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    District Guide

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    Istanbul City Guide

    Istanbul European Side

    Istanbul's European Side will be the right choice to feel the dynamic atmosphere of the city. On the European side, where history, culture and modern life come together, there are several property options that are affordable for every budget. Fill out the form to see luxury villas with sea views or affordable city center apartments. If you are looking to live in Istanbul or if you want to benefit from rental income by investing in real estate, the European Side is just for you!

    Buy Property in Istanbul European Side

    You can see the properties for sale on the European Side of Istanbul in 2021, prices, location preferences and more through Sale Property Turkey’s expert sales consultants. Do not waste your time to see the luxury villas where you can view the Bosphorus, or the properties located just a few steps from the most valuable part of the city.

    Explore 2021 Istanbul European Side Properties for Sale

    You can look at regions such as Bahcesehir, Basin Ekspres, Beylikduzu or Bakirkoy on the European side of Istanbul. Or Tarabya, Emirgan, Sariyer or the international financial center Maslak, which is close to the Bosphorus, might be attractive.

    Send your contact information with the form right now. Let us find the property that best suits your life and budget.

    Istanbul Asian Side

    Istanbul Asian Side is popular for its flashy properties and busy shopping streets. Important places on the Asian Side of Istanbul add value to the city. Asian Side, one of the two sides of Istanbul, is valuable with its decent shopping streets, walking paths, Maiden’s Tower, and splendid mansions and properties along the coastline. You will be enchanted by the boat cruises and the seaside properties lined up along the coastline. Residences located in valuable locations such as Uskudar, Kadikoy, Beylerbeyi, Cengelkoy, or Beykoz are dreamy. Its historical values, cultural heritage, cozy back streets, wide and decent avenues fascinate itself.

    Buy Property in Istanbul Asian Side

    Properties for sale on the Asian Side of Istanbul add value to your life and real estate investment. Send your contact information with the form to discover the most popular districts. We will get back to you as soon as possible to find the most suitable property for your life and budget on the Asian Side of Istanbul. As your professional solution partner, we will enable you to visit the popular properties of the Asian Side of Istanbul thanks to our wide real estate portfolio, live tours, and more.

    Discover 2021 Istanbul Asian Side Properties For Sale

    Discover the most popular apartments, offices, villas, flats, commercial property options, prices, and more among Istanbul Asian Side properties in 2021!

    Beyoglu District | Beyoglu Guide

    Beyoglu is on the European Side and is known as the most central location of Istanbul. Wide streets opening to Taksim-Istiklal Avenue which is considered the heart of the city… Beyoglu is one of the most valuable settlements in Istanbul.

    Streets full of historical structures, remarkable city apartments, luxury residences, glamorous hotels and a nostalgic atmosphere will make you fall in love with it. especially visited by tourists, is a special place where you can feel the real Istanbul.

    Beyoglu should be visited if you want to feel that you are in Istanbul Turkey. It enchants those who see its historical and cultural places.

    In addition to being a special place in Istanbul intertwined with culture, education and arts, Beyoglu is also an important tourism center. Moreover, places of entertainment, movie theaters, restaurants and shopping arcades stand out as the most popular places in Istanbul.

    Check out Beyoglu population, must-see places, transportation and other information here. If you want to live in this magical place, we will find the house that best suits your conditions.

    If you want to find the most suitable property in Beyoglu or one of the attractive regions of Istanbul, see the special alternatives that expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will offer for you.

    Fill in the contact form to request an appointment. We will find several housing options in different parts of Beyoglu and Istanbul as soon as possible. Moreover, you can take advantage of our online sales services. We can even visit the house of your dreams together.

    Let’s keep on for detailed information about this District …

    Where is Beyoglu? How to Get There?

    Beyoglu is on the European Side of Istanbul and is the most central region of the city.

    It is right in front of the Historical Peninsula and Golden Horn.

    Beyoglu, one of the most central locations of Istanbul, is outstanding due to its location as well as having the most popular structures of the city. It will also drag you into a different world with its historical and cultural heritage.

    Where is Beyoglu and how will you get there?

    Beyoglu (Taksim) is a neighbor to the most valuable and popular districts of Istanbul.

    Northwest: Sisli

    South and the West: Golden Horn

    East: Besiktas and Bosphorus

    The surface area of Beyoglu on the Istanbul map is 8.5 square kilometers.

    There are 45 neighborhoods in Beyoglu (Taksim). In addition to its central location, Beyoglu hosts very valuable structures.

    There are things to take into account in order to get Beyoglu where gets very crowded especially in summer and spring. For this reason, you can choose to arrive at noon when the traffic is light.

    History of Beyoglu

    It is an important tourism center due to its historical value. Urban transformation projects are carried out in this District where is a valuable location where modern and historical buildings are all together.


    Beyoglu is a cosmopolitan district. Many foreign nationals have always immigrated here. Besides, there are many foreign consulates in Beyoglu such as;

    British Consulate

    Germany Consulate

    Netherlands Consulate

    Russian Federation Consulate

    Sweden of Consulate. 

    Several foreign nationals still reside in many neighborhoods of Beyoglu.

    Beyoglu (Taksim), where the elite class resided in the Ottoman period, became a region having economic difficulties after the First World War. However, the region has undergone extraordinary transformations since then. Particularly, Istiklal Avenue provides enormous tourism income while modern buildings have been developed around.

    This district is one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul, and the heart of Istanbul. Cihangir, Gumussuyu, Karakoy or Tophane… Nowadays, infrastructure works continue at full pelt. Old buildings are being reconstructed and appreciated with the modernization of nostalgic streets.

    Population in Beyoglu


    Beyoglu (Taksim) is outstanding with its crowded streets and avenues. Well then, how many people live in Beyoglu according to statistics data?

    The population of this region: 226,396 people

    External and internal migrations to Beyoglu are still ongoing.

    It is a cosmopolitan region. is the favorite of tourists who stay in hotels that are suitable for all standards. In this district, which is close to almost every part of the city, the majority of the population is middle-aged. The elderly population rate is low.

    • Taksim – Istiklal Avenue
    • Cukurcuma
    • Galata – Galata Tower
    • Kabatas – Coastal Walking Trails 
    • Tophane –Historical Fountain
    • Historical Tunnel

    Transportation in Beyoglu


    Beyoglu expands your comfort zone with valuable transportation vehicles as well as its valuable location.

    You can reach Beyoglu by ferry, metro and metrobus. one of the most central locations of Istanbul, is at the intersection of link roads, bridges and coastline.

    To Istanbul Airport: 36 km, 40-45 minutes

    To Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 45 km, 40 minutes

    You can easily reach the Anatolian Side of Istanbul by means of transportation such as Ferry and Marmaray. You can also choose transportation by bus.

    Consequently, houses in Beyoglu, where you can easily reach every part of the city by using important transportation connections, are rapidly gaining value.

    You can also reach Beyoglu by tram. Nostalgic tram to Kabatas is an option that will eliminate your transportation issue in Istanbul.

    Places to Visit in Beyoglu (Taksim)

    Beyoglu is the district where you can feel the history… You can find real Istanbul life here. Both modern and historical values are aesthetically harmonized here.

    You can feel its authentic atmosphere almost every step of the way. There are places you must see in Beyoglu. Boulevards, side streets, historical buildings, shopping areas and many other values…

    Things to do in Beyoglu

    There are many historical places. There are many things to see and experience. Flavors you need to try and more… This District is a special place to create unforgettable memories.


    • Galata Tower: It is located around the Galata Walls. It is a touristic area open to pedestrian traffic only. The tower, which was a watchtower in the past, is nowadays a symbolic structure of Istanbul.
    • Istiklal Avenue: It is one of the most crowded and valuable streets of Istanbul. You can find shops, historic places, restaurants, cafes and many more places.
    • Miniaturk: ​​It is an open-air museum where models of the most valuable buildings of the country are exhibited.
    • Modern Istanbul: It is the first art museum in Turkey.
    • Rahmi Koc Museum: It is on the shore of the Golden Horn. It is the first museum on transportation and industry.
    • Pera Museum: It is a museum where important exhibitions are held in Istanbul.
    • Cite de Pera: The street of the historical arcade with 24 shops and 18 luxury flats opens to Istiklal Avenue.

    And other must-see places:

    • Taksim Gezi Park
    • St. Antuan Church
    • Galatasaray Museum
    • Taksim square
    • Kamondo Stairs
    • Galatasaray Turkish Bath
    • Cihangir Mosque
    • Illusion Museum
    • Cukurcuma Bath
    • Orhan Kemal Museum
    • French Palace

    As being an important tourism center, is a cosmopolitan district where the most valuable buildings of Istanbul are developed. Take a look at Beyoglu for your dreams of living in Istanbul.

    You can request an appointment from our expert sales consultants to find the most suitable house for you in Beyoglu (Taksim).

    Beylikduzu District | Beyliduzu Guide

    Beylikduzu is the fastest-growing and transforming district in Istanbul. It is located in the west of Istanbul. Also, it is one of the most planned districts. There are usually mass housing projects, luxury compounds, and affordable villas there.

    Wide streets, clean streets, and orderly structures are being developed. Also, trees and green spaces on the streets make it a liveable county.

    This district stands out among the most valuable places to live in Istanbul. Because of the boulevards, wide streets, clean streets, and planned urbanization…

    Moreover, it is a district that constantly gains value with its transportation vehicles and regular streets. It has 10 neighborhoods.

    It has a very valuable location to reach the city center. Along with the development of the most valuable housing projects in the city, you can easily reach almost every region in Istanbul. Thanks to the diversity of transportation vehicles and being located at the junction of link roads.

    So, Beylikduzu is the right option if you are looking for an organized life away from the crowd and chaos of the city.

    Request an appointment from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey right now.

    We will find the most suitable house in Beylikduzu as soon as possible. Furthermore, you will know the region and take the step that will add value to your dreams and budget free of charge.

    Where is Beylikduzu?

    Most importantly, it is a district that stands out with its calm and affordable housing projects, generally far from the city center. Also, being a planned and clean district makes Beylikduzu an attention grabber for those who want to buy a house.

    Beylikduzu is a place far from the Istanbul center but close to the transportation vehicles.

    East: Avcilar

    West: Buyukcekmece

    North: Esenyurt

    If we examine the transportation opportunities in Beylikduzu, a 24-hour metrobus is at your service.

    You can reach the most central locations of Istanbul for 24 hours thanks to the Beylikduzu-Zincirlikuyu metrobus route. No more traffic problems.

    Taksim, the most popular location in Istanbul, can be reached directly via public transport. You can easily travel from Beylikduzu to Taksim.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    What are the living conditions in Beylikduzu? 

    The most general information about Beylikduzu is the rapidly growing population and the increasing number of housing projects.

    The population of Beylikduzu: 352.412 people

    Average annual population growth: 6.3%

    Beylikduzu is a special living space where mass housing projects are rapidly increasing.

    Beylikduzu might be your new address if you are looking for a sea view luxury house. You can choose the most suitable apartment for you among the housing projects with extensive social facilities on boulevards.

    You can also find a villa suitable for your budget among the ultra-lux villa projects.

    Living conditions in Beylikduzu are developing in parallel with the number of housing projects.

    The rapidly increasing number of residences causes an increase in the population. Social opportunities are developing rapidly in Beylikduzu due to the increase in the population.

    Beylikduzu Real Estate Investment

    Buying a property in Istanbul Beylikduzu will make you a have strong investment opportunity.

    Construction projects become a center of attraction for housing investors with suitable flats. Beylikduzu apartments for sale enable you to take firm steps along with rapidly increasing values.

    apartments are creating a rapid transformation in the region. Housing options for sale in Beylikduzu offer attractive offers to housing buyers due to both their prices and regional transformations.

    Annual sales price change of this district: 58% increase in value on average

    Beylikduzu properties with a return period of 14 years will raise your standards with their average prices and housing types for every standard. It is also a powerful investment tool that will add value to your capital.

    Beylikduzu Social Facilities

    The remarkable feature of Beylikduzu is the region’s social facilities for those who want to live. It is an attractive region for home buyers with its advanced social living spaces.

    You can watch the sea view from 10 different neighborhoods of Beylikduzu. 

    It is a tranquil district for those who are looking for a quiet place for dreamy lives. It is a special place where social life is rapidly developing.

    If you want to live in a place full of privileges, you should add this district into your list and get to know the region better.

    You can have a valuable living space with shopping centers, parks in the region, modern structures, business, and trade centers.

    The education level of the population living is high. Comfortable living opportunities are offered along with rich social living spaces.

    Educational Institutions: 167

    Shopping Centers: 12

    There are also many private and public health institutions and organizations.

    You can take pleasant walks on the district coastline. There are lush green parks, walking tracks, bicycle trails, district bazaars, and many other social areas.

    Valley of Life:

    The width of 1 million sqm

    The largest green areas of Beylikduzu

    Ponds, pools, waterfalls

    Cafe and restaurants

    West Istanbul Marina:

    900 yacht capacity

    14 cafes, bars, restaurants

    Fitness center

    Yacht club

    Blue flag beach

    Besides, housing projects and social facilities within the compounds add value to the lives of those who prefer to live in Beylikduzu.

    Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Beylikduzu?

    If you are researching and planning to buy a house in this district, you might want to know the answer to ‘Is Beylikduzu safe?’ You will have strong investment opportunities with industrial zones and important trade centers. All about district will be provided for you in this article.

    Buying a house in Beylikduzu offers strong investment opportunities.

    Affordable luxury housing projects

    Ambarli Port which is among the world’s largest 50 container ports

    District Organized Industrial Zone and Istanbul Marine Products Bazaar

    Shopping, Fair and Congress Centers in the Region

    New housing projects

    Fast population growth

    West Istanbul Marina with a capacity of 900 yachts

    Extensive social opportunities and living spaces

    While the quality of life is increasing with the opportunities that rapidly increase the value of the region, housing values ​​are increasing as well.

    Do you want to buy a house in the Beylikduzu district where offers strong investment opportunities?

    Send your contact information to the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey with the form. Buy the most suitable house for you by taking advantage of free consultancy services after making an appointment.

    Also you can click on Properties in Beylikduzu to show all apartments and villas
    Fatih District | Fatih Guide

    Fatih is an important tourism and transportation center of Istanbul. As one of the most important historical regions of Istanbul, Fatih is famous for its historical streets, restaurants, hotels, historical cafes, and popular restaurants serving local delicacies. Fatih is also full of assets that will fascinate you at the very beginning of your journey.

    The structures which have preserved their value and originality since they were developed are the symbol of Fatih. For instance, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, Women’s Bazaar… The things you will witness here will amaze you! Its atmosphere will drag you into an amazing world you don’t want to leave.

    If you want to leave here or even want to live, expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will offer the most suitable housing options in line with your budget and living conditions. Moreover, it will be your city guide while determining your demands while we introduce Fatih and its surroundings.

    History of Fatih

    Fatih is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and even in Turkey. It is a place like a fairy tale with its history and narrated stories.

    It takes its name from Mehmed the Conqueror who is an Ottoman ruler who conquered Istanbul in 1453. The region still preserves the value as the reflection of Byzantine and Ottoman structures and architecture. We can say that living in Fatih where is one of the most crowded and sparkling places in Turkey is privileged.

    Every step you take in this fascinating place will make you feel like walking on history. Fatih, where many iconic historical buildings are located, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    Being the capital city during the Ottoman and Byzantine periods, Fatih has hosted several social places belonging to the Ottoman Royalty and Byzantine period.

    Where is Fatih? How to Get There? 

    Fatih is on the European Side of Istanbul. Its historical streets are crowded almost every hour of the day. Both citizens and tourists can find hundreds of reasons to come here.

    There are 57 neighborhoods in Fatih.

    Southwest: Zeytinburnu

    Northwest: Eyupsultan

    North: Golden Horn

    East: Bosphorus

    South: Marmara Sea

    To Istanbul Airport: 44 km – 40 minutes

    To  Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 49km – 40 minutes

    Population in Fatih

    Fatih is an important tourism center along with 57 neighborhoods.

    As well as its touristic value, is an important area for Turkey’s most important developers. The number of people who want to live here is increasing day by day.

    Population in Fatih: 396,600 people

    With urban transformation projects, not only houses but also social living conditions are transforming. Istanbul houses with modern architecture, concept hotels, historical restaurants, bazaars add value to the region.

    Places to Visit in Fatih

    Fatih is one of the wealthiest places in the world to live and for sightseeing. Fatih where fish festivals are held every year is a popular place with festivals as well as must-see places.

    • The Million Monument: It is known that the starting point of the world was Sultanahmet in the past. The Million Monument which was used as the center to measure the distances is exhibited in Sultanahmet Square with the renovations made recently.
    • Hagia Sophia: Hagia Sophia, which was a church in the Byzantine period and a mosque in the Ottoman period, is of international importance nowadays.
    • Women’s Bazaar: You can find restaurants and cafes as well as places that sell many foodstuffs such as meat and dairy products in Fatih.
    • Basilica Cistern: The museum rising from the water is stunning with its marble columns. As one of the magnificent historical buildings of Istanbul, it is mentioned in Dan Brown’s novel Inferno.


    • Topkapi palace

    • Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

    • The Spice Bazaar

    • Suleymaniye Mosque

    • Fatih Mosque


    • Eminonu Fish Sandwich Makers

    • Gulhane Park

    • Fener Old Greek Neighborhood

    The Price of Houses for Sale in Fatih in Istanbul

    Fatih is one of the most valuable districts of the Istanbul European Side. Life here might be as in fairy tales. You will find traces of history in every street. The population of students and young people is dense in This region .

    Buying a house in Fatih is a powerful investment instrument. While housing prices are rapidly increasing, the turnaround time is also very short compared to other districts.

    Average Housing Prices: 490,580 TL

    Average Turnaround Time: 17 Years

    The most popular districts of Fatih whose population is rapidly increasing:

    • Aksaray: The region hosts several trade centers.
    • Balat: It is a fascinating district included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    • Cemberlitas: There is a world-known Turkish Bath.
    • Capa: One of the city’s biggest hospitals is located here.
    • Eminonu: It is one of the must-visit places in Istanbul suc as Spice Bazaar. Galata Bridge is a special place famous for historical fishermen.
    • Edirnekapi: As one of the most well-known districts of Istanbul, Edirnekapi has one of the city walls of Istanbul.
    • Findikzade: It is the district between Topkapi and Aksaray that gathers the avenues of Vatan and Millet.

    There are many other famous districts such as Kumkapi, Yenikapi, Vefa, Unkapani and Beyazit…

    Fatih will surely mesmerize you. If you want to live in this region where the most historical districts of Istanbul are located request an appointment from Sale Property Turkey. Our expert sales consultants will find the most suitable house for you and get to know the area by taking advantage of our regional guide.

    Bahcesehir District | Bahcesehir Guide

    About Bahcesehir Guide for Real Estate Investors

    We can say about Bahcesehir guide for real estate investors,  comparing to its less ‘aesthetically-pleasing’ neighbours such as Beylikduzu and Esenyurt. Bahcesehir is on the European side of Istanbul known as a classy district. It is relatively newer and more modern neighbourhood.

    Where is Bahcesehir?


    About Bahcesehir guide for real estate investors, it is located on the west of the European side of Istanbul in between Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece lakes. It is located 35 kms from Taksim, Istanbul and 18kms from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Bahcesehir is  about just under one hour to drive from Taksim. And approximately 15-20 minutes from the airport.

    About Bahcesehir guide for real estate investors; Bahcesehir transport links to Istanbul centre

    One of the main reasons that enabled Bahcesehir to become such a desirable suburban area is its practical transport links to Istanbul’s cultural and business districts.

    TEM highway, which connects the area straight to Istanbul’s business. And financial districts as well as the three Bosphorus bridges crossing Districts of Istanbul Europe to Asia, passes by Bahcesehir itself. If you live in Bahcesehir, then you can hit the highway within a matter of minutes and from there continue onto central Istanbul. Compare Bahcesehir to Beylikduzu for example. It would take you lot longer to access TEM from Beylikduzu, particularly if the rush hour traffic is intense.

    Bahcesehir to Ataturk Airport, Bakirkoy, Avcilar, Taksim and beyond every 10 minutes. The network is reliable and mostly punctual.

    Metro underground and railway system is ever expanding in Istanbul with lines pushing out toward all suburbs connecting inwards to the city centres. The metro station in Basaksehir Ataturk Olympic Stadium connects into the city’s main metro and railway system with access to all stations on the entire system. Basaksehir is one of Istanbul’s 36 districts and Bahcesehir is an area within Basaksehir. Ataturk Olympic Stadium metro station is under 5 minutes by car from most parts of Bahcesehir. Also according to Istanbul Municipality Bahcesehir metro stop will be active in 2019 on the line between 3rd Airport and Ataturk Airport.

    About Bahcesehir guide for real estate investors; Things to do in Bahcesehir and main attractions of the area. There are many attractions to count, including a beautiful central lake named Golet Park, several modern shopping centres, cinemas, walk-paths, trendy bars & restaurants.

    Bahcesehir Golet Park is central to the area including mini-golf club, restaurants, tea gardens, walk paths, children playgrounds. And many more to keep the whole family entertained.

    Bahcesehir offers several major shopping malls including Akbati Shopping Mall and Prestige Mall. These centres accommodate well know international brands as well as many Turkish ones. They come complete with theatre and cinema halls, cultural centres, restaurants and cafes.

    Why buy property in Bahcesehir?

    Bahcesehir has become a desirable suburban town since early 2000’s. In the late 90’s, in order to protect the exclusivity of the area and provide a more privileged lifestyle to Bahcesehir residents, local municipality decided to control access to Bahcesehir similar to a private estate would do. This helped improve the area’s image as an elite and well sought after neighbourhood.

    After 2005, the face of Bahcesehir started changing. It started growing larger and becoming a major district of Istanbul from very humble beginnings only 10-15 year ago.

    Today, Bahcesehir is regarded as a luxury residential district favoured by mid to higher income brackets. Its shopping facilities leave nothing to desire and the area is ideal for young families. Compared to central districts of Istanbul prime real estate, Bahcesehir real estate prices are still around half per m2. For example, a luxury 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Bahcesehir is priced anywhere from 80.000 USD to 150.000 USD depending on location, size and attributes. This is on average 1000 USD/m2. In other words, you can access luxury lifestyle in a Bahcesehir home from as low as 1000 USD/m2. This figure would be anywhere from 4000 USD to 7500 USD/m2  Nisantasi, Sisli as prime central location.

    Great investment opportunity

    Its lifestyle and easy access to the city centre makes Bahcesehir highly desirable for young professionals and families. As a result, there is a very strong rental market in Bahcesehir in addition to a very high demand for quality real estate ownership.

    Also, from off plan stage to completion alone we are seeing price increases in excess of 15%, which provides a serious investment potential for early buyers. High demand assures safe exit strategy should you wish to sell off.

    Property prices have doubled since 2005 in Bahcesehir. However, considering the quality of life on offer, mega projects such as 3rd airport and Channel Istanbul and so on. We believe prices still have a very long gap to fill within the next 5 years. Overall, we highly recommend Bahcesehir from a lifetsyle and investment viewpoints.

    Buyukcekmece District | Buyukcekmece Guide

    Buyukcekmece is one of the most valuable and largest districts of the Istanbul European Side. The region is located in the west of Istanbul. So, it is a popular living center due to its location.

    It might not seem as popular as other tourist destinations. However, do not be deceived!

    Buyukcekmece is a valuable social living space for both residents and visitors. The rapidly increasing number of residences increases the value of the region as well as the transportation facilities.

    Besides, the population is rapidly growing here. The order of the region and the cleanliness of the streets is another remarkable part.

    Buyukcekmece is a notable region of Istanbul. It has gained a reputation for its fastest developing and affordable housing options. Buyukcekmece and its surroundings might be one of the prominent places to look, especially if you want to buy affordable villas.

    It neighbors Beylikduzu, Catalca, Arnavutkoy and Silivri.

    In addition to being close to popular destinations frequently visited by vacationers such as Kumburgaz, Celaliye and Kamiloba, it is an important place for holiday tourism.

    Investing and buying a house in Buyukcekmece mean a lifetime investment.

    The potential for return on investment is very high. Don’t suppose that it’s far from the city center! You can easily reach the city center without wasting time due to the link roads and transportation network.

    If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, Sale Property Turkey will list the house options that best suit your living standards. So, we will provide a comprehensive housing portfolio for you. It is also very easy to find a house that fits your budget in the area.

    You can request an appointment from our expert consultants for your dreams without wasting time.

    History of Buyukcekmece

    Buyukcekmece has undergone an extraordinary transformation in recent years. With the urban transformation activities and the development of social living spaces, the region rapidly gains value.

    Buyukcekmece was used as an agricultural and recreational area in the Ottoman period. It is also a place used as accommodation by armies.

    Many historical buildings still preserve their value.

    There are mansions, mosques, fountains and many other cultural heritages from the Ottomans.

    Heritage and cultural values ​​are preserved together in the Culture Park around Buyukcekmece Lake. The surroundings of Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece lakes are valuable for getting fresh air and having a picnic.

    Buyukcekmece has the characteristic of being a bridge from the past to the present. It still develops along with contemporary structures.

    Population in Buyukcekmece

    The population in Buyukcekmece has a rapid growth. The increasing number of residences and modern buildings in the region draw attention.

    Buyukcekmece, whose population is rapidly increasing, is appreciated as one of the most valuable districts in Istanbul.

    Population in Buyukcekmece: 257,362

    is located in the west of Istanbul European Side, is a very valuable settlement. Major branded housing projects are being developed, and affordable apartments and amenities make the area attractive. Thus, the population is rapidly increasing.

    Where is Buyukcekmece?

    This District is one of the places most frequently visited by those who want to buy a house in Istanbul.

    It has a 25-km-coastline and 24 neighborhoods.

    Buyukcekmece, the first choice of those who want to live in Istanbul, is a neighbor to the most important districts of Istanbul.

    To Istanbul Airport: 40 minutes

    To Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 1 hour 30 minutes

    It is in the Marmara Region of Istanbul and the west.

    North: Catalca, Arnavutkoy

    East: Esenyurt

    South: Beylikduzu, Marmara Sea

    West: Silivri

    • Taksim: 58 minutes
    • Besiktas: 1 hour
    • Sisli 50 minutes
    • Bakirkoy: 25 minutes
    • Levent. 55 minutes
    • Maslak: 1 hour

    Advantages of Living in Buyukcekmece

    Buyukcekmece is an important district with its regional values ​​and opportunities. Art and cultural centers, clean and tidy streets are attractive at first sight. Luxury housing projects, transformation areas, many education institutions or hospitals add value to the value of the region.

    There are 17 official health institutions and 16 private health institutions in Buyukcekmece.

    Buyukcekmece is valuable for housing investment. The value of the houses is increasing rapidly in the region where the opportunities of social and cultural life are rapidly developed. Newly developed buildings add a modern silhouette to the region.

    Buyukcekmece Depreciation Period: 21 Years

    Average Housing Prices TL350,000

    If you plan to live in Buyukcekmece, the house you will buy will provide a lifetime return and offer valuable living spaces. Furthermore, most of the residences in the region have a view of Buyukcekmece Lake.

    Just compare the house that meets your standards with the housing prices in the city center. You will notice that you will make a big profit.

    There is a traffic problem in almost every corner of Istanbul and even the world. Buyukcekmece has important link roads.

    Vehicles such as Marmaray, Metrobus, bus and tram are benefited.

    Comfortable transportation between Istanbul European and Anatolian Side is provided. You can easily reach every part of Istanbul. If you wish, just your private vehicle or take advantage of public transportation vehicles.

    If you want to live in Buyukcekmece, you can find many peaceful and isolated housing options from the chaos of the city. Let’s find the house that suits your budget and criterion without wasting your precious time.

    Expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey will organize virtual tours to find the ideal home for you. And, get more information about the region.

    Shopping Centers in Buyukcekmece

    Important shopping centers in Istanbul Buyukcekmece add value to living conditions in the region. Outlets, shopping centers having world-known brands and streets lined with local boutiques!

    • Akmerkez Mall
    • Tepekent Shopping Center
    • Istanbul Outlet Park
    • Atirus Shopping Center
    • Tepepark Shopping Mall

    There are many residences close to shopping centers in Buyukcekmece. Also, some residential and villa projects have stores in them.

    Places to Visit in Buyukcekmece

    There is a great transformation in This District and the region also draws attention due to its rapid population growth. There are people coming here from neighboring districts or distant parts of the city.

    Istanbul Buyukcekmece is one of the biggest counties and hosts the highest TV Tower in Turkey.

    TUYAP: The biggest exhibition area in Turkey.

    Buyukcekmece Beach or Kumburgaz Beach: Buyukcekmece is a great place to swim in Istanbul. It is 12 km away from Kumburgaz Beach where is one of the most frequently visited places by citizens and tourists in summer.

    Aqua Marine Water Park: Istanbul’s largest water park is a frequent destination for those who want to have fun.

    Kutadgu Bilig Public Library: It is a library with 25 thousand books. This District is an arts-friendly district with libraries and educational institutions that have important books.

    Mimaroba Bar Street: Nightlife in Buyukcekmece is dynamic especially in spring and summer. We recommend you to visit Bar Street to have fun.

    Social facilities and places where you can have a good time are endless in this District.

    Hotels and Restaurants in Buyukcekmece

    This District is attractive due to more than 30 hotels, shopping malls and restaurants. It is a special place with both the zones developed for trade and business and new houses.

    There are hotels and important facilities for tourists. You can stay in a hotel having private coasts or rent a house. Or take a look at the rapidly increasing housing options.

    Buyukcekmece is very crowded especially during the fair and congress periods. There may not be any vacancies in the facilities. Buying a property in Buyukcekmece will provide both a strong investment and add value to your life!

    Request an appointment from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey now. Get to know the region and have the opportunity to gain a lifetime income.

    Basin Ekspres District | Basin Ekspres Guide

    Basin Ekspres district is known as the second financial center in Turkey. Basin Ekspres region has rapidly gained value with new housing projects and also offers investment advantages. It is one of the most advantageous locations to invest in real estate in Turkey. The region attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign investors due to hosting several business centers, industrial areas, new living spaces, and link roads to the most central regions of Istanbul.

    Why Basin Ekspres is Important?

    Basin Ekspres is one of the fastest developing locations on the European Side of Istanbul. It has the most important areas to make investments. Because of the real estate projects developed in the region, it has become an important place in the international arena while adding an important value for investment. Basin Ekspres which is an important investment region in Turkey has become a great value for investors thanks to important link roads.

    In addition to real estate diversity, infrastructure investment in the new financial center stands out as an important investment instrument. There are plenty of head offices, shopping malls, hotels, commercial centers, and large business complexes of international companies in Turkey. It is very possible for you to find suitable housing according to your budget and desires. It is very advantageous to invest in the region where international brands and Turkish construction companies are concentrated.

    Basin Ekspres Shopping Centers

    Basin Ekspres is famous for shopping malls and outlet stores. On the Basin Ekspres road, you will see a shopping center with dozens of famous brands. Besides, reaching central areas and shopping centers through link roads is very easy. Headquarters of important brands in Turkey and the world are also on the Basin Ekspres road.

    Oasis Designer Outlet, which was developed by Nurol GYO in Bodrum is located in Basin Ekspres. The first designer outlet in Turkey, Oasis Designer Outlet- Oasis Cadde is one of the shopping centers that add value to the region.

    Optimum Outlet, located on Basin Ekspres Road – Gunesli Tem Link road, is one of the best outlet centers.

    Shopping centers such as 212 Istanbul Power Outlet, Starcity Outlet, and EVKUR also add value to Basin Ekspres.

    Medical Centers

    Some medical centers in the Basin Ekspres region increase the value of the region. The second financial center of Istanbul which has become a life center grabs the attention of home investors and offers a strong investment value. Moreover, urban transformation activities continue to affect rapidly in the region where living conditions are developing day by day.

    Halkali Kent Hastanesi 

    A Hastanesi

    Sefakoy Hastanesi

    Acibadem University Hospital Atakent

    Medipan Tip Merkezi 

    Halkali Acibadem Hastanesi 

    Aksa Cerrahi Tip Merkezi 

    Basin Ekspres Real Estate Investment Projects

    Basin Ekspres has gone beyond being a district in Istanbul. Located at the intersection of business and living, both important link roads and life centers are rapidly increasing.

    Newly developed housing projects are rapidly gaining value thanks to domestic and foreign investors planning to invest in real estate.

    Almost all of the rapidly developing residential projects gather hotel comfort with home comfort. Add value to your life with Basin Ekspres housing projects which are ideal for living away from the noise of the city but right in the city center. At the same time, make profits with investment value. Get a strong investment with government-guaranteed housing options that offer a lifetime rental guarantee.

    Sisli District | Sisli Guide

    Sisli District is an important living center located in the most central district of Istanbul. Sisli where important health institutions and education centers are located is also known for its many shopping centers, cultural centers and the most popular places visited by tourists. It is an important tourism center due to its historical and cultural heritage.

    Sisli is one of the most central locations of Istanbul. It is also a valuable living space where the most valuable housing projects of Istanbul are developed. While the population of Sisli is rapidly increasing, living conditions are rapidly improving.

    Sisli District stands out as one of the favorite living centers while urban transformation activities proceed. Besides, you can easily reach all parts of the city through transportation in the region.

    The number of megaprojects is rapidly increasing in Sisli. It gains value with the new roads, bridges and transportation vehicles. The most important housing projects of the city are also developed here.

    Istanbul stands out as the district with the fastest increase in value. People might find a house suitable for every budget and lifestyle in Sisli!

    You can get more information about Sisli where is one of the central locations of Istanbul. Just request an appointment from expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey. You can take a new step into your life by finding the house that best suits your living conditions and budget.

    History of Sisli District

    Sisli is an important tourism center along with being an important life center with its historical value.

    Various cultures and colors draw attention to Sisli.

    Sisli is a district where foreigners and citizens dream to live! Precious streets and buildings lined up in avenues attract the attention of people from all segments and cultures.

    “Kurtulus”, the oldest settlement of ​​Sisli…

    Sisli has a population profile with a high population of non-Muslims! While taking a walk in the streets of Sisli, you frequently come across people with the old Istanbul accent.

    Sisli reflected the French culture as a place where the middle class lived in the first years of the Turkish Republic. There were structures having French architecture in Sisli.

    High-ceilinged houses and stone structures are still preserved today thanks to the reconstruction works. The wired elevators inside the buildings are remarkable. French windows still reflect the silhouette of Sisli.

    In the previous years, most of the stores and shopping centers in Beyoglu were moved to Sisli due to regional conditions.

    During this period, many apartments were rented as workplaces. Thus, shops of famous brands and shopping streets started to be lined in Sisli. Stores and centers of famous brands in places such as Harbiye, Rumeli Caddesi, Valikonagi and Osmanbey have gained their present appearance.

    The name of Sisli comes from the family named “Sisciler” that deals with skewer production. Over time, “Sisciler’s Mansion” is starting to be known as the “Mansion of Sisli”. It is narrated that the district has taken the name Sisli in the long run.

    Sisli was a place where Greeks, Armenians and Jews lived in the past. We clearly feel the atmosphere caused by all this ethnic diversity when we examine its social structure.

    Sisli is a district that preserves its value even as time passes along with its cultural richness and ethnic diversity.

    Where is Sisli District? 

    Sisli is in northwest Turkey. Also sisli which is located in the Marmara Region is one of the most populous districts of Istanbul.

    Sisli is on the European Side of Istanbul. There are 25 neighborhoods.

    East: Eyup, Kagithane

    South: Beyoglu

    East: Besiktas

    North: Sariyer

    Transportation to Sisli District

    You can use metrobus, metro or other means of transportation to reach Sisli.

    Sisli is a central place where you can reach the fastest and easiest transportation from every region of Istanbul. You can take advantage of the stations located at every point of Sisli by metrobus, metro or other means of transportation.

    You can use the metrobus station which is a few steps away from Istanbul Cevahir Mall where is one of the most popular shopping centers in Mecidiyekoy.

    Everyone knows Istiklal Avenue. You can directly get inside Cevahir Mall by taking the metro in Taksim and using the Sisli Exit.

    You can also reach link roads and bridges by your private vehicle.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Sisli Shopping Malls

    Sisli makes a name for itself with flamboyant streets full of important shopping centers and boutiques. Shopping and living centers which are outstanding in Sisli;

    • Cevahir Shopping Center – Mecidiyekoy
    • City’s Shopping Mall – Nisantasi
    • Astoria Shopping Center – Sisli
    • Profilo Mall – Mecidiyekoy
    • Trump Mall – Mecidiyekoy

    Population in Sisli District

    The population of Sisli is rapidly growing. Sisli is developing with the rapid increase of both social living spaces and new housing projects. Sisli gets internal and external migration due to the increase of educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals and many other opportunities.

    • 266,793 people live in Sisli.

    Moreover, this number is constantly increasing according to statistics for Sisli. In particular, the student population is growing and the foreigners who want to live in Turkey initially examine Sisli region.

    Places to Visit in Sisli District


    Sisli is both the center of social life and an important place where important institutions and organizations are located. There are shopping malls, shopping streets, exhibitions, museums, hotels, mosques and many other places to visit in Sisli.

    • If you are going to shop, you can go to Valikonagi Avenue where is full of famous brands. Rumeli and Tesvikiye Streets are the most famous shopping streets of Istanbul. You can also find famous restaurants and cafes here.
    • You can find fabric stores and boutiques full of famous tailors in Osmanbey, known as the wholesale center of Sisli. If you are looking for a nightdress or looking for antiques, every avenue is invaluable!
    • If you are going to have a meal, you can visit Atiye Street.
    • You can go to Macka Demokrasi Park and have a pleasant time in nature.
    • Bomonti Beer Factory has recently been a popular social and cultural center. You can have a beer and eat at other places such as Populist or Klimanjero in the courtyard. Or you can watch DJ performances.
    • You can go to Harbiye! Stop by the garden of Notre Dame de Sion French High School that is located in St. Esprit Cathedral which was opened for worship in 1846. We recommend you not to leave before seeing the rich collection in the Military Museum.
    • And, search and purchase a ticket for events held at Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Center in Harbiye. Add value to your time before leaving.
    • Furthermore, Sisli Mosque, one of the symbols of Sisli, has classical Ottoman architecture and stands out as one of the first religious works of the Republic period.
    • Do not leave without stopping by the Dolmabahce Palace, which is only 5 km from the center of Sisli. It is one of the most important historical symbols of Istanbul.
    • Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall and Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater
    • Istanbul Sapphire

    Life in Sisli Nowadays


    Sisli is an important living space as well as its history and valuable streets. Major construction companies have chosen this region to develop new housing.

    There are important shopping centers and hospitals due to the important link roads along with the rapid development of public transport vehicles.

    Sisli also hosts business and commercial centers due to its location features. It is located a few minutes away from important financial centers such as Maslak and Levent.

    There are many offices and workplaces on the main roads leading to Gayrettepe, Mecidiyekoy and Levent. Sisli is one of the most valuable living centers of Istanbul by hosting residences, housing projects and luxury houses.

    Istanbul’s most valuable educational institutions are also located in Sisli.

    Sisli is of great importance for education as well as shopping, entertainment or other necessities. Not only tourists but also citizens who want to get an education or spend time in social areas should visit Sisli.

    Sisli’s popularity is growing due to the universities, high schools and other educational institutions. In addition to the rapid increase in the student population, the rapid population growth also provides extraordinary value to the region. Sisli is an important center for social and cultural activities nowadays.

    Esenyurt District | Esenyurt Guide

    You can find out all about the Esenyurt district population, history, social life areas, housing projects, and more here. It is one of the rapidly appreciating districts of the European Side of Istanbul. Especially with the newly developed housing projects and location features of Esenyurt.

    The most powerful factor in the increase of the value and population of Esenyurt is the universities.

    We guarantee that it will be the right address for you! Especially if you are looking for a valuable living space where you can find affordable and comfortable apartments.

    Moreover, you can find the most suitable options for your living conditions and budget by getting more information from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Where is Esenyurt? Far from The City Center?

    General information about Esenyurt is that mass housing projects and urban transformation activities are ongoing…

    Do you want to live in Esenyurt? Transportation vehicles, link roads and many other transportation alternatives will be right next to you in Esenyurt.

    So, where is Esenyurt which is one of the rapidly transforming and appreciating districts of the European Side of Istanbul?

    There is Kucukcekmece Lake in the east of Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece Lake in the west.

    In the north, TEM Highway

    In the south, E-5 Highway

    Esenyurt is rapidly gaining value with its link roads and transportation vehicles. Besides, it is preferred for living because it is neighboring the most valuable districts of Istanbul European Side.

    West: Buyukcekmece

    North: Basaksehir

    Northwest: Arnavutkoy

    East: Avcilar

    South: Beylikduzu

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Is it far from the city center?

    Esenyurt is approximately 20 km away from Istanbul’s center.

    You may need to get away from the city center in order to go to Esenyurt. However, it has a location where you can easily reach the city center.

    It is neighbor with the rapidly developing districts of Istanbul that are transforming due to housing projects in particular. Thus, Esenyurt might be a district where you would prefer to live.

    How to get Esenyurt District?


    Another important thing to know about Esenyurt is the means of transportation. You also need to know how to reach other districts of Istanbul from Esenyurt. You can also learn some statistics for Esenyurt to know the county better.

    Esenyurt, the district of Istanbul’s European Side, rapidly gains value and still transforming. You can easily reach there by public transportation.

    It is neighbors with Buyukcekmece, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Arnavutkoy and Basaksehir. For this reason, you can also benefit from connecting transportation.

    You can reach the most central region of Istanbul European Side within a 1-hour journey. Metrobus is the most frequently used means of transportation in this region.

    You can directly reach by your private vehicle.

    Also, you can choose to use a bus or minibus.

    There are transportation vehicles such as a ferry, tram or Marmaray. If you want to arrive at every district of the city by connection transportation…

    Istanbul Airport – Esenyurt: 30 km – 39 minutes

    Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Esenyurt: 77km – 1 hour 5 minutes

    You can choose free-of-charge vehicles to travel between Istanbul Airport and Esenyurt.

    History of Esenyurt


    In 1989, Esenyurt was separated from Buyukcekmece on the seaside. Esenyurt district which is neighbor with the important districts of Istanbul European Side has its own municipality since then.

    Population in Esenyurt is constantly increasing as a consequence of the migrations. The county gains value with the rapid increase of different ethnic identities and new housing projects.

    Since 1920, several Bulgarian and Romanian people have immigrated to the region. The majority of the resident population constitutes the immigrant population. Important developments are taking place in Esenyurt. The region is experiencing rapid population growth with both internal and external migrations.

    Most importantly, significant transformations are taking place in Esenyurt where is one of the most valuable districts of the European Side of Istanbul. Immigrant neighborhoods and almost every part of the city have undergone significant transformations and host important developments.

    Population in Esenyurt

    Esenyurt has an increase in value as an important life center due to migrations and living spaces.

    Esenyurt population: 957,398 people

    The majority of the population living in Esenyurt constitutes of people who buy houses and foreign nationalities.

    Esenyurt’s population is rapidly increasing. Because it is one of the most valuable and fastest population growth districts on the European Side of Istanbul.

    Where are Social Living Spaces in Esenyurt?

    There are 7 shopping centers in Esenyurt. The remarkable ones are;

    • Torium Shopping Center
    • Akbati Shopping Center
    • Marmara Park Mall
    • City Center Outlet
    • Bauhaus

    There are parks, social living areas, culture and art center, water park, entertainment centers. There are several places to visit in Esenyurt such as recreation areas, health institutions, and cinema halls.

    Avcilar Coast – Esenyurt Center: 12km

    Besides, Pelit Chocolate Factory is one of the important addresses that add value to the region. The chocolate production center and the chocolate museum are other important symbols of the region.

    About Esenyurt Education Centres

    Another important thing about Esenyurt is the universities in the region.

    For instance, Istanbul Esenyurt University is one of the important universities in Istanbul Esenyurt. The university ensures the increase of the young population in Esenyurt.

    Moreover, it gains value with its proximity to the important universities of Istanbul. So, universities close to Esenyurt and internationally recognized are;

    • Istanbul Arel University
    • Beykent University
    • Istanbul and Istanbul Gelisim University

    About Esenyurt Real Estate Market

    One of the most popular things about Esenyurt is that there is an exceptionally fast-growing real estate market. The number of affordable properties in Esenyurt is increasing day by day. Consequently, Esenyurt is the fastest-growing real estate market in Istanbul. Furthermore, properties with high investment potential are rapidly gaining attraction for housing investors.

    In Esenyurt, where immovables rapidly gain value;

    Average turnaround time: 16 years

    Housing sizes on average: 110 square meters

    There are residential options in Esenyurt that are experiencing an extraordinarily rapid increase in value.

    Do you want to purchase one of the rapidly increasing housing options in Esenyurt district? If so, just make an appointment to have more information and consultancy services from Sale Property Turkey. By filling out the form, you can get more information about the region and find the most suitable house.

    Ankara City Guide

    Cankaya District | Cankaya Guide

    Cankaya district, located in the very center of Ankara Province, has become the administrative center of Turkey. It is considered to be the most important district of Ankara, as there are many high schools and universities within the borders of the district. Cankaya is also very valuable for the Turkish real estate sector. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Cankaya, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Beypazari District | Beypazari Guide

    Beypazari district is one of the greenest regions of Ankara, and it is famous for its historical mansions. Beypazari district which is valued by new housing projects as well as old houses will offer you a calm and fresh life. There are more affordable and budget-friendly residences than the houses in the city center. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Beypazari, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Etimesgut District | Etimesgut Guide

    Etimesgut is one of the most popular settlements in our capital in recent years. Etimesgut district attracts a lot of attention especially due to the brand new residential projects constructed around Goksu Park. Etimesgut houses are developed in accordance with the mentality of modern urbanism. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Etimesgut, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Golbasi District | Golbasi Guide

    Golbasi district is the lakes region of Ankara Province. New housing projects in Golbasi where wide green areas meet with blue water, also add value to the region. If you want a quiet life with your family away from the noise of the city, this district is just for you. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Golbasi, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Kecioren District | Kecioren Guide

    Kecioren is the most crowded district of Ankara. You will definitely find a house for yourself here. Because, day by day, the region is adding more value to its value thanks to new housing projects. Real estate opportunities for every budget delight buyers from all over the world. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Kecioren, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Kizilcahamam District | Kizilcahamam Guide

    Kizilcahamam is a town and district of Ankara Province. Kizilcahamam itself is a quiet and natural region known for its healing hot springs and mineral waters. There are camp and walking trails, and areas for picnic and barbeque in the forest. Also, several hotels and guest houses including spa hotels are outstanding. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Kizilcahamam, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Yenimahalle District | Yenimahalle Guide

    Yenimahalle is a metropolitan district of Ankara and a fast-growing urban residential district of Turkey’s Capital. Recently, the district mainly consists of several apartment buildings. Although the area hosts new residences and villa projects, there are still green spaces. Ostim Industrial Zone is also right next to the borders of Yenimahalle district. If you want to learn about houses for sale in Yenimahalle, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Mugla City Guide

    Bodrum District | Bodrum Guide

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    Dalaman District | Dalaman Guide

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    Datca District | Datca Guide

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    Fethiye District | Fethiye Guide

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    Marmaris District | Marmaris Guide

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    Mentese District | Mentese Guide

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    Izmir City Guide

    Balcova District | Balcova Guide

    Balcova is one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir. There are mountains and forests within the borders of this district which is very close to the city center. Balcova Cable Car, which is one of the most important facilities in Izmir, is also here. This region also hosts many shopping centers and new housing projects. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Balcova, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Bayrakli District | Bayrakli Guide

    Bayrakli is one of the oldest districts of Izmir. In the district, which is the new city center of Izmir, there are many skyscraper projects that have been completed and are still in progress. In addition, the Izmir Ring Road passes north of Bayrakli. Transportation to the district is provided by IZBAN railways and ESHOT buses. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Bayrakli, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Bornova District | Bornova Guide

    Bornova is a metropolitan district of Izmir Province in Turkey. It is the third-biggest district in the city. Bornova is home to the main campus of Ege University. There are several students in addition to the native residents. Because of the large number of students, the number of housing projects increases here. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Bornova, you can get information from sales representatives of Sale Property Turkey.

    Buca District | Buca Guide

    Buca is the most populated district of Izmir. Dokuz Eylul University, one of the two most important universities in Turkey, is located in Buca. Hippodrome, recreation area, and pond also add color to the region. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Buca, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Gaziemir District | Gaziemir Guide

    Gaziemir is one of the most central districts of Izmir. In recent years, it has emerged as a region where industry and trade have developed. The district is home to Adnan Menderes Airport, Gaziemir Air Base, and Fair Izmir. A house you buy from here will offer you a very advantageous life. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Gaziemir, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Konak District | Konak Guide

    Konak is one of the most popular districts of Izmir. Konak where you will meet all your needs with the Old Bazaar is especially famous for its Square. You can find many different housing projects in Konak region which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Konak, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Urla District | Urla Guide

    Urla is one of the calmest and greenest districts of Izmir Province. The region which amazes with its magnificent villas and sea view apartments will attract the attention of home investors. The district, which hosts many festivals, also welcomes new hous’ng projects. If you want to learn more about houses for sale and real estate in Urla, you can get information from sales representatives and consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Bursa City Guide

    Nilufer District | Nilufer Guide

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    Gemlik District | Gemlik Guide

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    Iznik District | Iznik Guide

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    Inegol District | Inegol Guide

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    Yenisehir District | Yenisehir Guide

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    Mudanya District | Mudanya Guide

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    Yildirim District | Yildirim Guide

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    Osmangazi District | Osmangazi Guide

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    Orhangazi District | Orhangazi Guide

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    Trabzon City Guide

    Ortahisar District | Ortahisar Guide

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    Akcaabat District | Akacaabat Guide

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    Of District | Of Guide

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    Caykara District | Caykara Guide

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    Surmene District | Surmene Guide

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    Yomra District | Yomra Guide

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    Sakarya City Guide

    Adapazari District | Adapazari Guide

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    Sapanca District | Sapanca Guide

    Sapanca is visited by those who want to take a vacation in all seasons of the year. It is a prominent location for comfortable living. Sapanca district of Sakarya, which is one of the important places for vacation in Turkey in all seasons, is valuable in terms of climate is due to its geographical features.

    Arifiye District | Arifiye Guide

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    Erenler District | Erenler Guide

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    Serdivan District | Serdivan Guide

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