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    Housing Sales to Foreigners Amount to 52 Billion Dollars in Turkey!

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    Housing sales to foreigners gain momentum with each passing day and adds value to housing investment. The housing sales worth 52 billion dollars creates strong movements in the housing sector since 2006.

    This strengthening in Turkey in the last 15 years paves the way for the different steps in the Turkish real estate sector. Turkey gets great demand with foreign citizenship program in the Turkey real estate sector. It is still on the rise in 2020 with a $ 2.9 billion value of investment!

    Direct Investments Strengthen with Real Estate Investments!

    Instead of direct investments in Turkey, investing in real estate has started to gain value! Real estate investment in Turkey stands out as a fast and risk-free investment tool for Turkish and foreign investors.

    Turkish Citizenship full of privileges is obtained by purchasing a property with a minimum value of 250.000 USD, not only by buying real estate!

    Foreign investors who invest in real estate in Turkey can get citizenship. And, they decide on living in Turkey to increase their standards of living with several privileges. Then, they have the opportunity to make direct investments in Turkey with the support of the governments or other facilities in Turkey.

    You can take a professional consultancy from our experts to live in Turkey, experience the privileges and advantages of doing business, and make a strong real estate investment in Turkey.

    Foreigners Have Proceeded Their Real Estate Investments During the Time of Global Crisis!

    During the time of the global crisis, foreigners have proceeded with their real estate investments. It has been gaining value from past to present.

    Since 2006, the real estate investment in Turkey has been getting stronger despite the 2020 health crisis and the 2019 global crisis! Real estate investment worth of $ 52 billion gives us the exact answer!

    Top 9 Nationalities Housing Sales in Turkey 2020Housing sales in Turkey 2020 data show that Iran comes first among nations benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program and real estate investments in Turkey.

    Buying House without Coming to Turkey Provides Advantages!

    Indeed, there is a very important issue that should not be ignored. The real estate purchases of foreigners amount to 5 billion 915 dollars in 2018 causes the question of why…

    Turkey real estate investment is advantageous and provides a fast return. Not only buying a house but also obtaining Turkish Citizenship and having the opportunity to make a direct investment in Turkey.

    You can get detailed information about post-investment advantages from our real estate consultants. One of the biggest underlying reasons for these figures in Turkey is the quality of pre-sales services and quick solutions.

    Through the leading real estate agencies of Turkey, you can take firm steps for your real estate investment in Turkey.

    Take Firm Steps in Turkey Through Our Professional Real Estate Consultancy Service!

    We will be glad to support you through our professional consultancy service. We will advise you about your living and real estate investment as your solution partner in Turkey.

    Which districts are mostly preferred by foreign investors in Turkey? Or which types of housing are popular? What is the best option for your investment and budget? You will find the answers to all these questions easily.

    If you want to live and invest in Turkey without suffering the difficulties of being a stranger, have these opportunities at once!

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