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Power of Turkish Passport


Power of Turkish passport increases along with visa-free travel and easy entry privileges to the most important countries and holiday destinations of the world.

According to the Passport Index, which measures freedom of travel around the world, the Passport ranks 38th. Moreover, Turkey ranks 18th due to its privileges and power in Europe.

With a Turkish passport, you have the opportunity to travel visa-free travel / e-visa to 115 countries. Besides, it offers easy entrance to more than 100 countries without any procedure. Among the countries that offer visa-free travel to Turkish citizens, there are also popular holiday destinations.

There is no country where entrance with passport is prohibited. You can enter and exit every country all around the world.

o Turkey puts its signature under mega projects in terms of tourism and world trade. The strength of the Turkey passport increases due to the powerful global relations.
o The Turkey passport is long-term. So, there is no need to waste time with renewal procedures.

The visa requirement may vary depending on the country of destination and the reason for the visit. When you have a passport, you can travel to countries that offer visa-free entry without any problem.

o If you have passport, you will have dual citizenship.
Also, if you have Turkey passport, you will have free scholarships and free educational opportunities. Turkey passport equals to have these privileges in Turkey and all over the world. You can benefit from the Turkish citizenship program to have a strong passport.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment is the easiest and best way to acquire passport in Turkey. For more information about the second passport, which will add value to your life with its rapidly increasing power, please send your contact details with the form.

Visa Free Countries 2022

If you have a Turkish passport, you will get privileges while traveling. You can travel to almost any country in the world visa-free. You can easily enter hundreds of countries where you only apply for a visa without any procedures.

If you have passport, no need to worry about getting a visa before planning a trip to any country on the list. Or, you are offered an e-visa which provides a visa on arrival.

If you have a Turkey passport, you will benefit from 3 different advantages to enter other countries:

Visa-free: With a strong passport, you can enter many countries of the world without a visa.

Visa on arrival: When you get off the plane, your visa is given instantly.

Online visa: There are a few simple things you need to do online. Within a few days, your visa will be sent to you digitally. Or, forms can be requested upon arrival. It is a fast and simple procedure.
Almost all countries where you can travel with a visa-free / online visa permit you to stay for 15 to 360 days.

Advantages of Turkish Passport 

If you get citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey, you can have a powerful Turkish passport. You will be able to get the advantages that Turkish citizens have.

Turkey Passport rise among the most powerful passports in the world each passing day. It also draws the attention of foreign investors or those who want to immigrate.

The passport Turkey is advantageous for traveling to many countries of the world. There are many popular holiday destinations among the countries where you can travel visa-free.

Having passport does not only mean visa-free travel.

• You can benefit from strength in all areas due to Turkey’s geopolitical position.
• Turkey is a bridge between East and West in terms of trade and energy.
• You can take advantage of government incentives to strengthen your commercial activities.
• Thanks to its stable and developed economy, you will have high welfare living conditions.
• You will have privileges along with strong global relations and agreements.
• You can enter more than 100 countries without a visa. It also offers easy access to all 26 Schengen countries.
• You do not need to renew your Turkish passport for 10 years.
• There is no minimum residence time requirement.
• Passports are delivered in less than 90 weekdays.

Dual Citizenship Rights are entitled. If there is no restriction by your country of citizenship, you can also be a Turkish citizen. There are no restrictions for you to be a citizen of two or more countries.

You can apply to the Social Security Institution and travel to countries without a visa. Also, you can receive free education or benefit from scholarship rights if you have a Passport.

Syrians who get Turkish Citizenship by investment are given the right to enter and exit indefinitely through land crossings between the two governments. Syrians who acquire citizenship by investment can buy a property after becoming citizens.

By benefiting from Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment, you will have the same privileges and legal rights as Turkish citizens when you have a passport.

You can have more information about the Turkish Citizenship Investment Program from our professional real estate consultants.

Requirements for Traveling to Europe with a Passport

Turkey continues to increase its power with relationships within the European Union accession process. As a result of international negotiations for the passport, opportunities will be offered to almost all entrances to European countries. Besides, it is very easy to get the Schengen Visa that is necessary to go to European countries for business and travel purposes.

How to Get a Turkish Passport?

How to Get Passport?

You can benefit from Citizenship by investment in order to acquire a Turkish passport. As a Turkish citizen, you will have a strong passport. The fastest, cheapest and easiest way is Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment.

By purchasing a property with a minimum value of 400,000 USD, you will have your passport within 30 days.

Would you like to get a Passport?

Sale Property Turkey’s extensive real estate portfolio helps you find the best property alternatives! You can look for commercial properties with high investment value. Also, you can get a Turkish passport by purchasing one of the splendid Turkish villas.

The number of foreigners who get strong Turkish passports by real estate investments increase. Our experts in the field will answer any questions you may have during the process.

Required Documents for Passport

Necessary documents to get Turkish citizenship and passport by benefiting from the citizenship program by real estate investment:

1. Biometric Photographs
2. A document which includes information about birthplace, date of birth, parents’ name, etc. (e.g. Birth Certificate)
3. A document shows the marital status (married/divorced/single)
4. Passport Copy
5. Power of Attorney

Turkish Passport Types

Types of Passport in Turkey

There are 4 passport types in Turkey. People serving in the government are given a green, grey or black passport, depending on their authority. The passport given to Turkish citizens who meet certain requirements is the Regular Passport.

Maroon passports are issued to foreign nationals who get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

Maroon Passport / Regular Passport: Issued to the public.

Green Passport / Special Passport: Issued to government officials and former bureaucrats. It is given to government employees who have 1, 2, 3 staff degrees. Visa-free, visa on arrival or e-visa entry is offered to 130 countries.

Grey Passport / Service-Stamped Passport: It is the passport issued by official institutions to people sent abroad on behalf of the state. It is given to journalists and officials.

Black Passport / Diplomatic Passport: Top government officials such as members of parliament, ministers, and governors have black passports.

Turkish Passport FAQ


+ How to Get a Turkish Passport?
By acquiring Turkish Citizenship, you can get a passport. Real estate investment is the best and fastest way for Turkish Citizenship.

+ Can My Whole Family Get Passport?
Yes, the investor and the whole family can get citizenship within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship program. They can also get passport.

+ What are Turkey Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens?
Pakistani citizens are exempt from visas for 90 days for their touristic travels in Turkey. It is compulsory to get a residence permit for touristic visits exceeding 90 days. The government of Pakistan has dual nationality citizenship arrangements with 19 countries. And, there is a dual citizenship arrangement between Turkey and Pakistan. Pakistani investors who get Turkish citizenship by investment can get Passport.

+ How Does the Process of US Visa for Turkish Citizens Work?
The process of getting a US visa for Turkish citizens is very easy. There is E-2 Visa Treaty between the USA and Turkey. The citizens of the E-2 Visa Treaty countries are offered the opportunity to apply for a residence visa. If your country of citizenship is not E-2 Visa country, you can obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from the E-2 Visa Treaty opportunities.

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