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Turkish Cargo is “The Best of Europe”: Fastest-Growing Air Cargo Brand

Turkish Cargo is “The Best of Europe”: Fastest-Growing Air Cargo Brand

Turkish Cargo is the fastest-growing air cargo brand in Turkey. Furthermore, the brand has won the "The Best European Cargo Airline" award by considering innovation, efficiency, speed, and reliability.

The world-famous Turkish brand has developed its services and operations. The brand shapes the air logistic industry day by day. During the global epidemic, it makes a name for itself by developing its brand strength due to its innovative mentality...

Turkish Cargo Operated During the Pandemic!

Turkish Cargo has ceaselessly continued its operations during the pandemic!

The best Turkish air cargo company is a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. The company provides constant service to every part of the world. It has shown its brand reliability as one of the leading cargo companies in the supply of needs. These needs include medical supplies and medicines all around the world.

Turkish Cargo Ranks 7th in the International Air Cargo Market!

Turkish Cargo is described as the rising value of Turkey since 1933. It strengthens its services by ranking 7th in the international air cargo market.

The Turkish air logistic firm is the flag carrier airline of Turkey is rapidly gaining value with the services it provides in the international market. It has been developing its international air cargo operations and activities day by day.

Turkish Airlines logistic company is located at the intersection of international air traffic with the geostrategic position of Turkey. The air logistic company of Turkey aims to make Istanbul the center of logistics thanks to the services it has provided.

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The Procurement of Medical Supplies and Medicine Equipment During the Pandemic!

Turkey and the world’s best cargo company has successfully carried its operations out when there are sectoral disruptions with the negative effects of the pandemic. Carrying its services out despite the negative effects of the global health crisis, it is shown as the best cargo airline in Europe.

According to April 2020 data, it is providing 24/7 service has continued its logistics services in the international arena. Meanwhile, it has been strengthening its supply-chain and operations!

With its stronger fleet and 19 pieces of wide-body passenger air crafts of Turkish Airlines, it globally continues its operational activities. With strengthening its mentality of efficiency and quality…

More Than 120 Direct Flights is Targeted!

Turkish cargo, flying more than 322 destinations has targeted “direct” flights to more than 120 destinations for 2021!

Turkish best air logistic company is among the prominent companies in the air logistic transportation market by increasing its quality standards. For instance, its operational capability and the high standard of employment it provides…

The Cargo Separation Capacity of 4 Million Ton!

Turkish cargo company has set its operational targets as 120 destinations in 2023 with a cargo separation capacity of 4 million tons at Istanbul Airport. With the facility that has an annual cargo separation volume of 4 million tons at the SmartIST, it has been improving its services with its global value.

Turkish air logistic firm has managed one logistic of every 20 air cargo as one of the leading brands in Turkey. It still manages its operational activities and continues to achieve its goals.

Turkish Cargo Ranks 5th Among 25 Air Cargo Companies!

Turkish Cargo continues its activities to make Istanbul the logistics center of the world. It is a fast-growing cargo airline with its operational mentality and service quality in the global logistics sector.

Ranking 5th among the 25 air cargo companies in the world with the highest growth rate, Turkish Cargo is the company having the 6th largest air cargo logistics area in the world. It wins an international award every year in the sector.

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