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Gold Reserve Worth $6 Billion in Turkey Gubretas Mine Site!

Gold Reserve Worth $6 Billion in Turkey Gubretas Mine Site!

Gubretas mine site in Turkey, 3.5 million ounces of gold reserves were discovered and then rapidly operations in progress! After the discovery of the 3.5-million-ounce gold reserve in the Gubretas mine site, the share value increased by 10%!

Following the announcement of the reserve discovery, the shared values of Gubretas hit a peak. Also, according to the statements the reserve has such a gold value that it will take place on the top 5 in the world!

Fahrettin Poyraz, The Chairman of the Gubretas, has stated that the value of the reserve is about 6 billion dollars.

Approximately 3.5 Million Ounces of Gold Reserve in The Mine Site!

Fahrettin Poyraz stated that there is a definite 3.5 million ounces of mineral resources in the Gubretas mine site. He also said that 1 million 920 thousand ounces are ready to be extracted as a definite resource.

There is a total of 3.2 million ounces after adding 1.6 million ounces 83% of which will be converted into reserves. Poyraz has also said that it has an approximate value of $6 billion in present-day conditions.

Positive Reflection on The "GUBRF" Shares!

GUBRETAS is one of the fastest-growing companies in Turkey. It also ranks number 54 in the "Top 100 Turkish Companies" list of Fortune and Forbes! According to data evaluation of the last three years, Gubretas is the biggest company in 2020. The shares of Gubretas have increased by 10%!

Moreover, according to the statement, it will be among the top 5 mines in the world in terms of gold density in addition to the resource values.

A First in Turkey!

The gold density of the mine is unprecedented! The low costs of mining are the other remarkable detail!

In the world, the gold density in 1 ton of soil is approximately 2-3%. In this mentioned mine site, this percentage is 8.6! It will be a first in Turkey and the world due to these reasons.

Moreover, in some parts of this mine site, approximately 12-14% gold might be extracted.

Contribution to Turkish Agriculture and Economy!

Gubretas that has a traditional leadership in the fertilizer industry also attracts a great deal of attention in the finance and economy areas with its breakthroughs in recent years!

The Gubretas company that aims to contribute to the Turkish economy and agriculture has also announced that it will extract resources through its own means.

Gubretas company has stated that mining of the site will be carried out by Gubretas. The contribution to the Turkish economy and agriculture will be possible by extracting the mine with its teams and investments.

Maden A.S. will be directly active in the mining within the scope of the cooperation of Agricultural Credit and Gubretas. Plus, technical and financial support will be provided by it.

It has been announced that the value received will be brought to Gubretas. The steps will be taken to contribute to Turkish agriculture through renovation investments in company facilities!

The First Gold Reserve will be Mined in 2 Years!

The technical preparations and financing work of the mining are rapidly proceeding thanks to the strength of the Gubretas company and the support of the Agricultural Credit.

According to the announcements, the first gold will be mined in 2 years. Consequently, the Turkish economy will gain another national value! The company draws attention especially after the news of 405 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea!

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