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    Vadistanbul Is More Than A Shopping Mall

    Vadistanbul Is More Than A Shopping Mall !

    We chose Vadistanbul for this blog because it is one of the most prominent shopping complexes in Istanbul worth talking about, with a continual increase in terms of brands and privileged services. But, rather than boring you with figures and useless information, we will share our experiences.

    Housing Sales

    Housing Sale Statistics – June 2022

    According to the new housing sale statistics revealed, foreigners bought 8 thousand 630 properties in June. Comparing June housing sale statistics to the same month in the previous year, house sales in Turkey increased by 81.8%.

    Changes in Turkish Citizenship Application

    Changes in Turkish Citizenship Application

    The conditions of the Turkish citizenship application will have a change. According to the news, the property value taken for the application for citizenship will be increased. The previous amount was $250.000 and now it has changed and become $400.000.

    Turkey International Airports

    Turkey International Airports

    Turkey International Airports host millions of people all around the world. In 2021, domestic lines hosted 68 million 711 thousand 173 passengers while Turkey International Airports hosted 59 million 676 thousand 396 passengers. and the total number of passengers increased by 57.4 percent compared to 2020 and reached the figure of 128 million 565 thousand 706. An international airport is an airport where customs offices and an international terminal are located. Those who will fly to other countries can board their planes at these airports. However, international airports can be used for domestic flights as well as international flights. International airports are often much larger than domestic airports. International airport standards are set by IATA and ICAO.

    Commercial Flights at Istanbul Airports Increased by 45 percent

    Commercial Flights at Istanbul Airports Increased by 45 percent

    Commercial flights at Istanbul airports increased by 45 percent during the 11-month period of 2021. The amount of freight transported from 3 airports in Istanbul, on the other hand, increased by 30 percent. During the period of Covid-19, airline companies have suspended flights. Hence, commercial flights have gained more importance all around the world. Because air cargo has always provided fast and easy transportation. Besides, some problems in road and sea transportation for the transportation of goods and products to various points of the world have caused airways to be more popular day by day. Thus, air traffic has gained importance with the measures.

    Houses Sold in September 2021

    147 Thousand 143 Houses Sold in Turkey in September 2021

    According to the housing sales statistics of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 147 thousand 143 houses were sold in Turkey in September 2021. Housing sales across Turkey increased by 7.6% in September compared to the same month of the previous year. Istanbul had the highest share with 28,229 housing sales and a share of 19.2%. Ankara ranked second with a share of 9.7%. Izmir ranked third with a 6.0% share. The provinces with the lowest housing sales: Sirnak with 78 houses, Ardahan with 41 houses, Hakkari with 14 houses.


    Mahmutbey-Mecidiyekoy M7 Metro Line, Put Into Operation 28th October!

    Mahmutbey-Mecidiyekoy M7 metro line is put into operation at 14.00 on the 28th of October which is today. The length of Mahmutbey-Mecidiyekoy metro line is 18 km. With a capacity of ‎‎70,000 people in one direction per hour!‎

    The total line length of the metro station is 43 km! The opening of the metro line is vital ‎in terms of transportation between Mahmutbey and Mecidiyekoy. Following examination of the details of the metro line, you will feel ‎the magical atmosphere of Istanbul!