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Turkey Passport by Investment | How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Turkey Passport by Investment | How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Turkey passport by investment provides foreign investors with visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, identity cards, strong investment opportunities and residence opportunities as Turkish citizens. Foreign investors get both Turkish citizenship and a strong passport through various investment programs in Turkey. Moreover, obtaining citizenship and passport with investment programs in Turkey is a simple process. Obtaining a Turkish passport, especially through real estate investment, provides both affordable and privileged life opportunities all over the world.

How to Get Turkey Passport by Investment?

Turkey passport by investment is an easy and fast process with citizenship acquisition programs. What is necessary to obtain a Turkish passport is to acquire Turkish citizenship.

You will get Turkish citizenship, passport and the opportunity to live in Turkey with the following investment programs;

  •  Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program
  •  Setting up a business and employing 50 Turkish employees
  •  Turkish Citizenship by investment bank deposit 


  • Employment following working in Turkey for five years
  • Marriage with a Turkish citizen
  • Way of birth / having a Turkish parent
  • Putting signature under important successes in the international arena or in the country and getting accepted by the government


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Turkish Citizenship Process by Investment

Just make an investment in Turkey in order to get citizenship and passport in Turkey! The Turkish government offers various investment programs to foreign investors who want to acquire citizenship. Because of that, every year, hundreds of foreign businessmen, investors and foreign nationals who want to live in Turkey benefit from citizenship programs to acquire citizenship. Turkish citizenship law was changed in 2018. Thus, according to Law No. 5901, Turkish passport, identity card and right of residence are offered with Turkish citizenship investment program. Also, the investment value to be paid for Turkey citizenship by investment 2021 and Turkish passport is determined as 250,000 USD.


Does Turkey allow dual citizenship?

Foreign nationals who want to obtain Turkish passport are allowed to have dual passports and dual citizenship in Turkey. Foreigners who get Turkish citizenship will also have a strong Turkish passport. Sale Property Turkey provides expert Turkish citizenship lawyer and process management for foreign nationals to invest. Your Turkish passport and ID are delivered by your citizenship lawyer following your investment. Furthermore, Turkey allows dual citizenship and you can have a Turkish passport. Unless your country of nationality has any restrictions, you can obtain more than one citizenship as a Turkish citizen.


How much does it cost to invest in Turkey to get citizenship?

For Turkey passport by investment, the investors must meet the program conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Furthermore, the cheapest and most advantageous program to obtain Turkish citizenship is real estate investment.

When you want to acquire Turkish citizenship with the real estate investment program, you need to purchase a property worth 250,000 USD. For more information about the process, send your contact details to our expert sales and investment consultants.

Our professional sales team will guide you by providing information about the process of the acquisition of Turkish passport. Our investment experts also enable you to find the right property for the acquisition of Turkey citizenship at the stage of purchasing your real estate investment and perform process management.


Cost to invest in Turkey to get citizenship


250.000 USD: Get Turkish citizenship by buying property

500.000 USD: Establishing Company in Turkey (Minimum of 50 Turkish Employees)

500.000 USD: Bank Deposit / Capital Investment in Turkey


Additional payments to your investment:

– Service fee paid to the state before the application

– Other expenses of necessary documents

– Besides, sworn translator, notary and Turkish citizenship lawyer costs


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Necessary Documents for Turkey Passport by Investment Application

Documents required for Turkey passport by investment:

–         Notarized and translated Turkish passport

–         2 biometric photos

–         Copy of identity card

–         Valuation report of real estate

–         Your birth and income documents

–         Marital status document (for family members to acquire citizenship)

–         Document valuation and title deeds for the real estate investment program

–         Receipt for payment


How to Get Turkey Passport by Investment to Buying Property?

For dual citizens who have acquired Turkish citizenship through Turkey passport by investment, a foreign passport or a valid ID is valid. There is no obligation to have a Turkish passport.

Turkish citizens apply for Turkish passports to the provincial population and citizenship directorates (abroad, in foreign agents. You will be able to get your passport within 1-2 days after your application. You can follow your application on e-government or

How strong is the Turkish Passport?

Turkey passport by investment enables you to have the freedom to travel to the most popular countries of the world without a visa. It is because the Turkish passport has an important place on the global scale. You can travel without the need for any transaction or document with a Turkish passport. You can benefit from the Turkey passport by investment program to have a strong passport and obtain citizenship.

Advantages of Turkish passport:

– Firstly, having freedom of visa-free travel / online visa to more than 115 countries

– Secondly, Turkey citizenship by investment offers free health and education services as Turkish citizen.

– Thirdly, the Turkish passport is not banned in any country in the world.

– Also, a Turkish passport is valid for a long time.

– Moreover, Turkey is one of the popular holiday destinations due to its geopolitical and strategic location.

– When you have a Turkish passport, it means you have Turkish citizenship. Because being a dual citizen is advantageous.

– Obtaining Turkish passport by investment provides privileges all over the world.

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