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Citizenship in Turkey for Indian | How to Get Turkey Nationality for Indian?

Citizenship in Turkey for Indian | How to Get Turkey Nationality for Indian?

Citizenship in Turkey for Indian is obtained only by purchasing properties with a minimum value of 250,000 USD. Turkish citizenship through investment provides lifetime rights to Indian citizens and is passed on to future generations. Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport are obtained within 5-6 months. So, as a Turkish citizen, you can have full access to different investment opportunities and enjoy the rights and freedoms that the government offers to all citizens.

Can Indian Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Citizenship by investment for Indian

Turkish Citizenship is obtained simply and quickly by Turkey nationality citizenship programs. Indian government allows dual citizenship. Governments such as Saudi Arabia and China have restricted dual citizenship with some countries. However, there are no restrictions between Turkey and India. All foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship are given the right to citizenship unless the laws of the nationality are prohibited. Only the Indian citizen investor and his family, who purchase real estate with a minimum value of 250,000 USD, are allowed to get Turkish citizenship (Conditions apply).

Citizenship in Turkey for Indian is also advantageous due to economic conditions and fast processes. Indians who obtain citizenship have hundreds of rights such as free health and education services. Citizenship programs do not have any proficiency prerequisites such as language.

How do I Get Citizenship in Turkey as an Indian?

Citizenship in Turkey for Indian is a rapid and economical investment process with investment programs. India and Turkey are two countries with common traditional and modern values. Also, there will be no restrictions after the acquisition of citizenship.

For the acquisition of Turkish citizenship as an Indian citizen;

  1. Buying real estate worth 250,000 USD
  2. Bank Deposit of 500,000 USD
  3. Establishing Company with a minimum of 50 Employees
  4. Real Estate Investment Fund Share of 500,000 USD

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Applying for Citizenship in Turkey for Indian

Turkish Citizenship through investment for Indian has a simple and fast process. Indian citizens who want to get Turkish citizenship must apply the above-mentioned investment programs and comply with the conditions. Below, you can examine important information such as where to apply for Turkish citizenship, the conditions, legal procedure, documents, and periods.

  • Indian citizens who want to obtain Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment program must purchase real estate worth $250,000 and put an annotation that it will not be sold for 3 years. Different foreign currency options that are equivalent to $250,000 are also acceptable. 250,000 dollars is the limit for the program. By purchasing one or more properties, you become a Turkish citizen at short notice. Besides, you have Turkish property with a strong investment value in Turkey.

  • You can make a capital investment of $500,000 in order to become a Turkish citizen. 500.000 USD is the minimum amount to be deposited. Investments are accepted with different foreign currency options of the same amount. Citizens of India who want to get citizenship with the Turkey citizenship by investment 2021 program can obtain citizenship by capital investment.

  • One of the other investment program options for Turkish citizenship is to found a company and provide employment for at least 50 people.

Obtaining citizenship is simple and safe with real estate, the most popular among Turkish citizenship programs, and other investment programs. Methods such as Turkish Citizenship by Marriage or adoption require harder and longer processes.

On the other hand, you need to complete the necessary documents and not to have anything which the Turkish government would find objectionable in addition to fulfilling these conditions.


Requirements of Turkish Citizenship for Indian Through Investment Program

Citizenship in Turkey for Citizens of Indian needs you to meet the conditions specified in the citizenship law. Citizens of all countries that meet the conditions are able to benefit from investment programs. But statutory laws must allow dual citizenship with Turkey. India allows its citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship. There are no restrictions between the two states.

Turkish citizens investment programs are valid for Indian people.  thus, there is an increasing demand for Turkish through Investment by Indian citizens.

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(The conditions set by the Turkish government for subsequent citizenship programs are general and will not change unless there is a different agreement between the two countries.)

Documents Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The supporting documents to be completed for Citizenship in Turkey for Indian are as follows:

  •  Firstly, the application form indicating the investment program
  •  Identity document from India / your country of citizenship
  •  Identity document of spouse and children of married investors
  •  Document proving the ties of family members
  •  Passport photo (belonging to the investor and the family)
  •  Birth certificate
  •  Receipt of the payment made before the application

Documents required for Indian citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship by real estate investment:


  • Copy and original of the passport (Turkish translation)
  • Valuation report from an authorized real estate appraisal company
  • Mandatory earthquake insurance if the immovable is a residence or workplace
  • Sworn translator for investors who do not speak Turkish

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(While preparing the necessary documents, our consultants will manage all stages and provide professional support during all transactions. Also, our experts will closely follow every step, including legal stages, additional expenses, moving operations, rental and after-sales services.)


How Long Does Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Indians Take?


The process of the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship for an Indian investor takes 5-6 months.

– Arrival in Turkey and evaluate the property with an investment advisor

– Receiving a tax number, opening a bank account

– Legal controls and buying an investment property

– Collecting of documents and delivering the application

If you want to get Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport, send your contact details with the form. You can also request investment consultancy from our experts.


Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program for Indians

Benefits of the Citizenship in Turkey for Indian:


– Fast and simple transactions

– Citizenship for the whole family (children under 18 and the investor’s spouse)

– Citizenship through ancestry

– Dual citizenship with Turkish citizenship (no need to give up your current citizenship)

– Social guarantees, free education, health care

– Finally, high and lifetime return on investment

There are hundreds of advantages for Indian citizens who acquire citizenship by investment in Turkey. Turkey is an important destination with its location, rich cuisine, friendly people, in addition to its fascinating natural beauties.

  • A powerful Turkish passport enables you to travel to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and more than 114 countries with a visa-free/online visa.

  • There is no e-2 visa agreement between India and the US. So that, one of the advantages of citizenship in Turkey for Indian is to benefit from the US E-2 investor visa. You can have the opportunity to move with your whole family. The agreement, which provides the opportunity to get a business visa and liquid real estate in the USA as a Turkish citizen will turn your investment into greater profit. There is no minimum investment requirement.

  • Citizens of India, who become Turkish citizens by investment, have the key to global business and investment opportunities.

Thinking of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment?

Citizenship in Turkey for Indian attracts attention with the increasing demand in recent years. If you want to benefit from strong investment opportunities and want to live in Turkey or benefit from a lifetime investment opportunity, please send your contact details with the form. Our consultants contact you as soon as possible. Complete your citizenship by investment in Turkey with the cooperation of an expert Turkish citizenship Lawyer. If you wish, let us guarantee you to complete your transactions safely and free of charge without coming to Turkey. Turkey Property is the most advantageous way to become a citizen. Benefit from the opportunity of a lifetime investment while taking advantage of the expert consultancy services of Sale Property Turkey.

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