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    Tag: Turkish Citizenship

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    Tourist Arrivals in Turkey

    Tourist Arrivals in Turkey | Detailed Data and the Statistics

    With its attractive places, significant spots and historical elements Turkey is an attraction point and valuable for sure and in relation to that Turkey has a huge number of foreign arrivals every year. According to the statistics revealed by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, tourist arrivals in Turkey increased when compared to the same time period of the previous year.

    The statistics show that the 2022 January-October period had an 88.14% increase when compared with the 2021 January-October period.

    Changes in Turkish Citizenship Application

    Changes in Turkish Citizenship Application

    The conditions of the Turkish citizenship application will have a change. According to the news, the property value taken for the application for citizenship will be increased. The previous amount was $250.000 and now it has changed and become $400.000.


    Turkey Student Visa | How to Get Student Residence Permit and Visa

    Turkey Student Visa is an entry permit for international students who plan to study in Turkey. You can view the visa procedures, conditions and necessary documents for foreign students in Turkey here. In order to acquire a student visa or residence and work permit in Turkey, you must comply with some conditions. Children under the age of 18 of families benefiting from the Turkish citizenship program directly become Turkish citizens and can study in Turkey without a student visa. Consult our experts for more information about the citizenship program by investment in Turkey, explore our services…


    Citizenship in Turkey for Indian | How to Get Turkey Nationality for Indian?

    Citizenship in Turkey for Indian is obtained only by purchasing properties with a minimum value of 250,000 USD. Turkish citizenship through investment provides lifetime rights to Indian citizens and is passed on to future generations. Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport are obtained within 5-6 months. As a Turkish citizen, you have full access to different investment opportunities and enjoy the rights and freedoms that the government offers to all citizens.


    Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate For 250.000 $!

    Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program is to purchase property to get Turkish Citizenship by paying a minimum of 250.000 USD. You will make a lifelong profit with real estate investment. The foreigners will have the right for citizenship with their family in 6 months…