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    Vision & Mission

    Our determination, visionary ideas, and disciplinary is driven by a passion for success set a framework for our vision and missions. Our primary focus is to provide strong consultancy services and up-to-date data for your real estate investment.
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    Our Mission

    As Sale Property Turkey, our company mission is to modernize and improve your real estate purchasing and selling experience. We establish and improve our relationships by developing a spirit of cooperation, innovation and integrity. To maintain long-standing relationships with our customers is our priority.

    Thanks to our professional team and services, we are always passionate about doing and being the best for our customers. We remove obstacles, predict possibilities and make everything better step by step. We seek to increase the profits of our customers by making accurate market analyses and to create strong and reliable strategies for you. It is our profession to make the best real estate investment plans for you with our international sales team.

    100% Consistent and Leading Real Estate Consultancy Company

    More Communication


    More Competence & Experience


    More Attention


    More Solution Orientated


    Our Vision

    As Sale Property Turkey, we define ourselves as more than just a real estate consultancy company. Along with our cooperation with the leading construction companies of Turkey and the customer references we have, we are one of the leading companies in the sector.

    We have included proactivity in our vision and mission plans by going beyond the demands and expectations thanks to the services we provide before and after sales. We add our social media strategies and modern service mentality to our services in all areas. So, we offer our customers the most up-to-date price information and the latest options in the real estate market through our web-based channels.


    We Are Innovative and Industry Leader


    We Know Our Responsibilities


    We Are Solution Oriented


    Never Enough, We Always Provide Better Service