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    Turkey Guide

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    About Marmara Region

    Istanbul City

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    The European Side where Istanbul fascinates with its sparkle.  Furthermore, the Anatolian Side where attracts attention with its decent population grabs the attention of the whole world. We have gathered all the need-to-know things about Istanbul for you. Here is an Istanbul city guide!

    The strategic location, stable economy, regional transformations, and flashy properties make Turkey a powerful global figure.

    The Republic of Turkey draws a riveting picture for the foreigners because of its geopolitical location, cultural and historical heritage, young and dynamic population.

    Turkey also attracts the whole world due to its populationeconomic strengthindustry, and production capacity.

    A city where you will dream of living against a fascinating sea, crowded shopping streets, sparkling structures, glamorous buildings. Moreover, young population, old mosques, art centers, quality education and medical services, financial centers and more!

    If you want to take advantage of these tempting offers such as living, investing or studying, you can consider buying a property. Also, you can obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing one of the attractive properties worth minimum $400.000 in a fast and easy way.

    You can take advantage of the privileges of the opportunities to know Tukey. If you desire, you can buy an apartment, wander around the streets to feel the dynamic and nostalgic atmosphere of the city. You can get enchanted by watching the glow of the Bosphorus all day long. We guarantee you will fall in love!

    Where Exactly is Istanbul on the Map?

    The most researched thing about Istanbul is “where is Istanbul on the map?”… Turkey’s most populous and valuable city is Istanbul. Let’s take a look at the map.

    This attractive city is located in the Marmara Region of Turkey. There is the Black Sea on the north and the Marmara Sea on the south. Istanbul’s position on the map increases the value of the country both economically and strategically.

    This spectacular city which links two continents which are Asia and Europe, is the one and only in the world regarding this issue. Istanbul that is located in the northwest of Turkey is a transcontinental city.

    Moreover, there are 39 counties in Istanbul where is the home to the Bosphorus.

    The Most Valuable Districts in Istanbul

    Another thing you need to know about Istanbul is its districts, particularly if you plan to live. You can select the most ideal location to live by examining the fastest-growing neighborhoods of the city.

    Are you planning to make a short visit, live or invest? Regardless of your purpose, if you plan to come to Istanbul, there are some districts you need to visit. While Istanbul improves along with its extraordinary transformation, its iconic districts also attract people.

    If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, we can recommend different locations for you, but if you want to travel and feel the real Istanbul, you need to visit precious locations such as Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet which are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

    These are the districts on the European Side of Istanbul that are enriched with iconic symbols. These districts are Taksim, Besiktas, Bebek, Ortakoy, Emirgan, and Tarabya which are also appreciated by new residences, and mysterious old structures.

    Kanlica, Kandilli, Kadikoy and Uskudar are located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. These are also special locations where Istanbul history and modernization are harmonized.

    Certain locations which are shown as the center of tourism increase the value of the city and play essential roles in the development of social areas. is famous for its nightlife, entertainment venues, social facilities, cuisine, shopping centers and many other values.

    Almost every district has its own unprecedented characteristics. For this reason, you should research and know not only popular but also popular districts. You will be fascinated!

    • Beylikduzu
    • Esenyurt
    • Sisli
    • Beyoglu
    • Avcilar
    • Fatih
    • Buyukcekmece

    Istanbul Population View

    One of the most outstanding things about Istanbul might be its dense population with diversified identities and citizens from different countries. When you look at the general average of the country, you can clearly see that there is a crowded and dynamic young population.

    Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. It is one of the leading cities in the world due to its social, economic and historical values. Approximately 15 million people live in the city.

    When we examine the increasing numbers of housing sales, we can clearly perceive this increase. Increasing interest in Istanbul attracts attention all over the world.

    While its young and dynamic population is constantly increasing, enormous changes are experienced in every part of the city along with the urban transformation activities. Brand-new social living areas are developed along with these transformations.

    Rapid growth occurs in the fields of employment, production, trade and industry along with the increasing population. The atmosphere and living spaces of the city are also rapidly developing. This is an important system that increases the magic of the city each passing day.

    What is the Weather Like in Istanbul?

    Another important thing you should know about Istanbul is the weather conditions. Due to its location characteristics, Istanbul is affected by the Black Sea and Mediterranean climate. Istanbul which has a mild climate. It means that is hot in summers and cold and rainy in winters.

    The average temperature in the summer is 23 degrees,

    The average temperature in winter is 4 degrees.

    If you come to Turkey, you will see that the sunlight sparkles on the four corners of the city in the mornings. You can watch the reflection of the Bosphorus and stars at night. You can start your day with the calls of the birds and feel the balance of the air even in winters.

    What to Do in Istanbul?

    What is the most researched thing about Istanbul is how one day passes in Istanbul… To do list in this city is countless! You can visit iconic districts and closely witness the culture in historical places.

    You can take a walk along the coastline of the city and spend pleasant times in the social areas in the city. If you are a shopper, we guarantee you will be glad. You can go to a shopping center and take pleasant walks on the boulevards and crowded streets of the city.

    You can pass from one side of Istanbul to another, you can take the ferry and watch the historical buildings. also You can make an energetic start to the day in the most valuable breakfast restaurants and make a pleasant start to spend your whole day. also You can go to shopping malls and have a snack to relieve your tiredness.

    We can advise you to stop by Istinye Park, Cevahir Shopping Mall, Zorlu Center, Kanyon Shopping Mall, Aqua Florya Shopping Mall or Emaar Square which is one of the newest in the city. You can also visit the stores of world-famous brands, entertainment and art centers. We can guarantee that Istanbul shopping and living centers will provide valid reasons to come back to this city.

    You can both shop and relieve the tiredness of the day in the world-famous Istanbul restaurants within Vadistanbul that is the biggest largest mixed-use project in Turkey.

    If you do not want to be trapped in the shopping centers, you can visit other living areas that will add value to your life. We are pretty sure that not only Istanbul, but also you have heard about Istiklal Avenue which is one of the most popular destinations in Istanbul. We strongly advise you to walk until you have footsore in the living centers that have become the focus of social and cultural life all over the world. Nisantasi Valikonagi Street or Bagdat Avenue attract the attention of both locals and foreigners due to hosting street shops, crowded streets, touristic centers and more!

    In case you visit Istanbul or choose this fascinating city to live in, we will be able to provide numerous opportunities for you. Istanbul becomes a center of attraction as a valuable living center due to its global power! Istanbul hotels will also fascinate you.

    10 Must-See Places in Istanbul

    Istanbul has very valuable living centers due to its valuable location! You might get perplexed by visits to the city where you can spend time at any time of day and you will never get enough.

    We can say that even a Turkish citizen does not have enough time to see the whole city. Moreover, there are valuable places that are overlooked by even the locals.

    You can get support from our consultants to find the supportive factor for you to visit this fascinating city as well as spending a day in Istanbul. You can discover must-see art galleries, living centers, and historical places. There are also special delicacies that you should absolutely taste.

    There are historical locations in Istanbul where you can fully feel the Turkish culture. Historical restaurants, Turkish baths, iconic streets where you can taste Turkish cuisine might be your first reason to visit this mesmerizing city! You will discover several things about Istanbul tourism.

    You have many reasons to add value to your life in the city. Restaurants, cafes, living centers, parks, forests, art galleries, and more are all together on crowded and attractive streets!

    Istanbul is a global center where you can find literally everything about Istanbul culture!

    We can guarantee that we will not be able to tell you or even show what you can do in this magnificent city where people with different identities live together in a peaceful way. What you can do in the city is literally limitless!

    1. Visit the places full of iconic and historical symbols!
    2. You can take a walk along the coastline by viewing Bosphorus. We advise you to start your day by visiting one of the famous breakfast restaurants.
    3. You should visit the famous Islands that will make you feel in the land of fairy tales.
    4. Watch the streets full of nostalgic structures designed as new social living spaces! You will be glad as you walk through the causey streets hosting colorful little flats.
    5. Visit the Spice Bazaar, Pierre Loti, Eminonu or Istiklal Avenue which are popular in Istanbul, however never limit yourself!
    6. Discover art centers, exhibitions, and museums. You will not be able to forget the areas where contemporary artifacts and historical artifacts exist.
    7. Walk-in Moda, Macka Park or Bebek Beach and get into the local residents.
    8. You can go to the Belgrad Forest or visit the coastal towns far from the city center. You can dine against the sea view at fishermen or integrate with nature in picnic areas.
    9. Visit historic mosques or churches, nurture your soul.
    10. You can search for a decent street. Feel the atmosphere of Istanbul on your own! Take your favorite drink with you, breathe the air and disappear in the silence!

    What are the Historical Places in Istanbul?

    Historical places are numerous in Istanbul. There are not only museums, historical prayer places or bazaars, but also places having nostalgic structures in the unique districts of the city.

    Balat, Beyazit, Galata, Asiyan, Sariyer or Kuzguncuk… There are both modern and old buildings and districts on postcards on both sides of Istanbul. You may need to get lost in the streets if you want to discover all these historical places.

    Don’t waste time exploring the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultanahmet Square, Historical Mansions, Spice Bazaar, Mihrabat Grove, Camlica Hill, and many other unheard-of historical places in Istanbul. Go backpacking step by step!

    What are the Frequently Used Transportation Vehicles in Istanbul?

    If you have detailed information about Istanbul, historical places, living centers and more, we can move on to transportation vehicles. Travelling to the locations appreciated by mega projects in Istanbul is very fast and comfortable!

    Transportation in Istanbul turns into a pleasant journey rather than a necessity with the development of road, sea and air transportation vehicles. Transportation vehicles that facilitate transportation due to ample networks have the latest technology. You can experience rail transportation systems, submarine transportation and many other transportation routes.


    Metrobus, Metro


    Ferry, Sea Taxi



    Istanbul Airport

    you can reach both sides of the city by metro or metrobus easily. You can reach every district of Istanbul without losing time by metro or metrobus, or you can even reach out of the city by transferring.

    While Airport, which is the biggest airport in the world, facilitates your domestic and international transportation. You can easily take advantage of public transportation without any traffic issues into the city. Moreover, you will only have to pay a few Turkish Liras from one region to another. If you desire, you can rent a car and use the valuable link roads and bridges and make a comfortable journey.

    If you want to live by purchasing an Istanbul property, the projects that are next to transportation vehicles and link roads will be center of attraction for you. You can get more information from our sales consultants to discover the housing options close to Istanbul Airport or transportation vehicles.

    Find Out Education and Medical Institutions!

    Education and health institutions in Istanbul will support your visit in addition to quality services. Universities, private schools and colleges in Istanbul provide fascinating opportunities for your career development. Also, health tourism has been well established and is in great demand because of the facilities offered by hospitals. If you want to live in Istanbul and benefit from the services, send your contact details with the form without delay. Take the first step by meeting your Sale Property Turkey sales consultant who will be your guide and provide every detail about this city! 

    Bursa City

    Put aside all of the things you know about Bursa! We have gathered the most frequently asked, followed, and overlooked ones about “Green Bursa”. Bursa is known as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Within our Bursa guide, you can learn the places, population, districts, and even the climate. You will get knowledge about the things you have never heard of and make exciting plans.

    If you want to go beyond touristic travel and dream of living in, you can examine our portfolio by which we will provide attractive offers and current housing projects.

    If you want to get more information about this attractive city right now, request an appointment from our expert sales consultants, take the first step in no time!

    The Location of Bursa on the Map

    The first thing you need to know about Bursa is the location of it on the map. It is one of the touristic centers which are mostly visited by foreigners and Turkish people every year.

    Bursa is located in the Marmara Region, and it is an attractive city because of having historical and natural beauties. Bursa is located in the north of the Sea of Marmara. It also neighbors with Kocaeli and Sakarya. Also, Bursa which is a neighbor with Kutahya and Bilecik has gained popularity as a center of tourism due to its proximity to Uludag.

    Bursa where is one of the most valuable tourism centers in Turkey gains a reputation as an attractive city for both domestic and foreign people.

    It is the second biggest city in the Marmara Region following Istanbul and the 4. biggest city in Turkey.

    Bursa gains importance as the city which gets the most exports following Istanbul. In addition to being an important center in the field of industry and trade, the city gaining value rapidly with its historical and touristic areas also gains attraction by being a popular tourism center all year long.

    What brings all these privileges together is the location of Bursa on the map!

    What Is the Weather Like in Bursa? 

    Bursa is one of the most valuable and important tourism and economy centers in Turkey because of its location features and climatic characteristics as well.

    The most important factor that adds value to Bursa and makes it an important tourism center is the climatic characteristics! If you make a trip to Bursa or you want to live in Bursa, check the weather conditions of the city. Determine the best period for the date you will visit.

    The average temperature: 21 degrees during May-October

    The average temperature: 34 degrees in August

    Usually rainy and mild during November-April

    Weather conditions vary in every region In Bursa which has a mild climate usually. Located close to Uludag Bursa, which is a tourism center, has harsh climatic conditions sometimes.

    In the north of Bursa, warm weather conditions are dominant with the effect of the Sea of Marmara. We can say that four seasons have been experienced in different regions in the same period in Bursa.

    After snowboarding in Uludag in April, you can go to other regions and feel autumn, spring, and summer in the same period.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul!

    About Bursa Population

    -There are 17 counties in total.

    -The total population of Bursa is 2.7 Million (Almost 50.000 persons increase annually)

    Foreign nationals request the highest demand for housing investment in Bursa. Especially Arab tourists and investors greatly demand. While there is an extraordinary transformation in Bursa, which is in high demand for both investment and life, there is a constant population increase.

    Living conditions in Bursa city which has turned into an attraction center, are improving with the constant increase of the high-income groups. Bursa is a crucial city in many fields such as industry, trade, agriculture, and textile. The city has an increase in employment, economic developments, sectoral growth, population increase, and fast increase in quality of life!

    Things to do in Bursa Turkey

    You now have general information about Bursa such as weather conditions, location, population, transportation, and more. However, the most important thing is what to do in Bursa. There are certain activities to do in Bursa. Let’s check them out!


    If you make a trip to Bursa, there are some must-try things and must-do activities. Especially mountains in Bursa Turkey are worth seeing!

    • Uludag – Snowboarding
    • Iznik Lake – Canoeing
    • Cumalikizil – Breakfast
    • Golyazi – Boat Trip
    • Mudanya and Trilye – Nature Trips and Activities  


    Put aside all of the things you have heard about Bursa! Here are the places to visit in Bursa Turkey.

    –        Grand Mosque of Bursa

    –        Bursa City Museum

    –        Uludag National Park

    –        The Bursa Castle


    Iskender Kebab: You have never been to Bursa and do not know anything about it? Then, you must taste Iskender Kebab initially. In general, tasting Iskender Kebab ranks first in to-do lists of those who want to make a trip to Bursa. You need to search for the most popular places for Iskender and you can have a feast of flavor in this city which is a tourism center during the whole year. You might even wait in queue for eating it, but be ensured to experience an Iskender Restaurant to be, and be a regular at there! Restaurants Bursa Turkey will never let you down!

    Candied Chestnut: Another thing you must taste in Bursa is the candied chestnuts which are daily and freshly produced. There are dozens of varieties and it a great gift on the way back for loved ones!

    How to Get to Bursa?

    Another thing you need to know about Bursa is how to get there. Of course, you can travel by your private vehicle, you can insert the location you want to reach on your navigation. However, getting informed rather than these applications that will make it easier for you without any difficulty and wasting time will make your travel easier!

    If you are going to benefit from transportation vehicles, you can check the times and dates on the official websites and take a look at the fastest transportation opportunities. Istanbul to Bursa ferry tickets can be easily found all the time.

    The easiest way to get to Bursa is by sea through Istanbul. It is also possible to reach Bursa by air! You can transport from Bursa Yenisehir Airport.

    Between the airport and Bursa city center: 20 minutes

    Air transportation between Istanbul and Bursa: 36 minutes

    By your private car, you can go to the Osmangazi Bridge through the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, and reach Bursa within 1.5 hours.

    This precious city connecting Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara hosts vital link roads due to its location! If you do not prefer sea transportation or air transportation through Istanbul, you can also visit these cities via your private vehicle.

    Bursa – Ankara The Capital of Turkey: 385 km

    Istanbul – Bursa: 245 km

    Bursa – Izmir: 330 km

    You can get to Bursa with your private vehicle by land. So, you won’t get lost by using map applications. You can easily reach Bursa by using land, air, or sea transportation.

    Yalova City

    The most popular and well-known thing about Yalova City might be the thermal tourism. Yalova is a popular place with its natural riches. The city has the power of tourism that does not rely on the weather.

    Yalova attracts those who seek peace due to its rich vegetation. Yalova city which was a part of Istanbul till 1995, has a 3000 year of historical heritage.

    also is one of the cities where the young population is less than the older population. The city is especially preferred by those seeking calmness and where the quality of life is highest.

    The quality of life is high in Yalova Turkey. Its oxygen-filled air and clean streets will fascinate you. Almost every part of the city seems to be meticulously designed for relaxation. One of Turkey’s most valuable cities, Yalova may be the place you want to spend your life.

    Where is Yalova on the Map?

    The most important thing about Yalova is its location and its place on the map. Yalova is in the Marmara Region of Turkey. It has mountainous terrain except for the east coast. Also, there are fertile pine forests, plains, and rivers in Yalova.

    On the East: Kocaeli

    On the South: Bursa and Istanbul

    Yalova province is a city that used to be a part of Istanbul and then separated. It has 6 counties and 43 villages.

    Put aside all of the things you know about Bursa! We have gathered the most frequently asked, followed, and overlooked ones about “Green Bursa”. Bursa is known as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Within our Bursa guide, you can learn the places, population, districts, and even the climate. You will get knowledge about the things you have never heard of and make exciting plans.

    Yalova Population

    The total population: 276.050

    The population of Yalova is increasing rapidly with the migrations. 

    For this reason, Yalova has a population of very different income groups. Sectoral developments are taking place depending on the population growth rate. Especially the construction sector is developing rapidly.

    Transportation in Yalova 

    One of the most important things you need to know about Yalova is its location. Yalova is in a location that you can easily reach by sea and land transportation. 

    You can go from Yalova to Istanbul by both road and sea transportation. Also you can reach in an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes by taking advantage of the newly constructed Osmangazi Bridge.

    You can reach Bursa in only 1 hour. Yalova has great importance because of being by the sea and close to Turkey’s largest cities.

    Urban transportation in Yalova is very easy. You can reach everywhere by walking.

    Need-to-know About Yalova 

    The first thing you need to know about Yalova is the thermal springs. Yalova is a hidden paradise with its thermal tourism and unique natural beauties.

    Yalova is located in the Marmara Region. The city is also known as the city of Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has 3 houses in Yalova.

    If you have a skin disease or muscle disease, thermal springs in Yalova will be natural remedies for you.

    Also, you should try the local delicacies of Yalova where village life still exists.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Weather Conditions in Yalova City

    Another thing we should talk about Yalova is the weather conditions.

    The hottest month and average temperature: July / 23 Degrees

    The coldest month and average temperature: January – February / 6 degrees

    Annual average temperature: 14 Degrees

    In summer: Hot and Dry

    In winter: Warm and Rainy

    Things to do in Yalova

    Yalova hosts the most important thermal springs of Turkey. Those who want to heal prefer Yalova.

    Yalova, Turkey tourism has great importance with its camping areas as well. The city is the center of attraction for those who want to take a vacation.

    Get ensured to research and visit places having natural beauties, history, culture, coasts, and camping areas. Do not forget to taste the unique flavors of Yalova.

    Places to Go in Yalova

    Learn all about Yalova and make a travel route for yourself. Yalova city is the smallest city in Turkey. However, it has the longest coast.

    Erikli Plateau and Waterfall: Visit the healing waters, Dipsiz Lake, and waterfalls.

    Termal County: Yalova is famous for its thermal tourism. Find healing in hot springs in Termal county. You should go to Termal and Armutlu hot springs.                   

    Karaca Arboretum: Spend memorable times in the first private arboretum of Turkey.

    We suggest you not return without stopping by Elmalik Castle, Taskopru (Stone Bridge), Yuruyen Kosk (Walking Mansion), and Ataturk Mansion.

    Life in Yalova

    One of the most striking things about Yalova is its rapid population growth. There are Esenkoy, Cinarcik, Armutlu, and many other places to see in Yalova.

    Yalova is a place that should be visited by local and foreign people with its housing projects and quality of life. About Yalova University, it is an important public school preferred by both Turkish and foreign students.

    Yalova is one of the most beautiful and lush cities in Turkey. These are the remarkable reasons to live in Yalova. If you want to live near Istanbul, Yalova might be the right choice for you.

    You will be enchanted by its clean air, hot springs, sea, and natural beauties. If you want to dream of living in Yalova, we can find the ideal housing option for you right now.

    Request an appointment from the expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey. Let’s find the ideal Turkish house for you as soon as possible.

    Sakarya City

    Sakarya lakes and the city university are the leading ones that need to be mentioned about Sakarya.

    The fish-rich lakes in Sakarya have importance in terms of tourism in Turkey. Besides, it is a city that is a destination for both citizens and foreigners. Its natural forests and recreation areas are remarkable.

    Cultural tourism also has an important place in this province. Moreover, there are hotels and accommodation areas in this city that add attraction to the city.

    Capital of Sakarya: Adapazari

    5th Biggest City in the Marmara Region

    The most populous 22nd city of Turkey

    Living conditions are rapidly improving in this province. There is a great transformation in the city. And, Construction projects are gaining value due to their locations and valuable districts.

    Contemporary structures developed in Sakarya draw attention because of the population growth and regional transformations. Request an appointment from their expert sales consultants of Sale Property Turkey.

    Where is Sakarya? How to go?

    The most researched and asked question about Sakarya is the location of this province. Furthermore, the distance between Istanbul and Sakarya is very short. Transportation is also very easy.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    From Sakarya To Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most popular and populous city in Turkey. You can arrive in Istanbul from Sakarya by your private vehicle through the highway. Moreover, you can take the high-speed train from Istanbul Pendik to Sakarya within 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    To reach Sakarya from Istanbul Airport, you can take advantage of the buses free of charge.

    Besides, you can quickly reach this province through your private vehicle from Ankara, Kocaeli, Izmir.

    What Are the Weather Conditions in Sakarya Throughout the Whole Year?

    Black Sea climate is effective in this province. The city is located on the Black Sea Coast. Mediterranean climate is generally determinant in the south.

    Agricultural products produced in Sakarya have an important share in the Turkish economy. Therefore, the city’s climate characteristics are very effective in this regard.

    Average Annual Temperature: 14 degrees

    Main agricultural products that are grown in Sakarya:

    • Hazelnut,
    • Olive,
    • Fruits and Field Crops.
    • Livestock farming has a 51% share in the economy.
    • Also, fisheries have an important share in the economy.
    • The city is also suitable for fruit growing, plant production, and livestock farming.

    About the Lakes in Sakarya

    If you are researching the lakes in Sakarya, you must have heard of Sapanca Lake. However, there are recreation areas, forests, and lake areas. You will be able to have pleasant times there.

    • Sapanca Lake: It is between Sakarya and Kocaeli. Sapanca lake’s water is used in the Kocaeli industry. It is also used as drinking water.
    • Poyrazlar Lake: It is about 7-8 km away from city center.
    • Akgol: It is a fish-rich lake.
    • Kucukbogaz Lake: There are recreation areas located around.
    • Gokceoren Lake: The lake, which expands in winter and shrinks in summer, was dried in 1967. It is used as agricultural land for now.
    • Acarlar Lake: It is full of water lilies. Boat and water bike tours are organized on the lake.
    • Kucuk Akgol: There are natural forests around the lake.

    This province is well-known for its Sapanca Lake, for instance. Also, the Arab population has increased in the region recently. In addition to the natural beauties and cultural activities in the region, new housing projects have also provided additional value.

    About Sakarya University

    Sakarya University is popular for foreign students from all nationalities who want to get an education. Also, Turkish citizens from different cities in Turkey want an education at the University. Besides,  the university has earned a reputation for faculty of economics and administrative sciences, and engineering.

    The University provides extra value to the city. It is popular among students from all over the world.

    Both industry and agricultural products have an important share in the economy of this city. also this province has rapidly gained value with the increase of the student population and global companies.

    This City has experienced a rapid transformation. Following the rapid development of the real estate sector and the demand of tourists who want to live in the region.

    Do you want to learn about Sakarya latest news and the opportunities offered in the real estate market? Request an appointment from Sale Property Turkey! Find out about special offers!

    About Mediterranean Region

    Alanya City

    Alanya is a tourism paradise full of splendid beauties! Alanya has one of the most glamorous coasts in Antalya. Also, it is located in the Mediterranean Region.

    The region is the pearl for the Turkish Riviera. Alanya is not only a tourist paradise for Turkey but also for the whole world. Alanya is visited by foreign tourists as well as Turkish citizens every year. It draws attention due to the activities of agriculture and greenhouse.

    You can learn about Alanya’s population, geographical features, and valuable regions. Moreover, climate, living conditions, and more. Furthermore, you can learn everything about Turkey and have more information about Alanya. Just make an appointment with our sales consultants.

    Where is Alanya on the Map? How to Get Alanya? 

    Alanya, Turkey located in the coastal part of the Mediterranean has the shape of a small peninsula. Where is Alanya on the map exactly?

    Located on the southern coast of Turkey, Alanya is 154 km away from the city center. The Taurus Mountains extend to the north of Alanya and has an important role in the tourism of the country.

    Located on the south coast of Turkey, Alanya is one of the most valuable districts in Antalya, Turkey.

    Northeast: Konya and Karaman

    Distance to the city center: 140 km

    Transportation in Alanya

    It is very easy in and out travel in Alanya or Antalya. Sea transportation also increases the value of Alanya along with road or air transportation.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Air Transportation

    How far is Alanya from Antalya? If you are going to use airline transportation, you have two alternatives. You can choose both airports to reach Alanya center. You can reach Alanya via the nearest airport to the place you will stay or visit.

    The distance to Antalya Airport: 120 km

    Alanya- Gazipasa Airport: 40 km

    Road Transportation 

    If you want to travel intercity and prefer transportation by your private vehicle, you can reach it through Antalya.

    After arriving in Antalya, you can easily reach Alanya through the double highway.

    Sea Transportation

    You can choose Alanya Port for your transportation. You can go to Alanya through this port by which large cruise ships aboard.

    Alanya Marina has a 287-yacht-capacity

    Average number of ships aboarding annually: 100

    The number of tourists coming to Alanya by sea transportation is 80 thousand on average.

    The Means of Transportation in Alanya

    There are transportation vehicles in Alanya that service from one side of the city to another. Minibusses and buses will allow you to travel in the city cheaply and quickly. You can also choose taxis for transportation into the city.

    The Population of Alanya

    The first thing we can say about the people in Alanya might be the hospitality. There is rapid population growth due to domestic and external migrations. It is one of the popular cities for retirement.

    The population of Alanya 327.503

    Alanya is the third most populous district of Antalya.

    Alanya population increases especially in summers because of the tourism activities and the regions turns into a mini-city.

    While Alanya is generally a small town, it turns into a crowded city in the summer.

    What is the Weather Like in Alanya Throughout the Whole Year?

    Alanya climate enjoys a characteristically Mediterranean climate with hot summers and moderately warm winters.

    The days in Alanya are longer than nights in summer. Although it is not much in the hot and dry summer months, torrential rain can be seen in the areas close to the shore.

    Average Annual Temperature: 23 degrees

    The coldest month: 12 degrees in January

    The hottest month: 33 degrees in July

    Alanya Trade and Production Activities 

    Alanya constitutes 10 percent of the general tourism of Turkish tourism activities. But do not suppose that Alanya is only a holiday paradise due to the provided services.

    Alanya has a 30% share of foreigners buying houses in Turkey. In addition to the purchase of housing, Alanya tourism activities also have a big share in Turkey. It is a rapidly developing tourist resort.

    Alanya also has an important location and great weather conditions where important agricultural products are developed. Some products that are grown in Alanya as follows:

    • Local Alanya Banana
    • Avocado
    • Japanese Medlar
    • Orange
    • Citrus
    • Tomatoes
    • Alanya’s unprecedented products also provide additional value.

    Things to do in Alanya 

    Now, you have enough information about Alanya. We have prepared a to-do list if you make a trip to Alanya where is one of the most charming resorts in Turkey. Alanya is the pearl of Antalya province.

    You can dream however you desire. If you want to experience this whole list, you can immediately request an appointment from our sales consultants.

    Must-See Centers in Alanya:

    –         Telpherway

    –         Alanya Castle

    –         Alanya Port

    –         Dim Cave

    –         Sapadere Canyon

    –         Aspendos, and Side Ruins

    –         Red Tower

    Must-Try Things in Alanya:

    • Buggy Safari
    • Big Kral Boat
    • Jeep Safari
    • Whitewater Rafting
    • Alanya Boat Tour

    Must-Visit Coasts:

    –         Kleopatra Beach

    –         Damlatas Beach

    –         Incekum Beach

    –         Damlatas Beach

    –         Ulas Beach

    Living Conditions in Alanya

    The things to talk about Alanya might be over. However, but when you visit, you will find hundreds of reasons not to leave there. If you are looking for more reasons to live in Alanya, allow us to help you…

    – Summer all year long: Alanya’s climate is hot from spring to the end of autumn. If you like sun and heat, Alanya is just for you. You will always feel summer. Alanya nightlife will also amaze you.

    – Don’t suffer from being a stranger: Alanya has a varied population with different religions, social groups, or nationalities. This diversity of identity makes Alanya a happier and funnier region.

    – Grow your own fruits and vegetables: How about growing your own banana or avocado? Benefit from greenhouse and agricultural productivity in Alanya. You are able to grow unique fruits in your lemon or orange orchards.

    – Palm Trees and Fig Trees: The variety of plants and trees along the Alanya beach will fascinate you. Green grass, colorful flowers, palm and fig trees will draw you into a different world. You can also add value to your life with its clean streets and sparkling sea view.

    – Travel to history with its culture: Alanya has hosted various civilizations. It has many visiting areas such as historical baths, museums, houses, palaces, and inns. You can witness the past and get to know a new civilization every single day in Alanya.


    In addition to what you know and see about Alanya, you can have a glamorous and attractive life due to newly-developed housing projects. You can get more information about locations and charming towns having unique beauty.

    You can request an appointment from our sales consultants to have more information about the housing projects. Sale Property Turkey will provide a quality service that will increase your living conditions for Alanya and more.

    Antalya City

    The first thing that comes to mind about Antalya is being an important tourism destination of Turkey. However, this precious city offers valuable living spaces to sustain your life, to feed on tourism, and to feel historical values.

    Regarded as the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is also known as a tourism paradise by both Turkish and foreign tourists. This precious city is established on two plains that extend along the Mediterranean coast.

    Do not estimate the city as having streets full of small boutiques or local shops where souvenirs are exclusively sold for tourists. No need to be afraid of the winding roads while driving from Antalya through Kas.

    Orange trees, which you will come across on the streets of the city, and witnessing the local people who cook their delicious homemade jams are worth getting to know Antalya. The districts of Antalya and the atmosphere in the city center will not only be tourism but also for making your dreams come true for a lifetime!

    Antalya has attracted global attention due to its natural beauties, coasts, lovely villages, hospitable local people, and boulevards reflecting Turkish culture. It will drag you into the dreams because of its historical heritage.

    Antalya is one of the most visited and explored cities in Turkey. Its climate and historical heritage as well as newly developed buildings, hotels, housing projects, shopping malls… This unique city deserves to be a popular settlement for everyone.

    This amazing city fascinates its visitors due to its historical value, glamorous view, coasts, elegant restaurants that must be visited in all seasons, hotels above and beyond world standards.

    If you ask what is happening in this enchanting land besides tourism, our Antalya guide we have prepared for you will be your guide..

    Is Antalya a Populous City? 

    Antalya constantly receives immigration due to its values. As one of the most populous cities of Turkey, Antalya also attracts global attention as well as its population growth.

    The total population of Antalya: 2.548.308

    It is the fifth most populous and the largest city of Turkey. 

    The most crowded county of Antalya is Kepez.

    About the Location of Antalya

    Each district of this magnificent city where is located on the plains along the Mediterranean coast is a natural wonder either! The city has 630 km of coastline and it is truly a paradise in Turkey.

    Where is Antalya on the map exactly? 

    The Mediterranean in the South

    Mersin, Konya, Karaman in the East

    Mugla in the West

    Adjacent to the Taurus Mountains (Toros Daglari) in the North

    The climate and land structure of Antalya, 77 percent of which is mountainous, create different environments in terms of living conditions and settlement.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    What Are the Weather Conditions in Antalya During the Year?

    The most distinctive feature of Antalya is that the weather is generally warm. There are high temperatures in the summer and a mild climate in the winter. Yes, especially in summer, the temperature and humidity values extraordinarily increase, yet the magic of the city will prevent you from being disturbed by the heat.

    Antalya is sunny approximately 300 days a year. We can see that locals are swimming in the days when the tourists return as the summer months end. Hot winds blow even in winter in Antalya. It is a dream city for those who do not like cold weather.

    The average temperature in summer: 28-36 degrees

    The average temperature in winter: 10-20 degrees

    Living Conditions in Antalya

    Another subject of curiosity about the city which fascinates those who dream of living from all over the world and who want to visit for tourism purposes stands out as the living conditions!

    Who constitutes the majority of the local people living here and what is the immigrant population? How is transportation provided in the city or what are the social living areas?

    If you search for living conditions in Antalya, you should know that the effect of the climate and commercial activities are obvious.

    Do not neglect that the economy is generally dependent on agriculture, trade, and tourism. Both economic conditions and living conditions arising from the climate have contributed to the development of the unique characteristic of Antalya.

    Antalya is crowded and energetic in the summer. It is also tranquil and peaceful. There are also high-quality universities in Antalya that provide great education systems.

    The student population also has a significant share in the city due to important education institutions such as Akdeniz University and Antalya International University!

    Alanya is a tourism paradise full of splendid beauties! also it has one of the most glamorous coasts in Antalya. Also, it is located in the Mediterranean Region.

    Why Do They Want to Live in Antalya?

    The most distinctive feature of Antalya might be its warm and hospitable population! Each city has unique characteristics and traditions in Turkey. Differentiating from its cuisine to its accent, the local people of Antalya seem to make you smile!

    You will question why you do not live in this fascinating and warm city that has sparkling beaches, the sea, and lush green forests!

    Fresh fish from the Mediterranean in your dish, appetizers with olive oil, countless historical places, fun places, and many other reasons will make you sad when you leave the city! You might choose to stay in Antalya to live here.

    Things to do in Antalya | Do not Return Unless You Experience!

    The things to do in Antalya are very important for your travel to Antalya. Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only for Turkey but also for the whole world. It is a very special city where you can choose to have fun and a holiday. We will provide some have tips for you to travel to Antalya as a local.

    Let’s forget the sea vacation in Antalya for a second and take an imaginary trip! 

    You walk on the streets between April and October when the weather gets the most favorable and mean temperature in Antalya. The streets are full of orange trees and the scent of citrus adds a charming intimacy. Warm winds blowing from the green mountains, river waters flow on the other side. You are in the streets of Kaleici Antalya whose gates open to yesterdays.

    • Stop by the lovely white sand beaches of Olympos and Cirali
    • You should definitely go to Kas where is the most beautiful town in Antalya. Cafes, bars, pubs… Enjoy the fun and calm ambiance.
    • Visit Kalkan which is only 25 km from Kas. Stay in one of the boutique hotels and villas in this fishing village established by Greek sailors.
    • You can make a daily visit to the St. Nicholas Church and the Sunken City that are some of the most valuable places in Demre and Kalekoy.
    • You can rent canoes from Kalekoy.
    • You might get involved in the popular holiday trend. Just stay in popular resort hotels in locations such as Belek, Kemer, and Alanya.
    • Play golf in Belek.
    • Stay in a resort hotel or rental vacation home in Kemer.
    • Visit significant places such as Manavgat Waterfalls, Sandland, Kursunlu Waterfalls, Alanya, Koprulu Canyon.

    Transportation in Antalya

    Another thing to you need to know about Antalya is how urban and intercity transportation is provided. Transportation in the city is very easy!

    The most frequently used means of transportation in Antalya:

    Tram (ANTRAY)



    Sea Bus (Between Antalya and Kemer)

    Airport – City Center: 15 minutes 

    Air transportation between Istanbul and Antalya: 1 hour 10 minutes 

    Between Istanbul and Antalya by private vehicle: 8 hours 10 minutes

    It is very simple to travel in and out of the city in Antalya. The fact that the distance between the city center and the airport is short and the means of transportation and services are balanced for urban travel to keep it under control.

    All you think about Antalya might be living in there. If you are looking for a house, you can get consultancy from real estate experts of Sale Property Turkey.

    Are You Looking for Apartments for Sale in Antalya?

    Average house prices and house types for sale are matter of curiosity about Antalya. Preferred by both foreign nationals and Turkish citizens, home prices have turned into an important investment instrument by having a continuous increase in value.

    Antalya is not only tourism but also an important life center especially for those who love warm weather and want to have a peaceful life.

    Average flat size: 125 sqm

    Average turnaround period: 18 years

    The places with the highest population density and the fastest profits in Antalya:

    • Muratpasa
    • Konyaalti
    • Kepez
    • Aksu

    You can immediately request an appointment to get to know the city better and have more information to find apartments for sale in Antalya for your budget and lifestyle.

    Mersin City

    The most frequently asked things about Mersin city are Mediterranean and Tantuni… If you are looking for real Anatolian life in Turkey, Mersin is quite a heaven…

    Warm people will create unforgettable memories for you as well as the clean air of Mersin! The most-friendly people are in Mersin Turkey as well as the streets will make you feel like you live.

    You should take a tour in the streets or marina that draws you into its atmosphere. Get one of the stores in Mersin Marina or a shop in Forum Mersin where stands out with its architecture.

    This is a charming city due to having entertainment, shopping, getting to know Mersin history, or socializing with the warm people of the Mediterranean. Have you made your travel plans and been fascinated?

    Would you like to continue your life by purchasing an apartment from Mersin housing projects? Are you dreaming of a second living space where you can go in summer by purchasing a house with a sea view? Then, meet the expert real estate consultants of Sale Property Turkey and take a new step in your life.

    Where is Mersin on Map?

    Initially, the first thing to talks about Mersin is its location on the map. Take a look at the Mersin, Turkey map. Mersin intensely draws the attention of tourists in Turkey, and it is an important city port. With its historical heritage, cultural values, and many other features, Mersin has gained popularity in terms of tourism in addition to its natural beauties.

    Mersin is one of the largest cities in the eastern Mediterranean, is located in southern Turkey.

    Mersin is the 11th biggest city in Turkey.

    Adana is located in the East.

    Antalya is located in the West.

    Karaman, Nigde, and Konya are located in the North.

    About Mersin Port

    The Port of Mersin is one of the most asked and researched places about Mersin.

    Mersin Marina has become an important trade center due to its geographical location and major truck fleet by creating an important power in the economic field. It has become an important center of trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because the city is positioned between the most powerful industrial cities in Turkey.

    Also, another issue that should be mentioned about Mersin city is its railway network as well as being a port city. Mutual train services are organized in Mersin city which is located on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains.

    Mersin city is strengthened by air and railway transportation. It is also a city that has a competitive capacity in agriculture and sea tourism. Fine sand, clean sea, and beaches add worth to Mersin which has great importance for Turkish tourism.

    The historical value, splendid landscape areas, and social living areas of Mersin provide several visits to the city as well as the economic development.

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    General Weather Conditions in Mersin


    If you make a trip to Mersin, having general knowledge about the weather conditions in Mersin will be useful while packing your bags up…

    Average Annual Temperature: 19 Degrees

    The rainiest period: Between January and December

    The less rainy month: August

    The hottest month of the year: August – 27 Degrees

    The coldest month: January – 10 Degrees

    Living Conditions in Mersin

    We advise that you to have general information about the living conditions in Mersin if you plan to make a trip to Mersin. Mersin a valuable place to live due to its view, weather conditions, candid and hospitable local people. It is also a port of city in which you will dream of living.

    Warm people in Mersin might be the first things to be mentioned when talking about Mersin! People living in Mersin are living happily all together. When a sea view is added to these details, social living areas in the marina and the beauty of the weather are of great value for you to spend magnificent time in Mersin.

    The general education level of the people living in Mersin is high. This situation, which reflects the cultural level and quality of social life in the city, shows that the quality of life of the local people rapidly develops and rises.

    Another indicator of the high living standards in Mersin is that the city is clean, tranquil and peaceful in general. The volume of vehicle honks in the city is low and it is another fine detail that reflects the quality of life in Mersin.

    If you want to be calm, peaceful and away from everything artificial, we can guarantee that living in Mersin is just for you. The dynamic atmosphere of the city, clean sea, fascinating social living spaces will make you fall in love with Mersin!

    Things to do in Mersin, Turkey

    If you make a research about Mersin, no need to say over and over again that Mersin Marina or tourist attractions are the other enchanting things about the city! After making a trip to Mersin, you will have brand-new dreams.

    The food you eat in Mersin, the people you know, and the charm of social life will amaze you. Its historical texture, the long coastal road, the beaches that are the center of attention of tourists, the climate and local flavors that you will feel the summer of all four seasons …

    Yes, you may not have as wide a range of opportunities as in Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya where is the pearl of the Mediterranean. However, be sure that the warm atmosphere here presents peace and tranquility for those who seek them …

    Must-See Popular Places in Mersin

    Yerkopru Waterfall

    Mersin Maiden’s Castle

    Cennet Cehennem Sinkholes

    Aynali Lake

    Goksu River


    Blue Flag Coasts

    Gilindire Cave

    Must-Taste Flavours of Mersin

    Blue Crab and Sea Food in Dalyan

    Tantuni in the Center of Mersin 

    Yoruk (Nomad) Breakfast in Mersin 

    Fish in Narlikuyu

    Transportation in Mersin | How to go?

    If you make a trip to Mersin, transportation is easy in every aspect. You can choose road, air or rail transportation.

    If you prefer road transportation, you can easily arrive here from any city in Turkey. While moving from Antalya to Mersin, you can have a pleasant journey watching the Taurus Mountains and the magnificent nature along the way.

    If you find long-distance travel difficult, you can take advantage of Adana Sakirpasa Airport which is 67 km from Mersin. You can also travel from Mersin to Istanbul.

    Istanbul- Adana Airport: 1 hour

    Domestic Direct Flights: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir

    Direct International Flights: Saudi Arabia, Germany, Cyprus

    Besides, Cukurova Regional Airport which is under construction in Mersin is rapidly being developed to operate within 2 years. Mersin Airport which is planned to be completed in March 2022, will make it easier for you to reach the city! Find everything about Mersin on our website!

    If you plan to travel to or live in Mersin, you can request an appointment from the expert consultants of Sale Property Turkey. You can have general information in this way. Get a free service and learn about the most valuable housing projects. You can adapt to living in Turkey without suffering from being a stranger in Turkey.

    Belek City

    Coming soon...

    Dalaman City

    Coming soon...

    Kalkan City

    Coming soon...

    Kas City

    Coming soon...

    Kemer City

    Coming soon...

    Side City

    Coming soon...

    About Aegean Region

    Izmir City

    We can put Izmir down as the place where peace comes to life. It is generally named the “Pearl of the Aegean” … Izmir is one of the most valuable cities in Turkey. The city is also rapidly developing rapidly due to increasing population dynamics. The prominent things to describe Izmir are the happy hour, sea, entertainment, boyoz and kumru. We will try to describe all about Izmir even if it will be insufficient.

    Izmir is one of the most remarkable cities in Turkey with its young population and advanced economies. It is a popular address on the travel route of both citizens and foreigners due to its historical structure, culture, luxury restaurants, hotels, mosques, bazaars, and many other values.

    Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey. Its charming atmosphere is also addictive as well as in terms of tourism.

    Stone-built villas, clean beaches having golden sand, and hospitable people are not only attractive for tourism, but also a lifetime living!

    Its historical and cultural values, and charming living spaces… It is a paradise that has been shaped by 32 civilizations so far.

    It is a very valuable city not only for swimming or being a guest in tourism areas but also for living for a lifetime. If you want to buy a summer residence or property that will add value to your lifetime in Izmir, the expert real estate consultants of Sale Property Turkey will find the ideal property for you right now!

    By requesting an appointment at this moment, you can take the first step for a house that will add value to your life. Also, you will get to know the city better.

    Where is Izmir on the Map? How to get Izmir?

    One of the most frequently researched things about Izmir is where it is on the map and how to get there. is one of Turkey’s most populous and wealthiest cities in Turkey. This attractive city is located in the Aegean Region.

    Izmir, the Pearl of Aegean, is in the western extremity of Turkey.

    • South: Aydin
    • North: Balikesir
    • East: Manisa

    Being an attractive city with its young population and places to see, this city has a rapidly developing economy. also ensures the strong development of both commercial activities carried out in the city and established commercial ties with its location.

    Izmir economy develops with agricultural activities as well as industrial and commercial activities. The prominent economic resource in the region is the earth industries. Many industrial activities are carried out in the region in addition to agriculture and livestock industries. Economic activities in Izmir develop in line with agricultural and industrial activities.

    Izmir Airport 


    The first information about the transportation and you need to have knowledge about the city in general. There are advanced transportation vehicles to reach Izmir or to travel within the city.

    Turkey’s fifth-biggest airport is in Izmir.

    Adnan Menderes Airport is 14 km from the city center. You can reach the airport by your private vehicle or public transportation vehicle.

    Transportation from Izmir to Istanbul:

    From Istanbul To Izmir (Airline): 1 hour 10 minutes

    From Istanbul To Izmir (Highway): 3 hours 30 minutes

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Where is the Heart of Izmir?

    One of the outstanding things you are familiar with Izmir is entertainment centers. You should visit Izmir in order to have fun in Turkey, go to the stylish restaurants, be overwhelmed by its natural beauties, or take a vacation.

    In addition to the trio of sea, culture and nature, the regional transformations taking place in the city create a special atmosphere you would like to experience. There are places you must see.

    Alsancak is one of the most decent places in the city. Alsancak, located in Konak, has quiet streets as well as crowded ones where entertainment comes to life all day long. It is an address that is frequently visited by the young population.

    Boutiques, bars and cafes lined up along crowded streets fascinate visitors. Izmir’s most important and popular square is in Alsancak. Alsancak, where you can watch the sunrise and create pleasant memories, will be the place where Izmir and your journey find rhythm!

    • Konak
    • Alsancak
    • Kordon
    • Karsiyaka

    Besides Alsancak, there are several enchanting addresses in Izmir!

    Think of a tranquil and peaceful living space. Open-minded, free-spirited, and fun people live together in this fascinating city. Despite being a big city, this is a holiday town!

    You can have a dream life you live leisurely. Or, you can only dream by adding it to your travel plan.

    Do you want to shop, come over here… Eminonu and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Kemeralti and Kizlaragasi Inn in Izmir… If you prefer decent places, Alsancak might be ideal for you. You can find luxury brands altogether.

    Izmir’s biggest shopping mall is located in Bornova. You can visit Forum Bornova or the markets located here. Also you can find shopping, entertainment, tranquility or historic places together in Izmir. You can taste unforgettable flavors and have fun.

    How is the Weather in Izmir Throughout the Year?

    The only thing you know about Izmir might be that it is a tourism paradise. You may not have traveled here yet, but it might be a holiday paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

    The Mediterranean climate is dominant in Izmir.

    Summers are hot, winters are mild and rainy

    Annual Average Temperature: 14-18 Degrees

    The hottest month and average temperature: July – 27 degrees

    The coldest month and average temperature: January – 8 degrees

    Places to Visit and See in Izmir

    Streets, avenues, and Izmir beach are among the things to discover about Izmir. Even if you come to Izmir from time to time or live here, you can discover a very different side of Izmir every time.

    It will be very easy for you to travel around without the need for public transportation. If you make a trip to Izmir, we can make an itinerary for you. And you can have a pleasant time beyond getting to know the city closely.

    There are lots of places to see in Izmir. The top 10 places are as follows: 

    • Cesme- Alacati: Cesme is popular with its coast and surf areas. It has calm and valuable places to discover! In the hidden fishing villages of Izmir, you can eat fish on the beach and watch the sunset.
    • Urla: Stone-built houses and gastronomic places! Make sure to add Urla to your itinerary. You can drink lots of fine wine or spend a great time in the vineyards.
    • Ephesus: It is one of the things that comes to mind when you think of Izmir!. is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Ephesus is an ancient city with a rich historical heritage that you should visit.
    • Karaburun: If you are looking for a quiet place in Izmir, you can enjoy your holiday in blue flagged natural bays of Karaburun.
    • Foca: It takes its name from seals (fok in Turkish). Be sure to add it to your itinerary. The peaceful time you spend will attract you to other lands.
    • Sirince: If you visit Izmir, add Sirince to your must-visit places. Here, there are fruit vineyards, lovely tiny houses, churches and a cute village that will take you to dreamland when you see it!
    • Kozak Plateau: If you want to enjoy nature in the most valuable forests in Turkey, pine forests will amaze you. If you want to enjoy nature and relax, add it to your itinerary.
    • Beaches: If you come to Izmir, the sea will be an indispensable part of your holiday. If you wish, you can relax in a quiet bay or get ready for happy hour. Make sure to search and explore the beaches, hidden natural beaches throughout your vacation in Izmir.
    • Bergama: Turn on your camera and get ready to shoot! You will want to record this flawless beauty all the time. You will be fascinated by the architectural structure, nature and historical beauties and you will want it not to be erased from your memory.

    What Are the Living Conditions in Izmir?

    We have examined important information about this city. news, tourism, must-visit places, weather, transportation… But while living conditions are constantly improving in Izmir, major transformations are taking place. Due to the rapidly increasing population and sectoral developments, the number of housing projects is also rising.

    Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey.

    Izmir’s population: 4.370 million

    Put aside all of the things you know about Bursa! We have gathered the most frequently asked, followed, and overlooked ones about “Green Bursa”. Bursa is known as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Within our Bursa guide, you can learn the places, population, districts, and even the climate. You will get knowledge about the things you have never heard of and make exciting plans.

    Construction Projects

    The population is rapidly increasing. In addition to tourism, living conditions are also rapidly developing. The rapidly increasing number of housing projects in the city embellish the retirement dreams of Turkish citizens.

    It stands out as a city where foreigners visit for travel or business purposes. Examine Izmir housing projects. Izmir extends along the bay with the magnificence of the yachts and the glamorous glow of the sea.

    We are sure that you will dream of living in Izmir that is the Pearl of Aegean. As Sale Property Turkey, we will present the most valuable housing projects for you.

    You can request an appointment from our expert sales consultants for more details. We can offer you ultra-lux houses on wide streets lined with palm trees or sea view flats that will make you fall in love at first sight. Get the opportunity to participate in this sparkling life without delay.

    Fethiye City

    Fethiye City hosts the most popular touristic and historical sites of nature in addition to being the center of Turkey. We guarantee you won’t be able to forget Fethiye from the moment you come back. Attractive properties, sea view houses, and mountain view residences will fascinate you in Fethiye.

    You will make plans to visit there back.

    The most beautiful sea of ​​the country (Fethiye Oludeniz)the longest walking path (Lycian Way), and hidden natural beauties will allow you to create hallmark moments.

    There are a lot of sightseeing attractions Fethiye in Turkey. Fethiye is a hidden paradise that you will not want to return to after your trip. You can do adrenaline sports here and have different experiences at the camping sites.

    Not just a vacation, you will want to live here for a lifetime.

    Now, send your contact information to our expert sales consultants with the form to choose the most ideal Turkish house for you. Make an appointment to find the house that will add value to your life. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Where is Fethiye on the Map? 

    The first thing about Fethiye is its location on the map. Turkey’s undiscovered bays, idyllic natural beauties, coasts, entertainment and leisure centers are increasing the values of the county.

    Fethiye’s value gets increased due to being a tourism and wellness center. Discover Fethiye where is in the Mediterranean Region. Fethiye might be one of the most fascinating counties of Mugla province which has 13 counties in total.

    Fethiye is neighboring to;

    • Antalya
    • Denizli
    • Burdur

    Between Mugla City Center and Fethiye is 130 km. 

    How to get Fethiye?

    If what you have heard and seen about Fethiye has fascinated you, then make a travel plan to set off right away!

    You can choose to get Fethiye by air or road. You can travel by yacht or boat.

    Fethiye to Antalya: 2 hours 40 minutes

    If you want to reach by air, you can take advantage of Dalaman Airport.

    Dalaman Airport – Fethiye Marina: 40 minutes

    You can reach there by road.

    Fethiye to Istanbul: 8 hours 45 minutes (road transport by private vehicle)

    Get acquainted with all of the objects of curiosity such as frequently asked questions, known and facts about Istanbul! Firstly, we can say that the city has affected the whole world due to its magical and charming atmosphere!

    Places to Visit in Fethiye

    Put aside what you have heard about Fethiye and plan your travel route. Does the city chaos make you tired? Make an itinerary to Fethiye. Get ready for a quiet and peaceful holiday in the heart of nature.

    Do not get confused due to natural beauties, sea and historical settlements while making your travel plan to Fethiye.

    Oludeniz, One of the Most Glamorous Coasts in the World: Oludeniz is the most popular resort in Fethiye. It is known as the “land of light and sun”. It will fascinate you not only for swimming in a glassy sea but also with its unique view! Also, watching paragliders will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your vacation.

    Butterfly Valley, If you want to Camp: Fethiye also has a hidden paradise for nature lovers! There is a special place for camping lovers and those seeking peace in Faralya village where is located on the foothills of Babadag. Butterfly Valley is a hidden treasure with its rich flora and natural wonders. It will amaze those who want to camp and be in touch with nature with…

    There are many places in Fethiye that you need to go and see, even stay. There are luxury resorts and places in Fethiye …

    • Gocek,
    • Kabak Bay,
    • Saklikent

    Places you need to see and things to do in Fethiye are like an endless sea …

    The History of Fethiye

    Fethiye amazes those who see its cultural heritage as from ancient times.

    The story of this secret paradise, which is established on the mountain slopes and has every shade of blue, will impress you.

    There are hundreds of legends about Fethiye.

    According to a legend, it belongs to Apollo who is the founder of the city. It is known that the founder of this distinguished city was the “Apollo the Sun God”. Of course, there is love taken place. Apollo falls in love with the daughter of the king of Phenicia. He conquers the heart of the king’s daughter by posing as a shark.

    After that, they get married…

    They have a son, Telmessos… They name the city after their son. The city, which came under Byzantine rule, later took the name “Anastasiapolis”. During the period when he was in Ottoman lands, it took the name “Megri”.

    In 1934, the region got its latest name “Fethiye”.

    As a result of archaeological studies, it is known that the oldest name of the city is “Makri”. It is known that this name comes from the Greeks, meaning “Distant Land”.

    Fethiye finds meaning with many stories as well as its historical and cultural heritage. Fethiye will prove to you that it deserves all these as soon as you see it.

    Weather Throughout the Whole Year in Fethiye City

    One of the things you must know about Fethiye is the weather. You can almost feel the summer every season. The average temperature is constantly high. You can feel summer in the city almost every season.

    The hottest month: August – Average Temperature: 27 degrees

    The coldest month: February – Average Temperature: 16 degrees

    Living Conditions in Fethiye City

    Another known information about Fethiye is that the general population is composed of people coming from Istanbul.

    Fethiye Population: 167.200 people

    Living conditions are rapidly developing in Fethiye, which is generally formed by people coming from Istanbul and other big cities. Most of the foreign nationals in Fethiye, which is in a great transformation, are British.

    Fethiye, Turkey hotels will also welcome you!

    The city is established by the sea. There are ample social opportunities for those living in a non-crowded city.

    Also, there are bicycle trails and walking tracks along the coastline. There are many stores in Fethiye for shopping lovers.

    Restaurants, cafes, and shops lined up by the beach always provide pleasant living spaces for the residents.

    Social areas with sea and islands view, parks, restaurants where you can eat tasteful food are rapidly being developed to add value to your life. If you want to live in a tranquil city, be sure to visit Fethiye.

    If you want to get more information about Fethiye 2021, you can request an appointment from Sale Property Turkey expert sales consultants.

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