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12th Transport and Communication Forum: Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum: Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum was held at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul European Side. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also made a speech. He reaffirmed the trust of the public by highlighting important points related to Turkey’s agenda.

Istanbul Airport Among the Bests

At first, Erdogan, of course, made a few statements about the aviation sector in Turkey. He said that “Ataturk Airport continues to host national and international events and competitions. Such as TEKNOFEST 2021.” He also added that “We continue to our investments and achievements in air transportation. So, we are running to our goal both in the country and in the world.”

“Istanbul Airport started operation 3 years ago. But now it ranks second among the best in the world. Istanbul Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe. New Airport, which currently has a capacity of 90 million, has the opportunity to increase it to 200 million. Turkish Airlines also rises to the top among the world’s best airline companies.”

Target 2023 

Erdogan, who pointed out Target 2023 in almost every speech, did not miss this in his speech at 12th Transport and Communication Forum. Stating that they have achieved most of their governmental goals, the country leader also stated that “We will particularly achieve our goals about the current situation and future of the transportation and communication sectors.”

After talking about Turkey’s success in fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic, Erdogan added that this would cause drastic changes in world economies and societies.

Rail Systems Under One Roof

President Erdogan stated that Turkish companies producing rail system vehicles are under one roof and continued: “We have already developed our national electric train set. Next year, we are starting the production of our national electric locomotive. We have completed the high-speed train design, and now we are producing the prototype. In the same way, we are about to be able to produce in the subway, suburban, tramway.”

Canal Istanbul and Marine Transportation

“Undoubtedly, our biggest project in maritime transport is Canal Istanbul. The fact that the Bosphorus is no longer able to carry the increasing freight and passenger traffic and that our coasts are under constant threat has led us to seek such an alternative. Canal Istanbul has always been an issue. We will continue to implement other works within the scope of the project in this way within a certain plan. We will start the excavation of the canal according to the plan in the program.” However, The Sazlidere Bridge is the first concrete step of this crazy project, followed by the Halkali-Kapikule Railway Bridge, the construction of which was started after the tender and site delivery.”

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