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    Category: Turkish Citizenship

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    Tourist Arrivals in Turkey

    Tourist Arrivals in Turkey | Detailed Data and the Statistics

    With its attractive places, significant spots and historical elements Turkey is an attraction point and valuable for sure and in relation to that Turkey has a huge number of foreign arrivals every year. According to the statistics revealed by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, tourist arrivals in Turkey increased when compared to the same time period of the previous year.

    The statistics show that the 2022 January-October period had an 88.14% increase when compared with the 2021 January-October period.

    The Property Value For Citizenship Became $400.000

    The Property Value For Citizenship Became $400.000 and Now It is On The Official Journal!

    In the previous month, the news sources announced that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Presidential Cabinet discussed the property value for citizenship. The changes were according to the rising value of the properties. The amount taken for citizenship had changed and increased. Now it is on the official paper and the decision is signed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    How to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey

    How to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey

    Foreigners coming to Turkey should get a residence permit if they stay longer than visa expiration or visa exemption time or longer than 90 days. Accordingly, obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is mandatory for foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for a while. Therefore, the residence permit allows foreigners who come to Turkey to stay in Turkey for longer periods without benefiting from temporary exemptions. In order to obtain a residence permit, firstly, the foreigner must determine which type of residence permit he/she will apply for. Secondly, he/she has to collect the necessary documents to prove his/her conditions.

    What is Turkish Title Deed (Tapu) and How to Get It

    What is Turkish Title Deed (Tapu) and How to Get It?

    Tapu / Turkish title deed indicates the owner of a particular piece of land or an independent section built on the land. The title deed issued by the land registry directorate is an official document that remains valid until proven otherwise. The main legal basis for the acquisition of real estate and limited real rights by foreign natural and legal persons in Turkey is Articles 35 and 36 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644. In line with the authority given in the Land Registry Law, the citizens of the countries determined by the presidency can buy real estate. The title deed fee is paid during the purchase of the real estate. The payers of this fee are the buyer and the seller. Both parties pay the fee at the same rate, but separately.

    Things to know about Atasehir Apartments for sale in Atasehir

    Apartments for sale in Atasehir | Things to know about Atasehir

    If you see Atasehir while approaching Istanbul, it means that you are approaching the city center, especially Kadikoy. Atasehir, which has accelerated its development recently, is considered by many people as one of the most livable counties. So, here are important things to know about Atasehir if you think of buying apartments for sale in Atasehir. Atasehir is a district located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Atasehir became a county in 2008 and became one of 14 districts of Istanbul’s Asian side. It is also surrounded by Kadikoy from the southwest, Uskudar to the west, Umraniye to the north, Sancaktepe to the east and Maltepe to the southeast. However, the district does not have a coastline.


    Citizenship in Turkey for Indian | How to Get Turkey Nationality for Indian?

    Citizenship in Turkey for Indian is obtained only by purchasing properties with a minimum value of 250,000 USD. Turkish citizenship through investment provides lifetime rights to Indian citizens and is passed on to future generations. Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport are obtained within 5-6 months. As a Turkish citizen, you have full access to different investment opportunities and enjoy the rights and freedoms that the government offers to all citizens.


    Turkey Passport by Investment | How to Get Turkish Citizenship

    Turkey passport by investment provides foreign investors with visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, identity cards, strong investment opportunities and residence opportunities as Turkish citizens. Foreign investors get both Turkish citizenship and a strong passport through various investment programs in Turkey. Moreover, obtaining citizenship and passport with investment programs in Turkey is a simple process. Obtaining a Turkish passport, especially through real estate investment, provides both affordable and privileged life opportunities all over the world.


    Turkey Citizenship for Pakistani: How to Become Turkish Citizen in 2021?

    Turkey citizenship for Pakistani is usually acquired by simple investment programs. The Turkish citizenship program is given to the citizens of all countries with the same conditions. The same procedure is applied in accordance with Turkish citizenship laws. Relations between Pakistan and Turkey have strong ties. Turkey and Pakistan are in the position of supporters of each other in international platforms. For this reason, Turkey is the primary choice for Pakistanis and their families who want second citizenship.


    Turkey Offers Citizenship to Foreign Investors

    Turkey citizenship gives dual citizenship rights to investor, businessmen, anyone who want live in Turkey. Turkey offers foreign investors to acquire citizenship by purchasing real estate. Purchase a property with a minimum value of $250,000 In order to acquire Turkish citizenship. Moreover, the Turkish Government has removed many prerequisites with the amendments made in the legislation. Turkish nationality law has been simplified along with regulations to support the acquisition of Turkish citizenship…