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    February, 2021: 81,222 Units of Houses Sold in Turkey!

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    In February 2021, 81,222 units of houses were sold in Turkey. Firstly, 2,964 residential units were sold to foreigners according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. Secondly, regarding the sectoral impacts of the pandemic crisis all over the world, the effect was at a minimum in the housing sector. According to the same month last year, housing sales decreased by 31.6% across Turkey.


    15,929 Houses Were Sold in Istanbul in February 2021!

    15,929 units house sales across Istanbul in February 2021! On the other hand, there were 22,662 housing sales in the same month (February) of the previous year (2020).

    Istanbul: 15,929 house sales (19.6%)

    Ankara: 7,757 house sales (9.6%)

    Izmir: 4,659 house sales (5.7%)

    Least Home Sales in Bayburt, Tunceli, and Ardahan in Turkey!

    The most home sales were in Istanbul Turkey in February 2021! So, the cities with the least number of houses across the country are respectively;

    Tunceli: 34 houses,

    Ardahan: 31 houses,

    Bayburt: 27 houses.

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    1,525 Houses Sold to Foreigners in Istanbul!

    The interest of foreign investors in the Turkish real estate sector has been increasing lately. Consequently, there were 2,964 residential sales to foreigners across Turkey.

    Foreigners bought 1,525 houses (51%) in Istanbul.

    Housing sales figures for foreigners in other cities are as follows;

    Antalya: 533 houses,

    Ankara: 211 houses,

    Mersin: 138 houses,

    Samsun: 64 houses.


    Iranian Citizens Purchased 477 Houses in February 2021!

    Iranians are the foreigners who have bought the most housings in Turkey lately!

    Also, Iranian citizens still hold the first rank in the list of housing sales across the country in February 2021! Iranian citizens purchased 477 houses in February 2021.

    The housing figures purchased by citizens of other countries are as follows:

    Iraqi citizens: 432 houses,

    Russian Federation citizens: 259 houses,

    Afghanistan citizens: 230 houses,

    Citizens of Kazakhstan 119 houses.

    3,174 Pieces of Mortgaged (with Bank Loan) Sales in Istanbul!

    According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, there were 3,174 pieces of mortgaged housing sales in Istanbul in February 2021. These figures which were sold using residential housing loans of banks are 19.93% of the overall housing sales figures across Turkey.

    Mortgaged housing sales figures are 14,669 in Turkey.

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    4,150 New Houses Sold in Istanbul in February!

    When we examine the house sales figures of February 2021, we can see that 4,150 newly-built houses were sold.

    • Newly-built Housing Sales:

    New housing sales figures in Istanbul consist of 28.31% of general sales.

    • Pre-owned Housing Sales:

    The figures for pre-owned house sales are 11,419 units. Also, 71.69% of the general housing sales are second-hand.

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