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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate For 250.000 $!

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate For 250.000 $!

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program is to purchase property to get Turkish Citizenship by paying a minimum of 250.000 USD. You will make a lifelong profit with real estate investment.


According to the official newspaper on 19.09.2018 , the cost of Turkish Citizenship by real estate, which was 1 million dollars before, was reduced to 250.000 USD.

According to real estate investment program, foreigners have the freedom to buy houses wherever they want in Turkey with the exception of military regions. Which means foreigner who invest 250,000 USD or more to real estate  in Turkey can get Turkish citizenship along with their families. Being the owner of residential real estate in a country like Turkey-where is construction and real estate industry is alive and well- would be a good choice of investment.

Also, getting the citizenship after buying a house if for the foreigners who are willing to invest 250,000 USD. The foreigners will have the right for citizenship with their family in 6 months. In other words, buying houses in Turkey will be a profitable investment as well as Turkish citizens. Browse our services, Turkish citizenship consulting.

What are the Restrictions on Foreigners’ Property Purchase?

If you want to take advantage of all Turkish Citizenship by real estate program opportunities and get detailed information, just contact the Sale Property Turkey team!

• A person of foreign nationals in Turkey, you can buy real estate at more than 30 hectares.
• A foreign citizen cannot buy property in military prohibited zones and security zones. Renting is only possible with special permission.
• Real persons with foreign nationality may purchase immovable property up to 10% of the district face measurement of private property.
• The properties determined by the statutory institutions which are not used for the purpose of the purchase. But not for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization about the type of structure within 2 years after the purchase for the construction of the building, may be liquidated by official institutions.

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