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    Turkey Student Visa | How to Get Student Residence Permit and Visa

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    Turkey student visa is an entry permit for international students who plan to study in Turkey. You can view the visa procedures, conditions and necessary documents for foreign students in Turkey here. In order to acquire a student visa or residence and work permit in Turkey, you must comply with some conditions. Children under the age of 18 of families benefiting from the Turkish citizenship program directly become Turkish citizens and can study in Turkey without a student visa. Consult our experts for more information about the citizenship program by investment in Turkey, explore our services…

    About Turkey Visa

    The visa requirement process in Turkey is very easy. Citizens of countries that have an e-visa agreement with Turkey can get a visa by applying online. Firstly, the online visa is only for touristic purposes. Secondly, it does not apply to work or student visa. So, you need to apply for a student visa.


    What is Turkey Student Visa?

    Turkey student visa is offered to students who will enter the country for educational purposes. Besides, it is not possible to apply for a student visa to establish a business or stay in Turkey for other purposes. It allows international students to settle in Turkey during the education process, after applying for a temporary residence permit. Foreign students who want to do an internship in the country or join an educational institution can get it, on the condition that they comply with the conditions.

    Student Resident Permit and Visa Requirements in Turkey

    Turkey student visa might be a time-consuming process. So that, it is important to apply for a student visa in Turkey as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Foreign students who will receive education in Turkey through state institutions can get a residence permit during their education period.

    Consent is requested for the residence permit of foreign students who will go to primary and secondary education institutions in Turkey. Students need to prove that a real or legal person will undertake the care and expenses of them for a period of one year. Besides, you need to renew it each year during your education period.

    The residence permit process of students who apply for a student visa to study at a higher education institution in Turkey is simple. The residence permit is given to foreigners who will continue their associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. You must apply for a student residence permit immediately after enrolling in the university. University registration documents and a certificate of non-objection from the school administration are required. On the other hand, certain documents might be requested for your application.

    They are not able to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months without a residence permit document.

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    Working Visas for Foreign Students in Turkey

    Foreign students holding a student visa in Turkey must obtain a work permit to obtain the right to work. The students studying at higher education institutions in Turkey can obtain a work permit on the condition that they continue their education programs.

    International students who want to obtain a work permit in Turkey can have the right to obtain a work permit after one academic year. Moreover, foreign higher education students who have completed one year can apply for a work permit in Turkey.

    Students who are exempt from Turkey student visa:

    • From the Republic of Northern Cyprus
    • With a work permit or residence permit
    • Residing in Turkey with their parents
    • With Turquoise Card

    Turkey Student Visa Rejection

    The most common reason for the rejection of visa applications in Turkey might be the presence of incorrect or insufficient information and documents. Turkish Embassy/Consulate will carefully examine your visa application and may reject it for the following reasons:

    1.  The purpose of the visit is unreliable
    2.  Incomplete or false documents
    3.  Poor financing
    4.  The validity period of the passport or travel document is less than 60 days
    5.  Situations threatening public order, public health or being suspected or convicted in accordance with international agreements
    6.  Lack of general application requirements
    7.  Entry ban to Turkey

    The consulate has the right to keep the reason for the application fails of the student visa confidential.

    Facts For Application for Turkish Student Visa

    • Initially you must apply to the Turkish Embassy.
    • You can apply to the Turkish Consulate in your country. You also must apply it in person.
    • Another point you should pay attention to is that you must have a student visa when you enter Turkey.
    • When you arrive in Turkey, there is a requirement to apply for a residence permit for 90 days.

    How to Apply for Student Visa in Turkey

    Foreign students must apply to the Turkish consulate in person. Necessary documents for a student visa vary for some countries.

    1. University Admission Letter: It means the acceptance proof. It is mandatory to submit. You must have this document before all applications.
    2. Applying for an education visa with the necessary documents: Firstly, you must fill in the application form in the prerequisite online system. After that, get an appointment date for your visa interview. For a visa interview, you should visit the Turkish embassy or consulate on the date of your appointment.
    3. Payment of Turkey Student Visa Fee: In 2021-2022, the visa fee for a single entry to Turkey is 758.90 TL.

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    Required Documents for The Application

    In Turkey Student Visa applications, foreign students must submit some documents to the Turkish Consulate. Here are the documents that you will submit to the Turkish Consulate on the date of appointment:

    1.  Passport validity for at least 6 months
    2.  Visa application form
    3.  White background passport photo taken within the last 6 months (with white background)
    4.  Salary slip, bank account statement belonging to the applicant and the inviting persons
    5.  Flight information to Turkey
    6.  Hotel reservation or invitation letter
    7.  Proof of commitment and travel insurance for foreign students applying for a visa to return to their country

    A residence permit must be obtained following Turkey student visa. After 5 years of education in Turkey, you can get Turkish citizenship by transferring your student residence to a work permit. Lastly, you can get further information from Sale Property Turkey expert consultants.


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