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Tag: COVID-19

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Flights to Istanbul are Resumed by Saudi Arabia

Flights to Istanbul are Resumed by Saudi Arabia

The flights to Istanbul are now being resumed by Saudi Arabia after two years of cancelation. The limitations started according to the Covid pandemic procedures almost two years ago. In relation with this, many countries all around the world had their own prevention systems. That inclueded limitations on travelling and cancelations of flights. The only aim was to control it from spreading since it had impact on everything.

South Korea Cancels Visa Limitations Towards Turkey

South Korea Cancels Visa Limitations Towards Turkey

South Korea cancels visa limitations towards Turkey after the pandemic started losing its effect day by day. Due to pandemic precautions, every country had some limitations. Some had preventions while entering the country and some didn’t allow any entrance at all. South Korean government had some precautions too. The one that was related to Turkey wanted Turkish citizens to get a visa that is suitable for their purpose of visit. Of course, the numbers were limited and not everyone was able to enter the country. Apart from some particular reasons and people such as diplomatic or service passport owners the limitations were all set and accurate. The people who wish to travel to South Korea needed to obey the restrictions given by the Korean authorities.


Important Turkey Decision of The EU!

According to the statement of the General Directorate General of Civil Aviation, 3 countries, including Turkey, have been included in the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” system. With the decision published in the Official Journal dated 20 August 2021, the European Union Commission announced the recognition of Covid-19 vaccine certificates of Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia…