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2021 Housing Sales Increase by 44% with Turkish Citizenship Program!

2021 Housing Sales Increase by 44% with Turkish Citizenship Program!

The number of foreign investors benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program, which is offered with real estate investment in Turkey for $250,000, increased by 44%!

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the number of foreign investors benefiting from the citizenship program has increased. The increase in 2021 June housing sales figures broke a record with 185%. The interest in buying houses from Turkey of the Gulf and Middle East countries, as well as Europe and the USA, is rising. The countries that have bought the most houses in 2021 were Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and Russia. Sector representatives aim to sell housing to 50 thousand foreigners by the end of 2021.

Citizens of 184 Different Countries Acquire Turkish Citizenship Program

Citizens of 184 different countries have benefited from the Turkish citizenship program by purchasing house so far. Egyptian, German, Russian and Iranian citizens have shown the most interest in the Turkish citizenship program in 2021. During the first quarter of 2021, housing sales to foreigners were 2 million 123 thousand 438 square meters in total!

General Housing Sales in Turkey Increase in June 2021!

General housing sales figures for June 2021 in Turkey increased by 127% when compared to May. According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 134,731 houses were sold in June. The house sales figures were determined as 59,166 in May, 2021. Also, 25,833 houses were sold in June 2021.

In addition, 25,833 residences were sold in Istanbul. Istanbul city, which has a share of 19,2% in June 2021, was the city with the most housing sales.

2021 Turkey Housing Sales Statistics to Foreigners

When the house sales in January 2021 are examined. 70,587 houses were sold in Turkey. Istanbul properties have drawn the most interest in house sales.

Istanbul: 13,635 houses

Ankara: 6,635 houses

Izmir: 4,063 houses


Iranian Citizens Buy the Most Homes During the First Half of 2021

When the house sales figures for June 2021 are examined, an increase in house sales to foreigners is observed. When the January-June data on house sales to foreigners are analyzed, 20,488 houses were sold to foreign real estate investors during the first 6 months. During the first half of 2021, the country with the highest house sales was Iran. With a sale of 3,070 houses, Iraqi citizens bought the most houses in Turkey.

The Great Interest of Egypt in Turkish Citizenship Program in 2021!

There was no decrease in real estate sales figures in Turkey during the first quarter of 2021. Despite the negative impacts of the pandemic in 2021, there was only a one percent decline in the Turkish real estate sector compared to 2020. Egyptian citizens have shown the greatest interest. On the other hand, Egypt was not even included in the top 10 list of investor countries in previous periods. In 2021, the country has taken place on the top with a high level of increase.

Iraq, Russia, and Germany Show Great Interest in Turkey Real Estate!

Foreign home buyers have played an essential role in the Turkish real estate sector. Following the Iranian citizens, the citizens of Iraq, Russia, and Germany have benefitted from the citizenship program in Turkey. Central and Far Asia have a 13% share.

During the first half of 2021;

Iraq: 3,019 house sales

Russia: 1,759 house sales

Afghanistan: 1,277 house sales

Germany: 726 house sales

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