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    Global housing price index 2021 is announced by Knight Frank! Three of the top 10 cities in the world where housing prices have increased the most in the last year are in Turkey. Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara are among the top 10 in the research of Knight Frank which is one of the world’s leading independent real estate consultancies. The research has covered 55 countries and 150 cities between the second quarters of 2020 and 2021.

    Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara

    While Izmir has ranked second with an increase of 30%, Istanbul ninth with 26.4% and Ankara tenth place with 25.%. It is noteworthy that cities from Turkey, Canada, USA and Russia are in the top 10.

    Knight Frank report reveals how much housing prices increased in 150 cities between 2020 and the second quarter of 2021. Also, the index results point to the change during the pandemic period.

    Global housing price index 2021, TOP TEN

    Halifax, Canada, is at the top of the cities where prices have increased the most in the year with 30.8%.

    Izmir in Turkey and Seoul, the capital of South Korea, have shared second place with an increase of 30%.

    Phoenix, USA, is in 4th place with 29.3%.

    Housing prices in Moscow, the capital of Russia, have increased by 28.8% in the last year.

    The housing price index in Hamilton, Canada, which ranks sixth, has increased by 28%.

    The US city, San Diego ranks seventh with 27.1%.

    Russia St. Petersburg, on the other hand, has taken eighth place with 26.7%.

    Istanbul is the 9th city with the highest increase in the global housing price index with 26.4%.

    Ottawa in Canada and Ankara in Turkey have shared 10th place with 25.8%.

    Price Reduction in 11 out of 150 cities

    While prices have decreased in 11 of the 150 cities on the list, it was noteworthy that most of them are in Italy.

    Housing prices in Venice have decreased by 6.3% in the last year. In Dubai, on the other hand, there was a decrease of 4.4%. In the Italian cities of Genoa, Palermo and Florence, housing prices decreased by 2 to 3%.

    In the US, the rate of change in the housing price index in the last 1 year is as follows:

    • Los Angeles 18.7 percent,
    • New York 16.8 percent,
    • Oxford 15 percent.

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