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    Xiaomi Produce 5 million Smart Phone in Turkey!

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    Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is about to complete the final preparations for investments worth 30 million dollars in Turkey! With the investment which will employ 2,000 people, the company plans to produce 5 million phones in Turkey annually.

    Xiaomi’s Forth Choice for Production is Turkey!

    Xiaomi opened its first store in Turkey in 2018. The company keeps working for the production of 5 million cell phones! They also expressed their pleasant for Turkey’s being the fourth country for production.

    Xiaomi’s Turkey Production Following Oppo and Samsung!

    Giant tech brands recently prefer Turkey for production activities. Samsung has also produced mobile phones in Turkey and released them to the market. Xiaomi clarified the information about the production in Turkey and announced it in February 2021. The production factory is in Avcilar Firuzkoy and the preparations are about to be over. According to the statements, the company will start production in Turkey in the first quarter of the year!

    Production Factory Rented In November!

    The factory in Turkey which has been rented in November by Xiaomi had been empty for a long while. The building is almost ready due to working rapidly to make the factory suitable for production! At the same time, recruitment is about to be over.

    The production factory in Avcilar is located on 14,000 square meters of area.

    Istanbul Galataport Starts Operating In April!

    Xiaomi Opens The Eighth Store in Turkey!

    Xiaomi’s market share in Turkey has rapidly increased. With a 340 percent growth rate, Xiaomi opens its 8th store in Gebze Turkey. In this store, the brand not only sells phones but also many technology products such as smartwatches, speakers, and headphones.

    The Cooperation of Finnish Salcomp and Xiaomi!

    Xiaomi has cooperated with Salcomp for production in Turkey. Salcomp is the world’s biggest manufacturer of chargers. Salcomp that moved its head office to the factory in Avcilar will assemble and produce the mobile phones.

    Chinese technology brands and Salcomp regard Turkey as a production country.  They also have announced that they have confidence in Turkey for new activities. Turkey reassures the labor and logistics. Besides, Turkey is a worldwide important center for new product plans and investment targets.

    Major Activity Policy Providing Added Value!

    According to the statements of Usher Liu who is the Country Manager of Turkey at Xiaomi Technology, Turkey is a reliable and strong country for investment. The future of the investments has also been stated. Liu has stated that the main activity policy is to provide added value. Some of the high-tech products will be exported to continent such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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