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Turkey Offers Citizenship to Foreign Investors

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Turkey offers foreign investors to acquire citizenship by purchasing real estate. Purchase property with minimum value of $250,000 in order to acquire Turkish citizenship. Moreover, the Turkish Government has removed many prerequisites with the amendments made in the legislation of Turkish citizenship 2018 law.

Turkish citizenship by investment 2018 was realized with an investment of $1,000,000. However, citizenship is granted only with a real estate investment of $250,000 in 2021. Turkish nationality law has been simplified along with regulations to support the acquisition of Turkish citizenship and the increase in investments. It has started to give citizenship to anyone who wants to benefit from the program without the requirement of residence. There are different investment programs to acquire citizenship.

The fastest, risk-free and advantageous program is real estate investment. The Turkish citizenship program process takes approximately 2-3 months, citizenship is provided within a maximum of 6 months.

Furthermore, when you buy a property for citizenship in Turkey, all family members are given citizenship.


How to Turkey offers citizenship to foreign investors?


Cash Investment or Business Investment Offers of Turkey Citizenship:


Cash Investment

  • Real Estate: $250.000
  • Deposit account Turkish Bank: $500.000
  • Bank Deposit / Capital Investment: $500.000


Business Investment

  • Establishing Company with Minimum of 50 Turkish Employees


(You can learn all investment types from our professional consultants for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.)


How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Turkey?


For Turkey citizenship by investment:


1: Make an investment that is suitable for Turkish citizenship.

2: Obtain the approval certificate

3: Residence permit application (Not required for real estate investment)

4: Citizenship application


Citizenship by Real Estate Investment in Turkey


Turkey real estate investment and citizenship program process:

  1. Find Property minimum value of 250.000 USD in Turkey
  2. Purchase Property
  3. Evaluate Required Documents
  4. Get Turkish Title Deed
  5. Apply for Turkish Citizenship
  6. Obtain Citizenship by Real Estate in Turkey


Conditions For Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Application


Here are the conditions for Turkish citizenship application:

  • To be an adult with the ability to act in accordance with the national conditions of the country of citizenship and the laws of Turkey
  • Making the decision to reside in our country by Turkey citizenship by marriage, starting a business, buying property, or investing
  • Not to have behaviors and habits against national security rules and public order
  • To get sufficient income
  • To know and understand Turkish enough to adapt to daily life


You can apply for exceptional ways to reside in Turkey or acquire Turkish citizenship. You gain Turkish citizenship by evaluating the investment or business opportunities offered by Turkey.

According to nationality law, there is no direct right to apply for citizenship for students. Children under the age of 18 of families who acquire citizenship by investment have the right to receive education in Turkey.


10 Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Program


10 benefits of Turkish citizenship by real estate investment to investors:

1. Risk-free high return on investment properties

2. Opportunity to become a Turkish citizen within 2-6 months

3. No Residence Requirement, the process can be remotely managed

4. Citizenship of all family members (children under 18 and spouses)

5. Opportunity to move to the USA and start a business with an E-2 investor visa

6. Visa-free travel to over more than countries

7. As a Turkish citizen, moving to the UK and starting a business is easy

8. Safe living opportunities, unlimited right to work

9. Dual citizenship opportunity

10. Turkish citizenship for life

You have the same rights as citizens who have the citizenship by birth / Turkish citizenship ancestry. Obtaining citizenship by investment is the easiest model for citizenship offered by Turkey. There is no Turkish citizenship test.

The biggest advantage of Turkish citizenship by real estate investment compared to other investment models for obtaining Turkish citizenship is that it is the fastest and least costly method. You can get immediate support from our consultants for Property Citizenship Turkey alternatives.


Consultancy Services for Turkey Citizenship Program Process


Turkey offers many investment opportunities for citizenship. Sale Property Turkey consultancy for investors provides a safe and simple process to investors who will benefit from the program: We complete the entire legal process regarding citizenship and Turkish passport application with the help of expert Turkish Citizenship Lawyers.


  • End-to-end process planning and management
  • Tax consultancy of your investment and Turkish citizenship
  • Protection of your personal data
  • Completely transparent process
  • Expert investment strategies


What does end-to-end Turkey Citizenship process management mean?

As Sale Property Turkey, we follow the entire process for your real estate investment from beginning to end. During the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property:

  • Finding and purchasing property,
  • City tours,
  • Financial and legal consultancy,
  • Acquisition of a Turkish Passport,

We will be your solution partner for all purchasing and post-purchase transactions that you can think of, such as opening a bank account or preparing your sales contract. Let’s suppose that you have made your investment and acquired Turkish citizenship and Turkish Passport. We provide professional support after the sale, from purchasing furniture to renting your home out.


Turkey Dual Citizenship Countries


Turkey Citizenship gives dual citizenship rights to investors, businessmen and anyone who wants to live in Turkey. However, not every country grants dual citizenship. Turkey citizenship laws allow dual and multiple citizenships. However, the laws of the country of your citizenship are considered.


**Germany Dual Citizenship will prevent you from being a Turkish citizen. Also, you have to be out of German citizenship. Because Germany does not give its citizens the right of multiple nationalities (except in exceptional circumstances).


There are no restrictions for Turkey Citizenship for Pakistani. Dual Citizenship Turkey is free for Pakistani citizens. Pakistani citizens can benefit from the Turkey investment program. Pakistani citizens who want to benefit from the Turkish citizenship program can invest and become Turkish citizens.


Turkey citizenship by investment 2021 has gained popularity by foreign investors. You can learn about opportunities from our expert sales consultants to benefit from the citizenship investment program in Turkey. There is no obstacle for Dual Citizenship Turkey and USA, they can be Turkish citizens.


Turkey Military Services will not be mandatory for people who become dual citizens by using their right of citizenship.


You can request more information from our professional sales consultants about Turkish citizenship offers or to benefit from investment programs.

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