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Turkey's Biggest Optical Observation Telescope Is Ready!

Turkey's Biggest Optical Observation Telescope Is Ready!

Turkey carries on the studies for the biggest optical infrared telescope. Most importantly, it will be a first in Turkey! Turkey Space Agency has pointed the first week of February through its Twitter account.

Furthermore, President Erdogan made a statement on February 9!

The telescope will get the first light in 2022. Provided that the imported materials reach on time. Certainly, the atmospheric conditions are suitable!

Turkey carries on the studies for the biggest optical and infrared telescope. Consequently, it will be a first in Turkey!

Lecco in Italy has conducted the tests of Turkey’s first infrared telescope. The infrastructure works of Eastern Anatolia Observatory are almost over! Above all, Eastern Anatolia Observatory will host the telescope.

Turkey has experienced a historic turning moment. Turkey has started the works to go to the moon within 2023 Vision Plans. According to statements made at the congress, within the first month!

95% of The Eastern Anatolia Observatory is Completed!

95% of the Eastern Anatolia Observatory is done! Moreover, The Eastern Anatolia Observatory is among the 2023 Vision projects.

DAG (The Eastern Anatolia Observatory) is going to be one of the most important space observation centers in the World. It is planned to be a center of space observation activities of scientists. Furthermore, r&d activities will be carried on!

Minister Varank has also stated the close investment value of the observatory as TL 300 million.

Where is the Eastern Anatolia Observatory?

Karakaya Hills hosts the DAG (The Eastern Anatolia Observatory) in Erzurum.

The Eastern Anatolian Observatory will be 3170 meters above the ground. Besides, 4 meters in diameter after its completion.

The Materials From Belgium and Italy

The main body of the telescope is over. Some of the parts of the telescope are produced whose first light will be given in 2022 are produced in Belgium and Italy.

The parts will be put together in Erzurum. As a result of carrying all the tests out!

What is the “6550 Research Infrastructure Program”?

The works for Turkey’s biggest optical infrared telescope ongoing for 2022. 90% of the dome is over in a successful way.

What does the 6550 program mean exactly?

The 6550 Law regulates the details of research infrastructures. The law also includes special provisions regarding the project’s industrial integration.

RASAT Has Completed Its 9th Year in Orbit!

Turkey still carries space researches. RASAT is the first observation satellite of Turkey. And, it will complete its 9th year in orbit. Just after 4 months!

Firstly, the satellite launched into space from Russia in 2011. Secondly, it has toured over 42 thousand around the world so far. Thirdly and mostly importantly Turkish engineers have developed a high-resolution optical imaging system. RASAT is the first national earth observation satellite of Turkey. The design life for RASAT is 3 years. Now, RASAT operates in full capacity. It is 9 years old at the moment!

Turkish properties which have become popular for foreign investors, attract global attention as being powerful investment instruments.

More than 2800 of the tours in orbit are almost over!

World’s Turkish Eyes into Space!

Turkey carries on studies for the biggest optical infrared telescope. In 2021, the telescope is ready for installation.

Turkey has developed the first infrared telescope. Therefore the Eastern Anatolia Observatory has carried the project. Most importantly, it is the biggest telescope in the world!

CORONOGRAPHY for The Telescope!

The first light will be provided in 2022 for Turkey’s biggest optical and infrared telescope. The telescope will include a colonography having imported materials!

Firstly, the distinction of planets from the stars will be easy thanks to the coronograph.

Secondly, Turkey’s biggest telescope has the biggest single-piece mirror. Thirdly, it has the sensitivity level to show transparent celestial bodies!

The countdown has begun! Turkey carries on studies for the biggest optical infrared telescope. It will be a first in Turkey.

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