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    Turkey Travel Restrictions 2021 and PCR Requirements by Countries

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    The final decisions on the entry obligations of passengers Turkey travel restrictions after the 1st of July, 2021 have been announced. These decisions have been determined by considering the course of the pandemic in the countries. As a result of the re-increase of the pandemic with new variants in some countries, you can examine the measures and practices that should be implemented at the border gates.

    Is Turkey open to tourism?

    Here are the quarantine, PCR test, practices and measures to be applied when entering Turkey after July 1, 2021…

    Turkey Travel Restriction 2021

    2021 Turkey Travel Restrictions & Requirements by Countries

    Measures and requirements to be applied when Turkey travel restrictions after July 1, 2021, by countries…

    Within the scope of the measures and requirements to be applied at all air, land, sea, and railway border gates; direct travel to Turkey via Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal have been suspended. If passengers traveling from different countries have been in these countries in the last 14 days, these passengers must submit a negative PCR test result 72 hours before entering Turkey. Moreover, these passengers will be subject to 14-day isolation/quarantine. The measures will be terminated if the test result of the passengers is negative with the PCR test to be carried out again at the end of 14-day isolation/quarantine.

    If the passengers, whose PCR test is positive after 14 days of isolation, get a negative result at the end of the period, their precaution will be terminated.

    10-Day Quarantine for Afghanistan and Pakistan | Turkey Travel Restriction 2021

    Within the scope of Covid-19 precautions and measures, there is a 10-day mandatory quarantine measure for passengers planning to visit Turkey from Afghanistan and Pakistan. This also applies to passengers who have been in Afghanistan or Pakistan in the last 14 days. So, it has been decided to quarantine these people for 10 days. If the test result is negative, the quarantine process will be over.

    Negative PCR test result report must be submitted 72 hours before entering Turkey. Quarantine for 10 days is obligatory in quarantine hotels/accommodation facilities determined by the governorates. Accommodation and airport transfer fees will be covered by the passengers. If the result of the PCR test taken at the end of the 7th day of the quarantine is negative, the quarantine measures will be terminated.

    The Coronavirus measures of the Ministry of Health will be applied for passengers whose PCR test is positive at the end of the 7th day.

    Other Measures for Afghanistan & Pakistan

    Some exceptions apply within the scope of the measures and practices determined for the citizens of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    • If students who are citizens of Afghanistan or Pakistan visit Turkey for higher education until September 1, 2021, they must present a valid document such as student identity, acceptance letter, or registered letter.
    • Citizens of Afghanistan or Pakistan, who have a residence or work permit, must present a valid residence or work document to board the flight.
    • Turkish citizens entering Turkey from Afghanistan/Pakistan will be exempt from hotel quarantine. Turkish citizens who will be able to stay at their residential addresses are allowed to travel by private vehicle during the journey from the entrance to their addresses. Moreover, they are not allowed to board domestic flights or use public transportation.
    Quarantine Hotel List For Isolation in Turkey 2021

    Dormitories / Quarantine Hotels / Accommodation Fees Determined by the Governorships

    You can find the “Hotel List for Isolation in Turkey” here. The list includes the isolation areas determined for passengers to be kept under quarantine/isolation in line with the practices and requirements determined within the scope of Covid-19 Measures.

    Measures & Restrictions for the UK, Iran, Egypt, Singapore

    A negative PCR test result is mandatory for passengers over 6 years of age coming from the UK, Iran, Singapore, or Egypt within the scope of the measures determined for the passengers who will travel to Turkey 2021. Passengers who plan to travel to Turkey and will be kept under quarantine as stated above should make a reservation through the contact information of the mentioned isolation hotels. They need to pay the necessary accommodation fees for the quarantine processes.

    Furthermore, at the point of exit, they need to present a document to the authorities that they have paid the accommodation fees. If not, they will not be able to travel.

    *PCR Test in Istanbul Airport

    Practices and Requirements for Other Countries

    Negative PCR test report will not be requested if the passengers who will enter Turkey 2021 from countries other than we have mentioned above document that they have been vaccinated 14 days before their entry.

    • The PCR test will not be requested if they submit a document issued by the official authorities that they have had COVID-19 within 6 months, provided that it starts on the 28th day after the first positive release of their PCR tests.
    • They are expected to present the documents/certificates issued by the relevant country’s official authorities that have had COVID-19 disease in the last 6 months starting from the 28th day of the first PCR positive test result.
    • Furthermore, unless the passengers who will enter from these countries present a certificate of having the disease or vaccination, they are required to submit a negative PCR test report made 72 hours before entry. The submission of the negative rapid antigen test result 48 hours before is mandatory and sufficient.

    For Citizens to Enter | Turkey Travel Restrictions 2021

    According to Turkey travel Restrictions 2021, citizens who cannot submit documents or test results to enter to Turkey will be allowed to go to their residence addresses after the PCR test is applied at the border gates. Allowed passengers will need to be isolated at their residence if the test result is positive.

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