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    Penthouse Apartment: Living In The Sky!

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    Penthouse apartment is the symbol of luxury. It is a marketing term that has recently become popular in real estate. Its traditional use symbolizes that you have the whole floor of the top floor apartment. But if you’re looking for a penthouse recently, you don’t just have to look at the top floor of a residence. If you have a penthouse, you will have a beautiful view. Have you ever thought of buying a penthouse to live life to the fullest? If you say yes, we can find a penthouse for sale right now. If you dream of buying a penthouse apartment that goes beyond a loft apartment with a large terrace, you are the right address! We guarantee you that we will find favorable opportunities provided by Turkish homes and a penthouse apartment with a wonderful view. Get on the elevator and press the P button!


    Why Are Penthouses Called Penthouses?

    What is a Penthouse? Are you dreaming of buying a penthouse or looking only for the prestige it has? If so, it’s time to find out what you will have when you buy a penthouse apartment!

    When do we use the term penthouse for an apartment?

    The term was started to be used in New York in 1920. Penthouse apartment means an apartment or a terrace on the highest floor of the buildings. It generally defines the apartments in hotels and luxury buildings.

    High ceilings and spaciousness are some of the main features of a house to symbolize luxury.

    The main feature of a penthouse apartment is its high ceiling. A spacious penthouse with high ceilings symbolizes an expanded comfort zone.

    Penthouse apartments that have modern architecture are generally in luxury residences and hotels. The first choices that buyers look for to buy a penthouse apartment are luxury residences.

    Penthouse Apartment Properties  

    Penthouse apartment defines the luxury and spacey comfort area. Well, what are the properties of a penthouse apartment?

    If you are looking for a penthouse apartment, you have ample opportunities when you buy an apartment.

    • Private elevator! Just press the P button on the elevator and this floor belongs only to you.
    • High ceilings! The best part of buying a penthouse is that you have a spacious living area including high ceilings.
    • High security! If you buy a penthouse apartment, you will have a private floor, press the button and go to your flat directly!
    • A panoramic view apartment! The best part of buying a penthouse is that you will have a splendid panoramic view.
    • A large terrace! If you buy a penthouse, you will have a large terrace for you to enjoy living.

    First Penthouse Apartment in The World! 

    Penthouse apartment symbolizes a luxury apartment in the sky! When did these flats first appear in the world? The first penthouse in the world is at 1040 Park Ave street, New York. The duplex which has an area of 5,000 sqm belongs to the American publisher Conde Montrose Nast.

    The world’s first penthouse apartment is an important source of inspiration for Vanity Fair.

    Most Flashy Penthouse Apartments in the World 

    The most flash penthouse apartments in the world find their owners with million-dollar sales. Which are these penthouse apartments in the world? Swipe down for the top 8!

    1. Monaco, Odeon Tower, Sky Penthouse ($ 400 Million)
    2. London, One Hyde Park, Penthouse D ($ 227 Million)
    3. New York, Ritz Carlton ($ 120 Million)
    4. Hong Kong, The Peak, House No 1 ($ 110 Million)
    5. New York, City Spire Penthouse ($ 105 Million)
    6. NY, Midtown East, 432 Park Avenue ($ 90 Million)
    7. NY, 157 W 57th St, One 57 ($ 44 Million)
    8. New York, AMAN New York Residence ($ 60 Million)

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul | Buyer Guide

    Luxury Penthouses for Sale in Istanbul

    Penthouse apartments for sale are worth millions of dollars and the right choice for a sparkling life! Buying a penthouse in the Bosphorus or the most luxurious districts is a good choice for a glamorous life!

    A price range from $ 5-6 million to ₺ 40-50 thousand is offered. If you look for qualified residences to buy a Turkish penthouse apartment, these prices might increase.

    Offering the first penthouse apartments in Istanbul, Bati Atasehir attracts attention with penthouses for sale in Uphill Court with a value of $ 2-3 million. You will also find penthouses for rent on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul with views of the islands or the Bosphorus.

    Don’t be daunted by the astronomical prices of penthouses for sale around the world! Buy penthouses for sale in Turkey. Because the Turkish real estate market provides affordable prices for penthouses in Turkey for sale. Especially foreigners are interested in Turkish properties.


    Gorgeous Istanbul Penthouse Apartment for Sale 

    Among the Penthouse apartment in Istanbul options, you will see the Trump Towers or Maslak 42. Besides, if you look at a penthouse apartment for sale in Sapphire Istanbul which is one of Turkey’s highest buildings, you can find one worth $ 7.5 million.

    Professional sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will offer hundreds of options for your budget and dreams.

    In a penthouse with a value of 22 million dollars in Istanbul, you will get comfort at world standards.

    1. BESIKTAS, ISTANBUL – Zorlu Center ($ 20 Million)
    2. LEVENT, ISTANBUL – Bellevue Residence ($ 7 Million)
    3. SARIYER, ISTANBUL – SPINE TOWER ($ 6 Million)
    4. BESIKTAS, ISTANBUL – Ritz Carlton ($ 15 Million)
    5. BESIKTAS, ISTANBUL – Armani Residence ($ 13 Million)

    For More Information, Send Your Contact Information with The Form. Our Sales Consultants Will Contact You As Soon As Possible!

    What to Look for When Buying A Penthouse Apartment!

    There are questions to ask beforehand If you look for a penthouse apartment! You have to ask in order to live on the highest floor of a structure. Learn the questions you must ask before you decide to live on the top floor of a building. Know what you must consider and ask what you need to ask in order to have an ambitious and showy life!

    If you want to buy penthouse in Turkey, the first thing you should ask is its location. Especially for taking advantage of open areas, a location that receives less wind serves your purpose. Also, penthouse apartments have a rapid increase in value. If you plan to buy a penthouse apartment, the right location will ensure you earn more and faster.

    The important thing is how much it reflects your lifestyle. Penthouse apartments are considered the peak of luxury recently. Also, they have different architectures for a glamorous or modest life.

    Your privacy is at the highest level when you buy a penthouse apartment. Make sure to check out other projects nearby Quality projects that are developed around the flat you will purchase are more important than the coatings. It rapidly increases its value and improves its image.

    Life in Penthouse Apartments

    If you buy a penthouse apartment, the first thing we can guarantee for your living conditions is that you feel like you live in the sky. In addition to having comfortable living conditions, it offers privileged services such as concierge service, dry cleaning, or valet service for you.

    By examining its pros and cons, you get an idea of living in a penthouse apartment.

    Pros and Cons of Penthouses

    If you plan to buy a penthouse apartment, the pros and cons will be good supporters to predetermine your living conditions.


    • Pinpointing a life of luxury and prestige!
    • Living away from the noise in your penthouse!
    • Having a magnificent view from your flat in the sky.
    • Showing your guests around the city in just a few minutes.
    • Having a large living room.
    • Having a private open area.
    • The most important thing is the rental guarantee and its ever-increasing value.


    • Their prices are slightly higher when compared!
    • If there is a leak at the top of the house, you may be in the first place!
    • Wind may prevent you from taking advantage of your terrace!

    Penthouse Apartment Desing

    Penthouse apartments offer a dreamlike life with the right decoration along with its magnificent view. If you look for an apartment and the most glamorous option, a penthouse apartment will meet your needs.

    Let’s suppose that you have bought a penthouse apartment. So, do you know the ideal way to design a penthouse apartment for yourself? You can work with an interior designer. Be cautious if you have bought one that is worth a million dollars. What should you do if this apartment is waiting to be decorated by you? You will increase its value if you decorate the interior of a million-dollar apartment according to your taste and correctly use the area.

    If you have a crazy style, you may need a design that will raise your apartment even higher. Your striking furniture and paintings enable you to show your passion. You may be looking for a cozy home environment. For this reason, you can choose a fireplace towards your jacuzzi on your large balcony.

    A wide and glamorous sofa may be the most spectacular detail in your penthouse apartment. Your vintage and gigantic furniture also might be the right choice for you to enjoy the view. Furthermore, the secret of a stylish and splendid penthouse apartment is a chandelier. The ornate chandelier hanging from your high ceiling will be the most precious jewel in your house.

    The penthouse apartment in Rio de Janeiro which is developed by the famous Brazilian interior designer Arthur Casas embellishes dreams!

    This can be an inspirer for you. You can watch your wide view from your glass-covered bedroom. The panoramic view of your bed promises freedom! Spending on an interior architect that reflects your style is the last step for living in a penthouse apartment.

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