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Top 10 Arabic Schools in Istanbul | Tuition Payments and Locations

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Arabic schools in Istanbul offer a wide range of opportunities for Arab families and foreign students from different nationalities. Check out the list of the top 10 most popular Arab schools and different international schools. Read our article listing of Jordanian, Iraqi, Libyan, Lebanon, Yemeni schools and many more. You can find educational institutions demanding different fees, these can be preferred by the children of Arab families or foreign students who have started to live in Turkey. Organizations that bring students from different cultural and linguistic in Turkey are rapidly increasing. Moreover, you can find out about the schools that accompany many foreign students from different nationalities, especially in Istanbul, for their adaptation and education processes, and 2021 tuition fees.


  1. Education and Student Life for Arab Students in Istanbul
  2. List of 10 International Schools in Istanbul & Tuition Fees
  3. Top 10 Arabic Schools in Turkey
  4. List of Arabic Schools in Istanbul


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1. Education and Life for Arab Students in Istanbul

Arabic Schools in Istanbul, you can find all the details about living and studying in Istanbul in this guide. You can see the list of Arab schools and tuition fees.

Also, you can find details about the education system for international students in Turkey in the “the education system in Turkey” guide.

There are school options in Istanbul with different branches and academic programs suitable for different education levels. Newly developed affordable housing projects are advantageous for students. Check out the educational institutions that teach in the Arabic language with an Arabic program. For students having English proficiency, you can look at American schools that teach in English.

Also, finding a job for students in Istanbul is very easy. Get more information from our sales experts to buy the right home for your life. You can learn from our consultants the steps you need to take to live in the city as a student or to spend your whole life with the citizenship program. Furthermore, you can easily choose the Arab school that suits you and buy an affordable apartment in locations such as Basaksehir, Beylikduzu and Sisli.


2. List of Top 8 International Schools in Istanbul & School Fees

Here is the detailed list of the top 8 schools in Istanbul that have special education programs and curricula for international students:

  • MEF International Schools Istanbul

Medium of Instruction: English 

Curriculum: IB, British  Age Range: 3-18 

Students from 53 different nationalities

Tuition Fees: 139.000 TL- 270.000 TL

MEF schools, which have two branches in Istanbul and two branches in Izmir, are an important educational institution for international students.

  • Ihsan International School  

Medium of Instruction: English 

Age Range: 3-18 

100% International Students

Curriculum: American  Tuition Fees: 15.000TL-26.000TL

  • Jasmine International Schools

Medium of Instruction: English, Arabic 

Age Range: 3-18 

Mostly Syrian and Palestinian Student  Curriculum: English and Arabic Palestinian 

Tuition Fees:  14.500TL- 31.500 TL

  • Istanbul International Schools

Medium of Instruction: English

Age Range: 4-18 

Students from 63 different nationalities Tuition Fees: 69.000TL- 109.000TL

  • Istanbul International Community School

Medium of Instruction: English

Curriculum:  IB

Age Range: 3-18 

from 60 different nationalities, mostly from USA, Germany, UK, Korea

Tuition Fees: 131.000TL-270.500TL

  • Kazanim International Schools

Medium of Instruction: English and Arabic  Curriculum: British

Age Range: 3-18

Students from 34 different nationalities  Tuition Fees: You can learn by contacting the school.

Kazanim International Schools, which has 2 branches in Istanbul, is an international education institution with branches in Ankara, Yalova, Bursa and Antalya as well.

  • Ninova Schools

Medium of Instruction: English and Arabic

Age Range: 7-18

Students from Arab nationalities

Tuition Fees: 1700 USD-2400 USD

  • British International School

Medium of Instruction: English

Curriculum: IB

Age Range: 2,5-14 

Students from 55 different nationalities

Tuition Fees: 14.000 USD-38.000 USD


3. Top 10 Arabic Schools in Turkey

You can check out the international schools that teach in Arabic or English in Istanbul through our guide.

  1. International Ihsan School

    American |  Esenyurt

  2. Rumeli International Schools

    British / American |   Esenyurt

  3. Istanbul International Community School (IICS)

    American | Buyukcekmece

  4. Tulip International Schools – Yenibosna   Branch

    American   |  Yenibosna

  5. Keystone School

    Canadian | Uskudar

  6. Istanbul International School

    British | Uskudar

  7. The British International School

    IGCSE | Sariyer

  8. Amjad Al-Qrouba School

    Iraqi /American |      Nisanca / Eyup

  9. Al- Manara International School

    Libya   |   Bahcesehir

  10. Future International Private School

    Iraqi | Beylikduzu


4. List of Arabic Schools in Istanbul

Are you looking for Arab schools in Istanbul? The institutions and locations where Arab students can study comfortably and easily are listed below. The following international education institutions offer different academic curriculum options such as Arabic, American, British.

Name of School:                       Curricula:                       District:

International Schools Basaksehir:

Al Huda International Schools:

Curricula: American  District: Basaksehir

  • Aqsa International Schools:

Curricula:Yemeni / American  District: Basaksehir

  • Al- Alandalus Schools:

Curricula: Iraqi  District: Basaksehir

  • Al- Alawael International Schools    

Curricula: Lebanese   District: Basaksehir


International Schools Bahcesehir:

  • Al- Manara International School     

Curricula: Libya         District: Bahcesehir

  • Istanbul Libyan School               

Curricula: Libyan-American-British   District: Bahcesehir


International Schools Avcılar:

  • Mohammed Al Fatih Iraqi National Schools

Curricula: Iraqi    District: Avcilar

  • Almanar Schools  

Curricula: American    District: Avcilar


Curricula: Yemeni / American  District: Avcilar


International Schools Catalca:

  • Al Fayez International Schools  

Curricula: Lebanese / British   District: Catalca


International Schools Beylikduzu:

  • Al – Fanar Palestinian International School

Curricula: Palestinian / American  District: Beylikduzu

  • Tulip college International Schools      

Curricula: Arabic / American      District: Beylikduzu

  • King Idris Senussi School

Curricula: Libyan District:  Beylikduzu

  • Yemeni International School

Curricula: Yemeni  District:  Beylikduzu

  • Future International Private School

Curricula: Iraqi        District: Beylikduzu

  • Baghdad Private Community School    

Curricula: Iraqi          District: Beylikduzu

  • Umma Academy School

Curricula: Libyan      District:  Beylikduzu


International Schools Bakirkoy:

  • Al-faezoun School 

Curricula: Libyan      District: Bakirkoy


International Schools Esenyurt:

  • Al Mawakeb Schools 

Curricula: Lebanese / British  District:  Esenyurt

  • Al Hikmah International School   

Curricula: Iraqi  District:   Esenyurt

  • Al Bawasel Sudan International School

Curricula: Sudanese District:  Esenyurt


International Schools in Bagcilar:

  • Jasmine International Schools 

Curricula: Palestinian / British     District: Bagcilar

  • Private Alfayez International School

Curricula: Jordanian / British  District: Bagcilar

  • Private Safir International School

Curricula: American    District: Bagcilar

  • Arab International Schools

Curricula: Libyan  District: Bagcilar

  • Libyan Model School

Curricula: Libyan    District: Bagcilar

  • Alfaezoun Modern School

Curricula: Libyan  District: Bagcilar

  • Libyan School

Curricula: Libyan   District: Bagcilar


International Schools Esenler:

  • Omar Al-Mukhtar School

Curricula: Libyan    District: Esenler


International Schools Yenibosna:

  • Al – Manar International Schools

Curricula: Libyan   District: Yenibosna 

  • Aqsa International Schools

Curricula: Yemeni / American  District:  Yenibosna 

  • Iraqi National Knowledge Academy

Curricula:Iraqi / American District: Yenibosna 

  • Al Maarifa Iraqi Academy

Curricula: Iraqi-American   District: Yenibosna


International Schools Kagithane:

  • Sudanese – Turkish Friendship School

Curricula: Sudanese   District: Kagithane


International Schools Sisli:

  • Nation Academy School

Curricula: Libyan  District: Sisli

  • Umma Academy School

Curricula: Libyan    District: Sisli


International Schools Eyup:

  • Amjad Al-Qrouba School 

Curricula:  Iraqi /American  District: Nisanca / Eyup


Choosing a school for their children can be challenging especially for parents who come to Turkey from a different country. We have listed Arabic schools that provide education at international standards for foreign nationals who plan to study in Istanbul.

In order to get more information about Arabic schools in Turkey, just send your contact details to our sales experts with the form. We will provide consultancy services for you to find an international school close to the home you will buy in Istanbul or a suitable residence close to educational institutions. Send your contact information with the form. Let’s take action for your life by making the best plan for your education and life in Istanbul right now.