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Istanbul Galataport Starts Operating In April!

Istanbul Galataport Starts Operating In April!

Istanbul Galataport will become the main port of international cruise companies! According to the statement of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Istanbul Galataport starts operating in April!

Galataport has the potential to attract 25 million visitors. Also, it is a huge urban transformation project.

The main structures of the project are ready! 1.5 million cruise ships are planned to dock annually. Work uninterruptedly continues for the mega project that sets the world alight. So, there are already 61 ship bookings to dock at the port in 2021!

1.7 Billion Dollar Investment in Istanbul Galataport!

1.7 billion dollar investment in Istanbul Galataport which is one of the biggest projects in the world!

Dogus Group and Bilgili Holding have cooperatively worked on the project. The port project includes a terminal, duty-free shops, hotel, restaurant, leasable areas, private areas for government authorities. Besides, there are many commercial and technical areas.

Istanbul Beyoglu Atlas Cinema and Istanbul Cinema Museum opened their doors to visitors. Following the completion of reconstructions on February 26.

Turkey carries on the studies for the biggest optical infrared telescope. Most importantly, it will be a first in Turkey! Turkey Space Agency has pointed the first week of February through its Twitter account.

Works for Galataport Project Started in 2016!

The works started at the end of 2016 for the mega Galataport Project in Istanbul.

There has been a demolition of the buildings where old passenger reception points were built, warehouses and old buildings within the scope of urban transformation. The reconstruction of the buildings has come to an end.

The new structures and the project will be ready in April.

It starts from Karakoy Pier where is one of the most historical places in Istanbul. And, it extends to the Findikli Campus of Mimar Sinan University.

The port will be on a 1.2 km coastline. Most importantly, it is a mega-urban transformation project!

Terminal Is 16 meters Underwater!

Galataport Terminal has an area of 29 thousand square meters and 16 meters under the water! Also, it is a technique applied for the first time in the world.

In the Galataport project, the buildings reconstructed within the scope of the urban transformation project are almost ready. The terminal is almost twice the size of the old one!

After getting off the ship, the passengers will pass through the passport control points under the ground floor of the terminal.

Service For The World’s Biggest Ships

Galataport has an area to serve the world’s biggest ships. The terminal has comfortable waiting rooms as well as a wide passport terminal and check-in areas.

Furthermore, giant cruise ships will transport through the ship bellows system to be built in Galataport Port. It is a first in the world!

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Coronavirus Does Not Stop Activities!

Reservations for the Galataport project rapidly continue despite the coronavirus. 200 cruise ships that will carry 350,000 passengers even under pandemic conditions will dock at the port in 2021.

When the world’s largest coastal project Galataport is ready, cruise ships with a passenger capacity of over 6,000 will be able to use the port.

Bookings for Galataport will hopefully increase 5 times after the abolition of restrictions. Also, 5 thousand people will work in the Galataport.

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