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    The Highest Mountain in Turkey: Great Ararat 

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    The highest mountain in Turkey is known as Mount Ararat or Great Ararat. Mount Ararat is The highest mountain in turkey. Also, it has a height of 5,137 meters. According to the latest research on Mount Ararat, the fossil set on the upper parts reveals some secrets. It was on the seashore in former times!

    As a result of the researches, the fossils on the top of Mount Ararat only contain particles found in the leaves of palm trees at the seaside!

    Mount Ararat whose other names are Ararat, Kuh-i Nuh, and Cebel ul Haris in different languages is of great importance to tourism. Where is Turkey’s highest mountain? How to reach there? You can examine the characteristics and the legends about the mountain here…

    Turkey’s Snow-Clad: Mount Ararat!

    Mount Ararat is Turkey’s highest point. It attracts the attention of the whole world. There are several stories and legends about Mount Ararat which is in the east of Turkey. Citizens and tourists who have known the legends written and narrated about it start to research in no time. Also, Snow-clad Mount Ararat is important in the holy writs.

    Let’s examine where it is before the legends about Mount Ararat…

    Where is Great Ararat?

    The Highest Mountain in Turkey in Eastern Anatolia. Turkey’s easternmost point GreatArarat is the roof of Turkey. It is the highest mountain on the border with Iran and Armenia.

    65% of the Mount Ararat in Turkey Igdir and 35% is on Agri provincial border. Mount Ararat which is on the Iranian border is between the Aras and Murat rivers.

    Igdir Lowland is in the North,

    Dogu Beyazit Lowland is in the South,

    Little Ararat which is 3,896 meters high is in the Southeast.


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    How to reach Mount Ararat? About Transportation and Accommodation

    Mount Ararat which is Turkey’s highest point is an important tourism center. You can prefer air, rail and road transportation to Mount Ararat which is a popular destination. You can easily reach it through scheduled transportation from Erzurum and Ankara.

    First of all, you will reach Dogubeyazit. There is a short distance between Dogubeyazit and Mountain Ararat. You can easily reach the mountain from Erzurum and Agri.

    Also, you can reach Iran via Trabzon-Erzurum-Tehran International Highway.

    There are many accommodation facilities around Mount Ararat. Restaurants and facilities around the mountain rapidly increase the tourism value of the district.


    The Highest Peak in Europe!

    In addition to being the roof of Turkey, it is also famous for being Europe’s highest peak. Mount Ararat is the highest volcanic mountain.

    Along with being snow-clad all the time, Mountain Ararat is both a volcanic mountain and contains Turkey’s largest glacier on its top.

    According to the records, Frederik Von Parat was the first climber of Mount Ararat. It has been a frequent destination for mountaineers for years.

    First Climb to Mount Ararat on October 9, 1829!

    To Mount Ararat which is Turkey’s highest mountain;

    First Climb: By Frederik Von Parat, October 9, 1829

    Second Climb: By Dr. Bozkurt Ergor, February 21, 1970.

    Following the climbs to Mount Ararat which is the highest point in Europe and Turkey, it has been a popular point for mountaineers climbing in 1980.

    After some prohibitions of climbing, the mountain has been reopened to tourism.

    The best months for climbing are July, August and September.

    The Legends of Mount Ararat | The Highest Mountain in Turkey

    The Highest Mountain in Turkey, Mount Ararat has both an important center of tourism and mountaineering. There are also several legends in different languages. Moreover, Mount Ararat is an important symbol in the holy writs.

    Mount Ararat hosted Noah’s Ark after the Biblical Flood according to some rumors.

    Mount Ararat about which Marco Polo said no-one would ever climb is important due to its geological location.

    Another legend about Mount Ararat is a love story. Every year, it is commemorated in the spring with the ceremonies of shepherds.

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