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Turkish Delivery Company Getir Enters the US Market

Turkish Delivery Company Getir Enters the US Market

Turkish delivery company Getir enters the US market! Turkey-based original business model ’10-minute grocery delivery’ already provides services in 7 European countries.

Nazim Salur, the Founder of Getir, has made important statements about the new branch in Chicago city which is the third-most populous city in the USA.

Target cities are New York and Boston

Speaking at the press conference held for Turkish delivery company Getir entrance the US market, Getir Founder Nazim Salur talked about their plan to launch in the cities of New York and Boston following Chicago. He also added that their target is to reach 300 cities with a population of more than 100 thousand.

$7.7 billion valuation with over $1.1 billion investment

After pointing out that the USA operation is one of the turning points in the history of the company, Getir Founder Nazım Salur said, “Our goal is to become a global brand. Investors have believed in our vision, and we have reached a valuation of $7.7 billion with an investment of over $1.1 billion. While being one of the most valuable companies in Turkey, we are also among the most impressive initiatives in the European lists.”

Explaining that they had made 3 investment tours within 4 months, Salur said, “We can get investments very quickly in these tours. If you get ready for an IPO now, it might take bewtween 6 and 12 months. We are not against going public, but new companies like us need to act as rapidly as possible. It is more advantageous to get this money from venture capital funds.”

A real success story

Nazim Salur stated that they want to turn Getir into a real global success story. “We want to popularize a Turkish word with five letters and two syllables. We want to show the world that a Turkish company is able to achieve this. Cultural products and brands are the values of countries that leave a trace on international platforms. We want to contribute to explaining Turkey’s values and potential to the world,” he said.

Salur stated that the total number of employees, including branches and couriers, is approximately 30 thousand. Besides, they have given small shares to 1000 employees with payroll.

Turkish delivery company Getir in America after Europe

Getir is now in 12 cities in the UK, including London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Nottingham and Bradford. In the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Leiden and Amstelveen. Getir provides services in Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, Paris and Lille in France. Also, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Milan in Italy and Lisbon in Portugal.

Nazim Salur stated that they will continue to expand their fields of activity both in Turkey and the USA!

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