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The Most Famous 10 Turkish Furniture Companies

The Most Famous 10 Turkish Furniture Companies

Turkish furniture companies are remarkable all around the world due to their innovative and traditional lines. In addition to the outstanding design ideas of Turkish furniture brands, the quality materials increase the value of the brands.

If you buy a home in Turkey, firstly you will need appropriate furniture to please your taste. You will find thousands of options in furniture markets such as MaskoModoko. Besides, you can find it in furniture shopping malls that combine world brands such as Istanbul Skyland HOM.

Moreover, you can prefer to buy a ready flat which is furnished by famous Turkish furniture manufacturers.

The brands that have wardrobes, bedroom sets, armchairs and many other furniture provide services for your needs. Decoration materials and furniture are manufactured to make a change in your living spaces.

We have prepared the list of Turkey’s most popular and luxurious furniture brands for those who have wondered. You can find brands that attract attention with their award-winning and flashy furniture designs.

List of 10 Luxury & Popular Turkish Furniture Companies (Brands)

The 10 brands we have selected among the most popular and world-renowned Turkish furniture brands in 2021:

  • Lazzoni: It has gained a reputation with the collections prepared by designers around the world since 1897. You can find its stores in Turkey. You’ll see Lazzoni stores in many cities such as Gaziantep, Istanbul, Ankara in Turkey. You will also find Lazzoni stores and collections in many countries such as America, Europe and Asia.
  • Casa: The brand which was founded in 1965 cooperated with an Italian company in 1995. Functional products are designed with an understanding of dynamism, quality and aesthetics. You can find its stores in many cities such as Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara in Turkey. It also has stores and export collections in many countries such as New York, Dubai and Berlin.
  • Fuga: It has a 30-year long history in the sector. There are 4 stores in Istanbul, Turkey. Fuga has stores in many countries.
  • Zebrano: It has more than 40 stores around the world. Zebrano also draws attention with its furniture collections having classic, avant-garde and modern lines. The brand that comes to mind when it comes to luxury furniture is also a favorite of domestic and foreign organizations. You can find Zebrano stores in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.
  • Fatih Kiral: It has been one of Turkey’s most famous and long-established furniture brands since 1980. Fatih Kiral offers elegant and flashy designs for both Turkish and foreign consumers by collaborating with America’s most famous furniture manufacturers. It also provides turn-key services for famous housing developers in Turkey.
  • Sihir Mobilya: It has been in the furniture industry since 1962. Sihir Mobilya includes the most popular furniture brands in Italy in its stores. It designs and sells furniture for different tastes with global collaborations.

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  • Land: It is a Turkish brand that designs functional products for homes and maintains its expertise for 21 years. The rail wardrobe production has made the brand industry-leading in Turkey. It has been also designing haute couture products.
  • Luxury Line Mobilya: Turkish furniture company is famous for luxury pieces of furniture in Turkey. The company exports furniture in classic style design all over the world.
  • Castamo Mobilya: It has been in the Turkish furniture industry for more than 40 years. It performs art both in the retail field and with its quality products. The Turkish furniture company has accomplished several successful projects along with its famous French store.
  • Kervan Mobilya: It is one of Turkey’s most established furniture companies.

Choose the brand that best reflects your soul among these famous brands that have proven themselves with their quality. You can take advice from shop representatives to make the best decoration for your home. You can easily pick the collection in line with your taste for your home.

Furniture Buying Guide in Turkey

No need to have difficulty while finding the brand that you can choose the furniture you need among Turkish furniture companies. It is important to choose the right furniture brand to furnish your home or office in accordance with your dreams.

Do further research while determining the right furniture for both your budget and your home. Quality furniture brands are having original designs that will please you for years.

Have you decided on the option that offers the most suitable designs for you among the Turkish furniture brands at prices that fit your budget?

  • You should converse with the shop representatives about your home. Get more information about pre-sales and after-sales service procedures. Be sure to find out about the guarantee term
  • You can request detailed information about the material and design of the product. Store representatives will provide accurate information for you.
  • You should find out if a sofa or wardrobe you see in the store is suitable for your home.
  • You should also determine the color of the furniture you like for your home correctly. Even how much daylight your floors and the interior of your home receive is vital.

By considering all these things, ask the store representative to deal with you. Furniture stores in Turkey provide quality services. Find out where to look.

Accurate research will get you to the house of your dreams. Furniture choice, which is as important as buying a house, has an important share in your life.

Affordable Furniture Brands in Turkey

There are also Turkish furniture companies that offer attractive offers, especially affordable and flamboyant furniture. Here are 8 well-established and affordable Turkish furniture companies:

  • Istikbal Mobilya
  • Dogtas Mobilya
  • Idas
  • ENZA Home
  • Tepe Home Mobilya
  • Alfemo 
  • Bellona
  • Mudo Concept

We have selected 8 companies with the most affordable prices among brands that offer alternatives with original designs for all kinds of decoration opportunities. However, hundreds of local furniture manufacturers in Turkey have demonstrated themselves in the retail and export fields.

For a dining room set, for example, you can look at collections whose prices range from 3,000 TL to 10,000 TL. Also, you can create a bedroom that fits your taste at affordable prices starting from 4,000 TL. Moreover, Turkish furniture manufacturers offer attractive campaigns every year.

If you look for a glamorous collection for your home from luxury Turkish furniture companies, you might spend a lot of money. But there are so many options for affordable furniture. You can buy affordable sofa sets or flamboyant options for your bedroom from Turkish furniture stores.

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