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    Turkey Citizenship for Pakistani: How to Become Turkish Citizen in 2021?

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    Turkey citizenship for Pakistani is usually acquired by simple investment programs. The Turkish citizenship program is given to the citizens of all countries with the same conditions. The same procedure is applied in accordance with Turkish citizenship laws. Relations between Pakistan and Turkey have strong ties. Turkey and Pakistan are in the position of supporters of each other in international platforms. For this reason, Turkey is the primary choice for Pakistanis and their families who want second citizenship. Free education, health services and countless rights are given in Turkey.

    Turkey issues online tourist visas to Pakistani citizens valid for 90 days. If you want to stay longer or move to Turkey, you can become a Turkish citizen in a short time. Unless you have Turkish citizenship by lineage or place of birth, the ways to acquire citizenship later in Turkey do not involve complex processes.

    Dual citizenship for Pakistan has become popular in recent years. There are many opportunities for Pakistani citizens who want to move to Turkey and acquire citizenship, such as Turquoise System, marriage, financial investment and Turkish Citizenship by buying property. Especially real estate investment in Turkey, is the simplest way to acquire citizenship for  Pakistani. Turkish citizenship is granted only to Pakistani citizens and their families who purchase a property with a minimum value of $250,000.


    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani?

    Investing a property is the easiest and fastest method to get Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani. Pakistani people who purchase a minimum of $250,000 worth of property in Turkey acquire citizenship. The entire family (Husband/Wife and children under the age of 18) of the investor who acquires citizenship through real estate also acquires Turkish citizenship unconditionally.

    Citizens of Pakistan who want to acquire Turkish citizenship are entitled to dual or multiple citizenships. Investment opportunities between the two countries will increase due to the Pakistan and Turkey Dual Citizenship Agreement. Pakistan is the country that has benefited most from Turkish citizenship programs in recent years.

    Visit  Turkish Citizenship FAQ 

    Turkish citizenship programs with post-investment provide various investment instruments as well as real estate. But other investment instruments are both risky and time-consuming. Being a Turkish citizen is advantageous. The real estate investment program includes important advantages both with being a citizen and with a high investment value.

    Citizenship Acquisition Programs in Turkey:

    Pakistani citizens acquire Turkish citizenship by following investment programs. Real estate investment in Turkey is one of these steps.

    Turkish citizenship with Cash Investment or Business Investment for Pakistani:

    Cash Investment

    • Real Estate: 250.000 USD
    • Deposit account Turkish Bank: 500.000 USD
    • Bank Deposit / Capital Investment: $500.000

    Business Investment

    • Establishing Company with Minimum of 50 Turkish Employees

    (You can get more information from our professional consultants for Turkish Citizenship by investment for Pakistani.)


    What are the Requirements for Turkish Citizenship for Pakistanis?

    Conditions are equal for investors from any country who want to benefit from the Turkish citizenship program. Requirements for Pakistani investors who want to get citizenship in Turkey:

    • Being of age
    • Ability to act in accordance with the law
    • Complying with national security rules
    • Not to have behaviors and habits contrary to the social order

    Turkish citizenship by real estate investment does not involve difficult processes and has no prerequisites. You start the process by simply purchasing one or more properties with a minimum value of $250,000. Recently, it has become very easy for Pakistanis to get Turkish title deeds.You will get your second citizenship and Turkish passport within 2-6 months. If you wish, you can buy a house and move to Turkey. However, there is no residency requirement to become a citizen.

    Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen for Pakistanis

    Turkish citizenship is advantageous for Pakistanis in every aspect. Such as:

    1. Strong economy
    2. Wide local and regional market because of strategic location
    3. Rapid and easy citizenship procedures (2-6 months)
    4. Potential of return on investment
    5. No residence permit requirement
    6. Opportunity to take advantage of the E-2 investor visa agreement between Turkey and the USA
    7. Quality and high standard living conditions
    8. No language or any testing phases
    9. Visa-free travel to more than 115 countries due to a strong Turkish Passport

    Additional 8 Benefits of Real Estate Investment for Pakistanis:

    Turkey citizenship by real estate investment for Pakistani investors which offers second citizenship right provides 8 extra advantages:

    1. Risk-free and valuable

    2. Budget-friendly

    3. Easy and rapid investment program

    4. Turkey Citizenship for the whole family

    5. Provides lifetime rental income

    6. No residence permit prerequisite

    7. Ease of online transaction and professional consultancy services

    8. Having spectacular Turkish property

    Pakistan has investment program agreements with 19 countries for its citizens. Pakistanis who want to become Turkish citizens prefer real estate investments the most. In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, send your contact details to our expert sales consultants. Start the process with our expert sales consultants for you to acquire citizenship as soon as possible.

    Turkey Nationality for Pakistani 2021

    The process is quite simple for Pakistanis who want to become Turkish citizens in 2021 – 2022. Buy property with minimum value of 250.000 USD and get citizenship. Transactions are simple through our real estate consultants. Buy property and acquire citizenship in Turkey without wasting time.

    Choose your investment property for Turkey Citizenship for Pakistani. Take advantage of the opportunity to get Turkish citizenship for your whole family by purchasing your investment property in Turkey.

    Real estate investment enables you both to strengthen your capital and invest in your life by obtaining Turkish citizenship. Moreover, you can provide rich opportunities for your whole family.

    You can start the process by sending your contact details with the form to obtain Turkey citizenship by real estate investment and general information about the process right now.

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