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UAE Crown Prince Visits Turkey for the First Time in 10 Years!

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UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed al Nahyan will visit Turkey to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Crown Prince Nahyan is expected to discuss global and regional issues during his official visit to Turkey. The leaders are supposed to meet on November 24 or soon. It is noted that it is the first face-to-face contact between the two leaders after 10 years. The Crown Prince made his last official visit in February 2012.

The Visit to Lead to Important Investments in Turkey

The leaders will discuss bilateral relations as well as issues in the region. According to a statement to Reuters by an anonymous Turkish authority, Erdogan and Sheikh Mohammed will discuss bilateral relations and regional developments, as well as trade and investments.

It was discussed that the UAE plans to make significant investments in Turkey and that wants to take advantage of the defense industry of Turkey via imports.

Besides, the visit of Nahyan is supposed to be “an important development for improving regional links and reducing tensions”.

Interest in Turkish Companies Increases!

According to the sources regarding the visit, it was pointed out that Emirati companies have recently increased their interest in Turkish defense companies in addition to health services, fintech and many other sectors.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and UAE companies’ investments in Turkey will be added to the agenda during the meeting of the two leaders.

Investments, relations between the two countries and regional issues were discussed during the meeting in August between UAE National Security Adviser Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan and President Erdogan.

The Most Important Agenda Item Is the Trade Corridor Between the Two Countries

The UAE’s trade route to Turkey with the corridor passing through Iran will be one of the most important agenda items during the visit. The transportation, which will take 20 days by the sea on the Sharjah – Mersin route through the Suez Canal, will be carried out in 6-8 days due to the trade corridor opening to Turkey.

Energy Investment Discussion Between UAE and Turkey

It is aimed to end the tension between Abu Dhabi and Ankara. It was announced that negotiations were held between the UAE and Turkey on energy investments such as electricity generation. Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth funds, significant e-commerce platforms and companies such as Getir and Trendyol in Turkey and the targets to increase investments in these companies are also among the agenda items.

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A New Period for the UAE and Turkey 

Turkish officials describe the visit of the UAE Prince as “the beginning of a new period”. According to the Independent news; Bin Zayed speaking to Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the phone will visit Turkey to discuss many issues, especially the economy and bilateral relations.

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