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Everything About Galataport Istanbul | The Mixture of Art, Culture, Travel and Gastronomy

Everything About Galataport Istanbul | The Mixture of Art, Culture, Travel and Gastronomy

Galataport Istanbul is a project that aims to revitalize ports that have not been actively used for nearly 200 years. For this purpose, the construction of the project started in 2016. This project went public in October 2021. Galataport Istanbul offers all the possibilities and cutting-edge technologies that make daily life easier thanks to digitalization.

Galataport Istanbul expects to host a total of 25 million visitors annually. While 7 million of these visitors are foreign tourists, an additional 1.5 million cruise passengers are expected to visit Istanbul.

How to go to Galataport Istanbul?

It is quite easy to reach this place, which is located on the coastline of the Karakoy ferry port and the Fındıklı campus building of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty. For those who prefer to come in their car, there is a car park with a capacity of 2,400 vehicles. In addition, there is a bicycle parking lot for visitors who want to reach by bicycle.

In addition to all these, it is quite simple to reach this location by public transport! You can easily reach Galataport Istanbul from the metro, Metrobus, tram, and Marmaray stations. On the other hand, you can choose to come here by sea, thanks to its proximity to the Karakoy-Kabatas ferry port. For more detailed information, visit the Galataport Istanbul transportation guide.

What to do in Galataport?

Galataport Istanbul reflects the neighborhood concept with its accessible and low-rise buildings. In this concept, it is possible to find a space for every taste. Spreading over an area of ​​29 thousand square meters, Galataport Istanbul hosts 135 stores and 54 restaurants. All of the brands listed here appeal to all target audiences and different tastes. Apart from the food-beverage and shopping area, it also hosts various museums and activities. Istanbul Modern and Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum are holding various exhibitions here. Galataport Istanbul offers a socializing area suitable for all tastes with all its facilities.

Historical Places Around Galataport

With the restoration of the historical buildings in the project area, many treasures were brought back to Istanbul. In addition, thanks to the improvements made on the floors, the durability of the buildings have been increased. We have listed the historical places around Galataport for those who want to spend time outside of the food and beverage area and activities;

  • Package Post Office
  • Cinili Han
  • Tophane Clock Tower
  • Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque
  • Tophane Pavilion

The Peninsula Istanbul

This hotel is under construction and will complete in 2022. Peninsula Istanbul is building in Galataport Istanbul with a budget of 300 million Euros. Peninsula Istanbul, a major investment project, provided 150 million Euros of foreign direct investment to the country's economy.

A First with the Underground Cruise Terminal

Positioned as the main port, Galataport can serve 3 ships and 15 thousand passengers per day. It breaks new ground in the world with a 29 thousand square meter terminal built underground with a special cover system. When there are no ships in the port, the coastline remains open to access by creating a temporary bonded area thanks to the special cover system. In this way, the coastline of Karakoy, which is close to access, becomes one of the most beautiful walking routes in the city.

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