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MIDWOOD Provides $200 Million Annual Foreign Exchange Input

MIDWOOD Provides $200 Million Annual Foreign Exchange Input

Midwood Istanbul Film Studio Complex, which has the distinction of being one of the biggest film sets in Turkey and Europe, will be in Istanbul Buyukcekmece. The project, which has an investment value of 200 million dollars, will also provide employment for 15 thousand people.

The countdown has begun for MIDWOOD Istanbul Film Studio Complex. The project will gather the playmakers of the film industry in the national and international arena under one roof. Preparations for the film set continue at full speed. Firstly, MIDWOOD will host world-famous projects. Secondly, it will be able to provide filming services to 10 film productions at the same time.

Next-Generation Studio in One of Europe's Biggest Film Plateaus

The film set, which is being implemented as a next-generation studio that will produce world-class services in Istanbul, at the center of the world, is preparing to become Turkey's new center of attraction.

  • High tech 20 sound stages
  • Water stages which also include an outdoor water tank for realistic scenes
  • Backlots & exterior and interior sets which provide different ambiances
  • 18 workshops
  • All kinds of cameras and lights
  • Post-production materials
  • Units such as hotels, spas, shops, night club, thematic restaurants

Ahmet San, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the complex, said that MIDWOOD will become the new meeting point of the world film industry. Ahmet San stated that the Los Angeles-based MIDWOOD USA company is in the process of establishment. Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran will also host 14 contact offices.

The Heart of the World Cinema Industry Will Beat in MIDWOOD

Midwood Istanbul Film Studio Complex will be Europe's largest film set and one of the most important in the world. The film plateau will be on 400 thousand square meters along with an investment of 825 million TL. In the giant complex; there will be 21 studios and 17 open set areas, 18 production workshops and all the crew, equipment and services needed for shooting. These areas will offer unique environments for shooting movies, TV series and commercials.

Lastly, MIDWOOD will be presented to the world on October 29, 2023, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey!

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