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NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul Mall!

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul Mall!

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition will be held in Metropol Istanbul Mall between the dates of December 8-30! Get your tickets now for the NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reflects more than 50 years of space studies and experiences.

The business partners of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOBILE SPACE EXHIBITION are YapiKredi, ITU Eta Foundation, Doga College, Roketsan, Space Systems T&T Lab, CarrefourSA, Digiturk, Minika, Asymmetric.

200 Works and High-Tech Space Instruments

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition, which offers the opportunity to experience space with life-size and historically significant collections, VR areas equipped with interactive technologies, will take its visitors on a journey that sheds light on the mystery of the universe.

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition has been visited by more than 4 million people in 12 countries within 4 years. So, special pieces from space and dozens of high-tech space instruments will allow visitors to experience the space life in Turkey!

Interesting Promotion for NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul!

A man has promoted the world’s biggest Mobile Space Exhibition while dressing as an astronaut at a metro station in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ticket Prices Starting From 75 Turkish Liras

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul Mall will enable visitors to see the miracles of space at affordable prices. The visitors are able to buy the tickets online at Biletix and Mobilet. Besides, tickets are available at the NASA Exhibition Entrance of the Atasehir Metropol Istanbul. Moreover, there are group discounts.

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition offers the chance to listen to interesting space stories with guided tours. It also allows visitors to participate in space adventures interactively with VR and simulation technologies. Besides, it is an exciting and fun-filled space that inspires enthusiasts of all ages with its different workshops. space experience.

Visitors Will Touch the Real Moonstone!

NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul includes several interesting values. Visitors will be able to walk in the shoes of astronauts and see the prototype of the ‘Starship’ developed by Space X.


  1. A real moonstone that visitors can touch
  2. replicas of space rockets
  3. full-size models of spacecrafts
  4. a 10-meter-long model of the Saturn V rocket
  5. clothing worn personally by astronauts going into space
  6. several types of equipment used in missions are awaiting the visitors!
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