Citizenship and a residence permit.

    A property worth a minimum of USD 250,000 makes you have a residence permit if it is periodically ‎extended according to the laws!

    Foreigners with a residence permit can easily find a job. Foreigners can get citizenship for themselves and their children under the age of 18.

    • Buy property worth  ‎$‎ 250,000!
    • Promise not to sell for the next 3 years!
    • Get Turkish Citizenship!
    • You do not need a residence permit to buy property in Turkey. You should get professional ‎real ‎estate services to buy property in Turkey!‎

    Residence Permit in Turkey Cost?

    The Turkish Ministry of Finance determines the fees. The residence permit document is a valuable paper.

    2020 Residence Permit Valuable Paper Cost:

    2019: TL 89,00

    2020: TL 110,00

    There has been no change in the fees since 2011 In accordance with the reciprocity principle. Besides, citizens of Denmark, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Kosovo, Syria, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal are exempted from residence permit fees.

    Residence Permit Fee:

    2019: For the first month TL 21,20  per day.

    After the first month TL 135,20 for each month.

    2020: For the first month TL 25,90  per day.

    After the first month TL 165,70 for each month.

    * For the citizens of Serbia, Norway, Fiji, North Marina.

    For the requirements about Residence Permit Turkey, the cost of work permits, fees and other implementations 2020, fill out the form! Get more information about online application conditions and implementations!

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