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Wind Energy in Turkey for 1 Billion Euros!

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Wind energy in Turkey had ranked the fifth biggest investment with over €1 Billion in Europe! Brussels-based WindEurope which promotes the use of wind energy announced its investment trends report which included terrestrial and offshore projects. According to the European Wind Financing and Investment Trends Report 2020, the leading country in wind energy investment was the UK! Holland, France, and Germany were among the top five countries. The amount of investment in wind energy in Europe was €42,8 Billion.

€13,5 Billion Investment from the UK!

According to the report, the UK became the leader with an investment of €13,5 Billion in 2020!

Netherlands; €7,9 Billion 

Germany; €2,2 Billion 

France; €1,8 Billion 

France and Germany were the countries that invested the most in onshore wind. Besides, France strengthened its investments by financing the 2nd and 3rd offshore projects.


Wind Energy in Turkey

According to the 2020 WindEurope Report, wind energy in Turkey had ranked 5th in Europe. Turkey focuses on quality and high wind potential. Offshore wind energy investments are among the investment goals in the long view.

EU Green Deal

According to the 2020 WindEurope Report, wind energy is an attractive investment all over the world. The importance of the EU Green Deal was also pointed in new investments.

Moreover, investments should be maintained according to the energy transformation principles for a low carbon economy.

How Do Wind Energy Stations in Turkey Work?

After increasing investment in wind energy which is a renewable energy source, some people wonder about the working principles of wind power stations. Wind turbines are the basic elements of wind power stations. The kinetic energy of air is primarily converted into mechanical energy. Then, it turns into electrical energy. Wind speed is the most important factor for wind turbines.

The Biggest Volume Electric Power Production!

Wind energy in Turkey, as a renewable energy source, is the biggest source of electricity production following fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. With the cheaper electricity generation costs due to renewable energy sources, investment costs and volume rise. Furthermore, wind energy which has low maintenance and repair costs creates a solution to import dependency.

2050 Turkey Wind Energy Investment Goal $4 Trillion!

According to the WindEurope Report, Turkey had ranked 5th in Europe. Investments for wind energy in Turkey target $4 Trillion by 2050! There are wind power stations in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey!

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