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    Power of Attorney in Turkey

    Power of Attorney means authorizing a lawyer or a professional consultancy company on your behalf when buying a property in Turkey.
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    Power of Attorney in Turkey

    Power of Attorney means authorizing a lawyer or a professional consultancy company on your behalf when buying a property in Turkey. Thus, you can easily control every purchasing transaction you authorize without having to come to Turkey. Furthermore, you can easily purchase real estate with your attorney. Your attorney will make the follow-up of legal transactions easier during real estate purchases in Turkey. Furthermore, if you want to acquire citizenship by purchasing real estate, you can easily carry out your transactions with the legal authority you have given power of attorney.

    Issuing a POA for easily buying a property in Turkey, along with all your transactions related to citizenship, surely makes your purchasing easier. Power of Attorney is necessary for deed transfer transactions. When purchasing a house in Turkey, if you give someone the right to represent, that is called power of attorney. It means that you give power to this person to act on your behalf for the transactions to be carried out.


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    What is the Meaning of “Power of Attorney in Turkey” ?

    Power of Attorney in Turkey means that foreign home buyers give power of attorney to their legal counsel to handle their transactions while purchasing a property. While purchasing a property in Turkey, the attorney or legal consultant who is given power of attorney manages all the transactions of the property.  Accordingly, you are able to have your power of attorney done, including your bank transactions.

    Besides, the person given a POA can do all the transactions on your behalf including rental transactions.

    When determining your legal consultant who will carry out citizenship acquisition transactions by purchasing real estate in Turkey, you must certainly find a professional person you trust.

    The power of attorney only given with regard to the necessary procedures. The authorized person to whom you have given the power of attorney will be prohibited from doing anything other than the specified articles. The power of attorney to be given for the sale of real estate must be given to a very reliable authority.

    Must-Have Legal Documents in Turkey

    Necessary documents for power of attorney in Turkey:

    • Original passport and translation
    • Tax ID number
    • Two passport pictures

    How to Issue a Power of Attorney?

    You have to go to the notary public with the necessary documents for the process. When you go to the notary office, the officers will translate the needed information for you in the POA document.

    After the necessary signatures have been made, you need to pay the necessary fees. After the fees are paid, take your receipts.

    The documents to be given to you at the notary will be in Turkish. It is mandatory to have a sworn translator to translate the Turkish information on the documents prepared for you to sign.

    What Does a POA Cost?

    Power of Attorney is an important step to make your business easier to buy a property in Turkey. The notary POA will apply the prices determined according to the word character numbers written on your papers. The Power of Attorney cost is determined after writing.

    What Are the Characteristics of The Person to Be A Power of Attorney?

    You are able to issue it to all adults aged 18 and older in Turkey.

    Is it Necessary to be in Turkey to Give Power of Attorney?

    You do not have to be in Turkey to give POA. You can make an appointment at the Turkish consulate in your country. After that, you can give a POA for your appointment date by applying at the consulate in your country. It is sufficient to submit it to your attorney in Turkey.

    What is Needed for Power of Attorney in Turkey?

    The procedures are easy in Turkey and what is required to give Power of Attorney is very simple. A Tax ID Number will be required. The person to whom you give your POA uses your passport number to get your Tax ID Number. For the Power Of Attorney, you must include the authorization to obtain a tax number. Your tax number is thus taken on your behalf. The same person can get more than one power of attorney. One of the most important things to be considered about the person to whom the power of attorney is given is that your attorney is a lawyer. If a procedure is required in the immigration office, the person you have given power of attorney must be one of the lawyers in Turkey.

    "A Statutory Form Power of Attorney Sample in Turkey"


    (It is the sample document that the buyer must have it signed at the Turkish consulate in his/her country to obtain Power Of Attorney permission.)