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Top 9 Nationalities Housing Sales in Turkey 2020

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Housing sales in Turkey 2020 data show that Iran comes first among nations benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program and real estate investments in Turkey. Let’s examine which nations have reached the highest figures in real estate sales in Turkey…

Iraq, Russia, Kuwait, Kazakhistan, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Germany, and Yemen are other countries with the highest purchasing rates in Turkey in 2020!

You can follow the route of the Turkish real estate sector by examining the nations who benefited from housing investments in Turkey and a life full of privileges with the Turkish Citizenship Program and figures…

Housing Sales in Turkey 2020

Following the analyzes of housing sales in Turkey 2020, Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are advantageous cities to live and invest in!

According to the September Turkey Statistical Institute data, Istanbul city ranks first with 399 housing sales with an 18.6% share of sales. October data indicate that Istanbul is the most preferred province in the third quarter.

In September 2020, 5.269 houses were sold to foreigners. You can find housing sales data and analysis for September 2020.

Turkey real estate sector having a global value attracts the attention of Gulf countries for investment and capital owners all over the world. Housing investment has become a trend with the effect of the sectors that are almost stopped during the pandemic.

Also, Turkey real estate sector is shown as the ideal sector for investment with the impact of changes in housing prices along with increasing demands.

Investing in branded residential projects in Turkey has become the key to have profit for both Turkish citizens and foreign investors. You can have an investment in Turkey to make a strong investment and increase your earnings.

You can buy one of the charming houses in Turkey and catch both an investment and a living opportunity.

Moreover, you can become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey with the property you will buy for a minimum of 250.000 $.

How The Housing Sales in 2020 Is Affected by the Pandemic?

Housing sales in Turkey 2020 data shows that the global health crisis affects housing investment. Fluctuating exchange rates due to the pandemic have witnessed sectoral reflections on a global scale.

However, the housing sales in Turkey 2020 data should be examined in detail in order to decide how it is affected.

The effects of the pandemic caused industrial activities all over the world to cease. So, how did these impact the Turkish real estate sector? You can find details about how the proceeds of the real estate sector in Turkey in 2020 in our previous article. You can examine all of the details of the third quarter of 2020 in the Turkish real estate sector.

The Most Preferred Districts to Invest; Buyukcekmece, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu!

The most preferred districts of foreigners to invest are determined as Buyukcekmece, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu in Turkey.

Housing prices are attractive to invest in Turkey. The Turkish Citizenship Program is one of the primary reasons for foreigners to be interested in Turkey real estate!

The investors who want to strengthen their capital during the pandemic have preferred Turkey real estate sector. In this way, they both make financial profit and have a privileged life. Turkey real estate sector is outstanding with its advantages.

Regions such as Silivri, Esenyurt, Zeytinburnu, Catalca, Avcilar, and Kucukcekmece are the outstanding districts. Turkish citizens and foreigners demand the most for investment in Istanbul!

Jordan Ranks First in Real Estate, Iran in Housing Sector!

Housing sales in Turkey 2020 shows that the third quarter of 2020 is crucial. Because the interest of foreign investors has continued in the Turkey housing sector!

The real estate sector data 2020 is examined. We clearly see that Jordan has the greatest demand for real estate investments in Turkey in the third quarter. Iran comes first for Turkey housing sector.

After Iran;





The United Kingdom,



and Yemen are the countries showing the greatest demand for real estate in Turkey.

It was determined that the real estate investments of foreign investors in 2020 have been 6 million 191 thousand 071 sqm in total according to the data determined by the Land Registry and Cadastre Department of Foreign Affairs.

26.165 Houses were Purchased on the Basis of Figures!

Housing sales in Turkey 2020 figures can help you to analyze the sales in Turkey. It can also give you directions for your investment.

Housing investment in Turkey is an investment tool to turn your capital into gains in the fastest way. Buying houses in Turkey will be the right choice to have a life full of privileges and benefit from the Turkish Citizenship Program!

2020 Turkey housing sales data showed that there have been 26.165 residential sales after the pandemic crisis. While the effects of the pandemic crisis continue all over the world, the Turkish real estate sector has experienced changes and transformations that will strengthen your investment. You can examine the transformation process of the Turkish real estate sector in our article.

You can take stronger steps by analyzing the foreigners who take advantage of the Turkish real estate sector.

The balances and trends are changing all around the world, not only in Turkey. Foreign investors continue investing in Turkey day by day. There have been large-scale changes with the impact of foreign investors who have invested in the Turkey housing sector.

The number of foreign investors purchasing housing with a minimum value of 250,000 USD has rapidly increased. The transformation of the housing sector has remarkably reshaped.

Iran Ranks First in Investment in Turkey Real Estate Sector!

Housing sales in Turkey 2020 have met with the demands of Iranian citizens at the end of the third quarter of 2020! Iran ranks first in investment in Turkey real estate sector.

Iran replaced Iraq for housing sales in Turkey in the third quarter of 2020! Along with Gulf countries, China and Azerbaijan are also into the Turkey housing sector for investment! The most preferred city by Iranians is Istanbul!

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